Monday 12 January 2004, by Kat :

*sigh* She should’ve stayed with buffy. Scooby Doo is a sad sack of crap.

Monday 12 January 2004, by Anonymous :

Great, another Scooby Doo movie! Whoopee! Another waste of time is what I call it! She’d rather do Scooby Doo movies instead of making a guest appearance on Angel? I don’t think that was a good decision, SMG.

Monday 12 January 2004, by G :

That poster looks fake.. and 2010? Thats like aaaages away..

Monday 12 January 2004, by Anonymous :

What is she thinking? She knows about the bad reviews for the first movie right? Scooby Doo 3 will probably go straight to video...why would she bother.

Monday 12 January 2004, by BoreanazFan :

Awesome... but 2010 ??? alittle long ay ? lol

Monday 12 January 2004, by Michele :

Is she SERIOUS? I mean come on...rough-cut screening audiences? They could’ve been all kids for all we know? Kat’s right, she should have stuck with Buffy. Anyways, is that poster real or fanart?

Monday 12 January 2004, by Anonymous :

Hey guys there is nothing wrong with Scooby Doo its supposed to be kids flick and it isn’t supposed to win any Oscars so cut her some slack and from the way I hear it will be in cinemas. Its not that easy to find role to play and besides she wants to spend time with her husband and this is the only way she can work and see him too so lay back and relex

Monday 12 January 2004, by Anonymous :

That’s rediculous!— I can’t believe that she woudl sign for this next Scooby Doo movie, but can’t make an appearance on Angel for all of her Buffy fans!

Monday 12 January 2004, by Suuz :

Looks like a scam to me - March 2010?! NOBODY plans that far ahead! I agree though, Scooby Doo is embarassingly awful and surely even kids will stop bothering to watch it soon!

Monday 12 January 2004, by Anonymous :

Whats really sad is that TV stars leave sitcoms for a better opportunity. But what they dont realize is that their faces arent meant for much othern than what they were meant for which is TV sitcoms. SMG should have stayed as Buffy and have given her show a much better closure. I guess she likes being in C movies and dumb cheap horror flicks that wont make it even on rental. She needs to return to what she was good at and appear in Angel or better yet be a housewife.

In closure we got used to seeing her as Buffy but ya know what Kristy Swanson was a more realistic Buffy anyways. SMG is an overactor simple as that.

Monday 12 January 2004, by ryan___ :

2010? I wonder when they’ll start shooting it.

Now that rumors have been spread I will be sad if Sarah doesn’t do a Buffy movie before she gets too old for it. I hope something like scoobydoo won’t get in the way.

Monday 12 January 2004, by Anonymous :

come on SMG can not keep doing TV seasons of BTVS or keep going on Angel, even if the Scooby Doo films are a flop she will be doing good films soon!!

Monday 12 January 2004, by Mariah :

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!! Do you know what you are doing. These first one would have been 100% awful if u weren’t in them! You left BtVs for THIS???

Monday 12 January 2004, by Linda :

I am a Scooby Doo fan, the cartoon, and thought the first Scooby Doo movie was just okay, hopefully the next is better and if there is a third even better. It is for children and I hope it keeps that focus. I see nothing wrong with Sarah making movies for children but do hope she gets the opportunity to do some movies that let people see why we fell in love with her as Buffy. She is a talented preformer. Also, of course, I want more Buffy, who doesn’t.

Monday 12 January 2004, by Anonymous :

Hey back of guys, leave Sarah alone, I doubt she will make a Scooby Doo 3 and she’s not choosing scooby Doo over going onto Angel for her fans, she’s taking a break and one day she will do something Buffy again, I’m sure of it.

Monday 12 January 2004, by Russell Wilson Shags Cats :

Scooby Doo Movies Kick Ass

Monday 12 January 2004, by J :

i just dont think sarah makes wise choices about her career, no offence to her, but she’s a good actress and she should be going forward instead of backward...

look at aly, heading to theatre in london’s west end, own sitcom, she’s going places

Monday 12 January 2004, by Taff :

She quit Buffy... she’ll try films... she’ll either be successful or she won’t. Personally, I think Buffy ended on a good note. You can’t expect someone to play the same character for 7 years without getting bored. Remember, Buffy was a JOB for SMG - not a way of life. Best of luck to her - and some other people need to get a little bit of a life.

Tuesday 13 January 2004, by Chris Thomson :

the first movie sucked. i have no doubt in my mind that the second one will suck equally, but a third film? i mean after working with joss whedon and co, you’d think the girl could spot a talented script writer when she see’s one. alas no, if sarah doesnt start to make some smart career choices soon she’ll be typcast as the ginger (oh sorry i mean strawberry blonde!?!) ditz for the rest of her very short career, miss.gellar you have talent and the means to go very far in life dont waste it on those who dont *cough* freddie prnz *cough*

Tuesday 13 January 2004, by Emma :

This kinda seems iffy...very far in the future. I just think that she needs to do a movie that will get good fan AND critic reviews to show what a good actress she can be. No offence, but Scooby Doo, Romantic Comedy, that animated movie I heard something about a while ago, and that Japanese remake don’t exactly sound like movies that will bring her out of the B-actress category (Simply Irresistible anyone?). I know she wants to break away from Buffy, and I understand that she doesn’t want to be stuck as that character for the rest of her life, but IMHO, she owes it to the fans — and what’s just one episode or one movie? TO us, the fans, it would just movie would rock. Honestly, it seems like its becoming NOT all about the fans for her. But, then again, as long as she’s doing a movie with her hubbie, I guess she doesn’t really care what it is.

Tuesday 13 January 2004, by blueyeblacktear :

I blame Freddie for this. She refuses to guest on Angel to be in these lame ass movies, just so she can help her pathetic husband jump start his lagging career! Face it, the guy does not have the talent to have a long career in Hollywood. He’s just another pretty face who stars in films that require very little acting ability. It’s disgusting. Sarah is soooo much more talented than that, and to star in these easy paycheck movies are a waste of her talent, and time! Buffy was the role of a lifetime, and she’s throwing it all away. I hate it, and I hate Freddie for holding her down.

Thursday 15 January 2004, by lilbuffy :

I agree Sarah is too busy working on movies she should be making guest apperances on Angel,Buffy is what got her famous and she needs to stick with it.I do love the Scooby Doo but Buffy should be more important to her.

Wednesday 24 November 2004, by sal :

Cool,but 2010? Thats years away.

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