Sunday 24 August 2008, by Talia Helder :

Um, wow. Yeah, Buffy is the reason why people are leaving the church. If this has been happening continously since 1989 or so, yes, let’s all jump on board to blame Buffy. It’s just funny that as much as witchcraft/Wicca/etc. might have been publicized in a semi-positive way in ANY medium, almost ALWAYS in a fantasty-type settig, that it still gets the smackdown from churches. I just don’t understand why - if popular media is to blame - why ’Buffy’ gets singled out, because surely doesn’t Buffy also emphasize punishment and things-go-badly in the witchcraft area ANYWAY? There is a MUCH broader scheme of real day-to-day events that the church seems to be purposefully overlooking.

"Oh, we’re losing people from our church - let’s blame Satan and his choice of luring people away from us through media such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This way, it makes it seem like THEY are doing something wrong, when in reality WE are."

I think this church is severely looking down on people, surely we can figure out for ourselves what is a) real and b) right. For example, I’ve never once met a person who said "I’m going to be a practicing witch because of Harry Potter/Buffy/Charmed/etc." I mean, almost every form of entertainment today has some sort of element of witchcraft! From sitcoms to novels, miniseries to comic books, we can’t just single out Buffy, and the church shouldn’t single out witchcraft as the reason why their losing 50,000 members a year.

This is a new age, and things ARE changing, not nessecarily for the worse, but I would like to think that people should be given the benefit of the doubt and not be that heavily influenced by what we see on TV. Lots of characters on television do drugs, and lots of people I’ve known have done drugs, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that these two are NOT strictly related, no matter what many people would like to believe. People don’t WANT to do things because they see them on television, they want to do things because they want to do them. It would be a nice solution, yes, to blame television for all of our world’s problems, but unfortunately, supporting arguments from this area are becoming weaker and weaker, and real problems are heightening all the time. Let’s fight these battles, instead of fighting imaginary ghosts.

In conclusion (yes, I have a conclusion), if someone genuinely wanted to become another religion, such as Wiccan, um, who cares? It’s a deeply personal choice, and the religion supports peace and unity. I’m not Wiccan myself, but as far as religions go, it’s definitely a positive one and should not be regarded as evil. Then again, anything that isn’t monotheistic God-Jesus-y has pretty much been considered satanic lately, which is a disrespectful misnomer to many.

Listen to the way this church talks down to people.

No wonder people are abandoning you.

These comments are an anwser to this article : Buffy blamed for women leaving for the Church of England

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