Tuesday 28 September 2004, by simona :

Ci di sarĂ  dell'un ritorno di cesalpina del serie di nell'ottava?

Friday 15 October 2004, by Lynn :

well my opion is i think buffy should come back i don’t see how the ratings are not high. i know at least 100 people that watch buffy in my town and that is just my little town.can you imagine all over the united states. Buffy is like my hero i love watching the show and when it went off the air i was devistated. i am still devistated. i have never been like this over a show,but it’s like it was real all but the vampire stuff. i can relate to alot of stuff that all the caricters were feeling exspecialy buffy and i think that is why i got so attached to the show. and i want more. i think it should come back even if upn don’t bring it back why can’t it come back on another channel. i just want the show back and hope and pray that it comes back. sincerly, LYNN

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