Sunday 23 January 2005, by FuryFanatic :

"It was just a matter of trying to change the dynamics of it in order to pump it up," Boreanaz said during a break while shooting an upcoming episode about a reincarnated Aztec warrior with a vengeful streak.

There was an Angel episode about a “reincarnated Aztec warrior with a vengeful streak”?

Tuesday 1 February 2005, by Eduardo :

yes, there was...

5x06 The Cautionary tale of numero 5

the wrestlers and Angel faught this crazy warrior. You mustn’t remember probably because it was like the lamest episode of this fantastic season.

I miss angel = 

Wednesday 2 March 2005, by Wolverine68 :

The cautonary tale was not the lamest episode. It was a decent episode.

The lamest episode in thsi season & entire series, is episode 20,... when Angel & Spike go looking for Buffy.

Sunday 26 June 2005, by alphie13 :

Again I ask, does anyone know the song played during numero cincos dying? It sounds like Chet Atkins, the other song is Calexico’s. I would really like to acquire that song.

Monday 10 October 2005, by ishizu :

does any one know why they canceled the show?

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