Saturday 28 April 2007, by Salty-Goodness-Lover :

Did anybody else faint with me??? that was soooooooo hot!!! and the tiny golden hairs *sigh*

Saturday 28 April 2007, by Anonymous :

mmmmm............. HOT!!!

Saturday 28 April 2007, by Angelic_Charisma :

Jog this way baby

Saturday 28 April 2007, by Anonymous :

hate to say it, but he is starting to look his age a bit now. but you still would!!!!

Sunday 29 April 2007, by Theresa :

Nice stain on your pants David! hehe ;)

Sunday 29 April 2007, by mo :

OMG, is it hot in here or what??? DB looks especially good these days. He’s returned to the tall, broad shouldered buff hunk he was when he left Buffy and signed onto Angel, at least for the first 3 seasons, then he morphed into a shall we say, much rounder hunk! Between the end of Angel, when he was at his heaviest, and the beginning of Bones, there was a complete turnaround. So totally lustable, age has only made him better!

Sunday 29 April 2007, by Alphie13 :

You see, he’s been running so long, he’s very tired. Running so long, just to get to me! Ha Ha, you suckers.

Sunday 29 April 2007, by SUZY Q :

Must be hard to jogg with a camera in your face snapping shots....(Im not sure if taking of the shirt was for the benefit of the Paparazzi’ or just because he was getting a little hot ).But what a hell of a shot, david is looking very Buff there.Even buffy would be impressed(LOLOL) well I know i am. I think Jaimie is one lucky Lady..

Tuesday 1 May 2007, by only u :

SWEET JESUS MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!! ...Im completly speechless....maybe i should see the pics closer....brb>>>> lol

Tuesday 1 May 2007, by Anonymous :

I really love the last picture ’cause he looks really good and toned and also ’cause you can see the bulge in his sweatpants, which looks quite large.

Friday 4 May 2007, by davidboreanazlover :

He has to be the SEXIEST man alive.

Sunday 28 October 2007, by Anonymous :

SEXYY! Real sexy

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