Wednesday 16 January 2008, by olivia290 :

STUNNIG !!! as always she just never let me down i LOVE the dress it fits her will , the(christina aguilera) red lipstike my fave she should put it more offten ;)

Thursday 17 January 2008, by pinkyblue :

WOW WOW and WOW. I have to agree, sarah looks absolutely stunning, especially in the last pic.

Thursday 17 January 2008 :

I love her hair and her skin is luminous. That blue is really flattering on her as well. I think the dress may be a little bit too long though. Overall she looks fab as usual. I wonder why FPJ isn’t there with her?

Friday 18 January 2008 :

"I wonder why FPJ isn’t there with her?" Because they are not attached at the hip.

Saturday 26 January 2008 :

she looks so young. whatever she’s doing on her face, its really good for her.

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