Friday 16 January 2004, by SpikeBad :

I sure as hell hope that if they do make a remake of Dark Shadows it had better not get canceled. We’ve allready lost one vampire show last year. Let’s not loose another.

Saturday 17 January 2004, by East Coast Slayers :

At least that means Angel is coming back for a 6th year, yes?

Sunday 18 January 2004, by Anonymous :

ANGEL is much better anyway so....

Tuesday 20 January 2004, by Arch :

forgive me my accusations, but in some ways, if last year’s angel run wasn’t a soap opera (with better acting, mind you), then i’m the queen of england.

Wednesday 21 January 2004, by Pariah :

I can see Dark Shadows turning out exactly like Kindred: the Embraced (an old old cancelled TV show based on the RPG Vampire: the Masquerade, known to the RPG’s fans as Kindred 90210). Angel has the right mix of action, adventure, drama and comedy to make it a hit TV show. The WB should just stick with Angel and not show yet another soap opera. We have enough of them on TV and most of them are stupid anyway.

Saturday 31 January 2004, by usha :

they’re nothing alike.i mean angel is cool and dark shadows is borring.moo.

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