Saturday 30 June 2007, by Elayne Greaves (real name) :

What a load of ’academic’ hogwash.... Firefly is a story for entertainment for goodness sake!!! And a thoroughly enjoyable one. I should know I’ve seen it many times now and get the same thrill each time I watch it.

Your writer takes herself (and this subject) far too seriously (as is obvious by all the ’big’ words she felt it necessary to use throughout her ’paper’) and doesn’t appear to have any imagination. Who is/was she trying to impress? Not me, thank goodness.

She appears to have lost the ’child’ in her and has succumbed to being a plain, old, everyday, boring, pinced-lipped, do-it-by-the-book, obey-the-rules-or-else ’muggle’.

And her reference to the character Inara - Wrong, Wrong Wrong!!! especially the last sentence - "Most importantly a woman torn between her desire for independence and her realisation that true happiness lies within the framework of heterosexual romance. Therein lies the pity".....was it my imagination or did Inara entertain a woman as well?

I didn’t get the impression that the character Inara was ’torn’ between anything. She enjoyed what she did and she did it well. God bless the difference in all of us. And I didn’t get the impression that JW portrayed ANYONE in a negative manner.

I have a lot of respect for ’escorts’, ’sex workers’, ’companiions’, ’prostitutes’, (call them what you like), one helped me out when no-one at my church would and I will never forget her... I was 17, she was 20.

Dee, don’t be so po faced. Get a life. See the world. Meet some REAL people and enjoy them for who they are not what they do.

Elayne Greaves Alice Springs Central Australia.

These comments are an anwser to this article : "Tis Pity She’s a Whore" : Postfeminist Prostitution in Joss Whedon’s Firefly ?

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