Saturday 4 August 2007, by Ricky :

Wow, she looks good, but the length of her hair changed pretty drastically. It was really long for a pretty long while, the short cut was a bit of a shock to me. But gotta love her, she looks great however!

Saturday 4 August 2007, by JD :

Sarah looks gorgeous.

Saturday 4 August 2007, by Anonymous :

I don’t know. I mean sure she always looks great, but when I saw that hair I was like: NO!!! What’d she do?

It’s just... Too short, too dark, making her look kinda old I think.

Love her anyway.

Saturday 4 August 2007, by Theresa :

I love Sarah no matter what she does, and I think she is gorgeous. But.. I still don’t like the length of her hair. I too think it makes her look a lot older. But maybe that is what she is trying to achevie? Maybe one of her films needs her to cut her hair or something.

Sunday 5 August 2007, by tom :

She looks gorgeous as always. In the first couple of pictures she looks slightly older than before but in the last pictures i think she has regained her youth. She’s a stunner still though!

Sunday 5 August 2007, by Rick :

I think she looks beautiful, like always. Is this look for a new role perhaps?

Sunday 5 August 2007, by SCT :

Actually, I think the hair is pretty cool. And don’t forget people went all "what’d she do?" when she changed from blond to brunette, and gradually learned to love her new look. So maybe this one will grow on you as well eventually...

Sunday 5 August 2007, by Anonymous :

wow... too short... pretty radical but she looks great anyway

Monday 6 August 2007, by Jacob :

Sarah looks pretty but I think she may be trying to look older too soon. She’s not old yet. She is still relatively young.

Monday 6 August 2007, by Anonymous :

OMG, what a shock! She looks beautiful, as always, but she should have left the hair a bit longer. And I hate the darkness. She needs some highlights around her face. Her hair was looking PERFECT just before she did this. I know she always likes to change her hair, but now it is just too dark, again.

She still is a stunner though!

Friday 10 August 2007, by Penn—USA :

LEGS—LEGS—LEGS—we havnt seen this much LEG since CRUEL INTENTIONS—I like it-!!!!!

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