Sunday 4 January 2004, by Anonymous :

I thought that summed up spike well. that was great to who ever wrote it.

Sunday 4 January 2004, by Anonymous :

"Make himself worthy of her"? Different from what I saw. Saw him not want to be somebody who would do that.

Sunday 4 January 2004, by flora :

Felt the article was an accurate listing of events; however, failed to show the intensity of the character of Spike at all. While it’s helpful in providing a capsulized view of the character’s six year history in Sunnydale, it’s merely a dry repetition of facts containing none of the passion necessary to accurately describe the character of Spike.

As to the Spike/Angel portion of the article, again an uninsightful listing of dry facts. The relationship of these two men is much more complex than depicted here. While their rivalry and competitive natures often reaches comic proportions, they are bound together as family, possessing a sense of loyalty they cannot ignore (though they fight it at every turn).

I don’t recall ever encountering fictional characters who have spurred as much in depth analysis by fans and the media, as well as creating such an intense loyalty among their fans that it sometimes borders on the frightening.

Tuesday 6 January 2004, by Anonymous :

The article was good on the facts but lousy on opinions. If Angel is the one in Buffy’s heart...well, let it stay that way. Human William was a much better person than drunken diseased Human Angel. Let Angel keep her then.

Tuesday 6 January 2004, by Katie Rolph :

Is Spike Still alive and why did he die if he died?

Wednesday 7 January 2004, by SpikeRulz04 :

No spike is dead and he died from the sun attracted from the amulet he had round his neck destroying him. But watch out for Ghost Spike!!

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