Tuesday 23 December 2003, by rose :

tired of favorite shows leaving or being cancelled,,is there a chance at a return of the slayer?


Tuesday 23 December 2003, by Anonymous :

I am sure if there is even a hint of Angel being cancelled after this, its fifth season, fans will rally to an outcry such that the WB has never heard before.

Friday 26 December 2003, by Matthew :

I just want ’Faith The Vampire Slayer’ to see the light of day

Friday 26 December 2003, by daniele m :

i think buffy should appear on angel a few times and im just asking some one said buffy will be back on next year is it true

Monday 29 December 2003, by Melissa :

I’m so hoping Sarah will make an apperance in Angel I don’t care when as long as it happens. I don’t think Sarah is turing her back against her fans, she would never do that.

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