Sunday 9 March 2008 :

What about Faith

Sunday 9 March 2008, by lb :

It should be Faith

Sunday 9 March 2008 :

What the hell as If season 6 was not bad Enought.Gross They should rename it Sex and the slayer and to think this started out as girl power show.Buffy smart strong and Moral.Next thing they will have her banging giles. :(

Tuesday 9 September 2008, by liz :

Is that Dru on the last page of comic 17? I know most people think it’s Willow - but the way she speaks and dresses reminds me of Drusilla.

Sunday 25 January 2009, by Orchid64 :

I quit following the comics after this. It’s not because I have any issues with gays or lesbians, but rather because Buffy’s character wasn’t set up for this to happen. While people often have varied sexual identities, they don’t tend to abandon them on a whim. It’s a pretty big thing for a person who has been heterosexual their whole life to jump into a homosexual liaison. There should have been a better lead in. This seriously smacks of lipstick lesbianism for sensationalism.

Even if you set all of that aside, as the leader of the slayers, it’s incredibly inappropriate for Buffy to sleep with one of them. It’s essentially a "general" sleeping with a "private". It’s also very wrong for someone to have a fling with someone who loves them when they don’t love them back because it messes rather badly with the person who is in love’s mind. Whedon has already been there and done that with the Buffy and Spike relationship.

I will also note that this would have rang a bit less gratuitously if it had been Xander, but I guess that that wouldn’t pander as well to the male fan base.

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