Tuesday 3 February 2004, by mike :

i think this is great i realy hope theres a season six and if there is lets see spike again.

spike rocks

Thursday 5 February 2004, by David Musto :

Hopefully the WB will come out officially and confirm this.

I feel that Angel still has a lot more stories to tell that should at least get them up to seven series.

Angel is the coolest vampire on the planet

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Angelus :

Yeah, they better keep the show going! I’ve been watching Angel for 5 years now! I also watched Buffy, which is where Angel first appeared. If it keeps going, Joss, lets have Harmony have more parts in the show! Oh and try to keep the characters ALIVE!

Wednesday 2 June 2004, by Chrissy :

HEY GUYS It’s the 2nd of June here. I’m gonna cry. angel is officially canceled. WB is taking it off their boards the 4th. It’s the end of an era. The show will always live on in our hearts, even if our heart happens to be located in our left butt cheek. Goodbye, love you Lorne.

Thursday 3 June 2004, by Tarin :

For the people just now reading this, check the posted date. This article is from back in November. There isn’t any season six.

Friday 2 July 2004, by BUFFYLUVR7 :


Sunday 4 July 2004, by Angel :

Yeah, James Marsters will be playing Spike by himself because of his two year contract...

Angel’s gone, and nothing ever will bring it back. As hurtful as it is, it’s a fact...

The petitions don’t do nothing as well. If you really wanna do something, go kick the WB administrators’ asses, but otherwise, shut your cake holes, ’cause you’re kindling hope in peoples hearts, and it doesn’t do any good to them but more pain...

Wednesday 21 July 2004, by Angelcakes :

No. You’re wrong. Because of fans, they are bringing Farscape back for a short miniseries to give it a proper ending. So keep hoping, and keep signing, keep sending the letters. Someday it very well may happen. We just might get the ending, or even the season six, that we desire.

Wednesday 1 September 2004, by Jason :

If they do a season 6 it would have to find some how to bring WESLEY back i mean how will heel Illyria for going on a killing spree i mean she would be much happy to see him back and keep going on a killing spree so joss bring wes back

Thursday 7 October 2004, by mhenly252 :

If Angel doesnt get a sixth season then at least give spike his own show. That would rock

Saturday 16 October 2004, by shelbi :

I think there should be a season 6. Because at the last epiosde of season 5 it seemed like there should be anthor seaon you know what iam saying. It just stop’s there. Usually when that happens there is a anther episode or season. There should just be anthorere season, in fact there shuold be at least 8 seaon. It’s for a good cause.

Friday 5 November 2004, by Michael Anderson :

Working closely with WB in the past i work as a freelance sound engineer. My last project for WB led me to composing several incidental pieces of music for buffy season 6 and angel season 4. I have recently been contacted by WB, i have now been asked to be involved on another angel project. I dont want to get anyones hopes up here as this could be unrelated but from the drafting they have sent it looks very much like i am going to be writing music for a TV series or possibly film. The next logical step would be that they are infact now considering a sixth season of angel. This would make sense as i have read elsewhere that James Masters and David Boreanaz do still have active contracts with Angel. Will keep u guys posted.

Tuesday 9 November 2004, by Christopher :




Itīs the best serie !!!!!!


Tuesday 30 November 2004, by Anonymous :

well if thats true then great but are they sure that WB have signed a new series because people might get their hopes up like loads.

Monday 6 December 2004, by Anonymous :

Oh thank GOD! It just wasn’t right to end Angel the way it did in the last episode of season 5, it was just so . . unfinished. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time!

Thursday 16 December 2004, by Black Dragon :

guys... remember this ’new’ is from one year ago... some other news said it’s almost impossible to happen, unfortunately

Thursday 17 February 2005, by l2edl2ain :

Angel is the best show that has eve come to the TV i think that is IS AWSOME that there makin a Six seasoN!!!!!

Wednesday 23 February 2005, by dav :

I just hope this is right, Angel should not have been taken off the screen in the first place though when you see some of the rubbish that is out today Angel has a much better storyline then many of these, just a pity that we have lost a year or two without this series on our screens.

Saturday 19 March 2005, by steven hart :

this is cool i hope angel stays on to have 7 seasons i am the bigist fan of david boreanaz

Saturday 19 March 2005, by steven hart :

i hope angel stays on tv to have 7 seasons it is the best show ever

Saturday 19 March 2005, by Sedrick Thomas :

I wants watch tv and Angel season 6 and seven season because not right wes are die but Angel and spike and gunn andillyra are alives fight 33,000 bad guys finish? It kind of tiny weird but just two more season 6 and 7 If Angel season 7 are finish the end.

