Saturday 31 March 2007, by SUZYQ :

Im glad Ellen came out and told the world she was gay and proud of it...Because she got her own talk show..which I love watching even more....And with the Rock hudson they didnt have the paparrazzis around as bad as now days...If they had been Rock hudson would of been found out a long time ago....But there was always whispers the fact he liked to go into bush walking and fishing Alone for long periods.with other men."No women allowed"..and there was rumours the marrage was a plot to throw off the rumours that he was gay....Kevin Spacey gay or not..Is a fantastic actor..and being gay will not change that.(KEVIN ROCKS).But it might affect the roles he goes for..romance ones with women especially...once out some people cant get past the gay part,and cant imagine them in any thing else as straight,making them stay on only gay acting parts..and then the women fans stop.."Oh hes gay" .I cant imagine what it would be like to be a gay person and not look it..the ones in the acting business that are gay and every inch accepts it and flaunts it are the lucky ones..they dont have to hide it and still get good parts as gays. are funny .serious .and adored...Strange really why that cant be the same for the others staying in the closet....

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