Sunday 10 June 2007, by Alphie13 :

This movie is still not in Canada yet. Still waiting......still waiting......oh oh! did you hear, now we have to wait for another movie of David’s. Possibly he will act out Namor. I don’t know if its animated or not..

Saturday 23 June 2007, by SUZYQ :

Join the club..Here in Australia (Perth) films that are made over there in Canada like David Boreanaz movies.Dont air over here for over a year maybe more.."These girls" has just come to foxtell..I dont know if it even made it too a DvD(Video store),if it did I never saw it.Kazzar was good,I used to download them that at least see them till they came available either by dvd or tv..But you got spy bots etc some times with movie’s so I no longer have Kazza..I dont think they even allow that any more..Copy right stuff(Not sure)Lucky for me I have foxtell or id still be waiting.So I guess this movie "The hard easy" By David Boreanaz will reach here by next year some time..."frustrating is what it is"^0^

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