Monday 19 January 2004, by Kat :

I can’t wait to see how he does on directing. I bet he’ll renew his contract (hopefully). I’d hate for Angel to end in its 5th season, its such a great show.

Monday 19 January 2004, by Tinpanannie :

I hope they renew Davids contract just so i can still see Spike! Unless he gets his own show!

Tuesday 20 January 2004, by Noni :

I really hope david’s contract is renewed.I love this show. If it were to end,I would be very sad. :( I would, however, like to see david in a comedy so he can show his funny side.

Wednesday 21 January 2004, by Kimmers :

I hope that he renews his contract i am sure that he will. From Kimmers

Wednesday 21 January 2004, by judy :

Hope to see the show go on it’s different and interesting..I’ve been a fan from the begining.

Saturday 31 January 2004, by dixon :

DB sux as an actor JM surpasses him in everyway this yr on angel an i think angel shud die in the season finale an spike dus the prophecy thing an so he bcomes the team leader

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