Thursday 11 October 2007, by DurangoKid :

6. More about why the Alliance wants to rule the ‘verse. Yes, the Alliance likes to interfere, but why? Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s about more than power. It’s about what power brings, namely, wealth without work. There is a small clique that runs the Alliance and uses the sovereignty of the state to make the ‘verse into a rigged game. Most of those loyal to the Alliance go along with it to make a living or avoid trouble. However, there’s a price to pay. Like anyone who’s paying protection money to the local mafia don, the people of the ‘verse are being robbed of the value of their labor. Mal’s struggle against the Alliance is also a class struggle. He refuses to be a good little worker bee and conform. Browncoats are about the freedom to do a good day’s work and keep the fruits of their labor for themselves. They’re also about a community where people do for each other without trying to gain the advantage.

7. Bring back Badger. He and Mal make an interesting team. Badger is sort of like an Alliance wannabe. He’d like to be the one on the receiving end, a puppet master, but he’s just too small time. He and Mal have to dance around each other, neither has a clear advantage. Badger also serves to ground Mal to the harsh reality of having to make a living in an environment that is basically hostile to his methods.

8. Have the Alliance lose control over some group of outer moons and planets. Maybe on the far side of Reaver territory or just too remote to crush the rebellion easily. Browncoats rise again.

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