Sunday 20 March 2005, by www.buffy.nu/forum.php3?id_article=2866&retour=article.php3%3Fid_article%3D2866 :

stay angel stay to have 2 more seasons

Wednesday 23 March 2005, by DAn :

I think season 6 should start off with spike, angel, illyria,...er and whoever was left alive about to fight the army of demons then.......BAM!! Forcefield goes up. The army stops and angel and the gang stops. Everyone wonders whats going on, willow walks out from behind them. Says something like ’thought you could use some backup.’ Then an army of slayers comes rushing in and kicks ass!!. but thats my dream. COME ON SEASON 6!!! Spike must get buffy!!

Friday 25 March 2005, by Shaun :

That would be a great idea for the start of the next series, I mean why would buffy be making an army of slayers if it wasn’t for a big fight against an army that Angel, Spike, Gun and Illiyra went up against. Also it was AMAZING to see Connor come to help angel against Hamilton

Monday 9 May 2005, by mel :

i know season 6 of angel would be great. espacilly with angel, buffy and spike.angel and buffy can get back together.i think giles, willow, xander and oz should be in season 6.

Saturday 21 May 2005, by Anonymous :

hey everyone just thought i would though in some info, its not about potitions t get a show its about power and ratings. If you wanted to show WB how much power the viewers have, gather Angel fans together, set a date, and protest watching wb for a while. once ratings drop they will get the message, but remember you would need to gather as many fans as possible.

Tuesday 24 May 2005, by Anonymous :

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone know if its comming a 6th season or no?

Angel fan from norway!

Wednesday 25 May 2005, by Anonymous :

How about someone set up a system where each fan who wants season 6 of angel to continue propose to the WB or whoever to let the fans write the plot, and for every signiture on the petition if that were a pound, dollar they would have enough to pay the cast AND crew double!!! You want angel 6, take the action make it real!!!!

Wednesday 15 June 2005, by Brandan :

FOR ALL NOW READING THIS, THIS WAS WAY BACK IN 2003 WHEN THEY SAID THIS, HELLO 2005!!, so probs not gonna be a next one sorry

Wednesday 15 June 2005, by Frank :

If you notice at the end of season 5 when hell erupted in Los Angeles, Angel said that they could probably last 10 minutes into this fight. I imagine that Angel dies, but then again he’s super strong cuz he bit Hammilton. I believe that if they made a season six, we’d still want more. Why should they answer our prayers and make another season when all we’ll do is ask for more? Not saying there shouldn’t be another season, i own every one of them on DVD and i’ve watched them over and over and over and over again. Buffy and Angel should start their own show with Buffy’s crew and Angel’s crew and just kick ass. All Crazy.

Monday 11 July 2005, by Swedo :

I reeealy hope that there will be an Angel season 6 cause he is the greatest hero in the world! Iwe always watched ANGEL, please leet there be an season 6.....

Saturday 3 December 2005, by Anonymous :

i relly want a season 6!! angel is a great actor i sometimes watch hime in bones to. but david dose better in angel, i reallllllly wat there to be a season . & hopfuly7 cuz this is the best series ever!

Sunday 16 July 2006, by frank j :

frank is a jerk more angel at least 2 more series would do

Tuesday 24 October 2006, by anonymous :

Joss! We want another Angel! Season 5 ended well apart from the fact that we have no idea what happened after! Did Gunn die, what happened to Lorne? Did they win or lose the fight, did Buffy ever find out bout Spike? WHAT IS GOING ON?! We need another season, just one. I want to know what ended up happening. I know it’s been like, about 2 years since Angel finished but geez, shouldn’t they end it WELL? The end of season 7 of Buffy was good, why can’t Angel’s be like that too? It’s a fantastic show.....

Saturday 28 October 2006, by Anonymous :

OMG YES! I love Angel so much. it has way more humour than buffy and it’s so much more better. i think. you don’t have the same constant fight carried on through seasons in Angel. but you do in Buffy. I can think of a good few ways they could bring Angel to season 6 & im so happy James masters is gonna be in it.

Saturday 11 November 2006, by rosie corp :

hi i have just read this message, that sounds great i cant wait until it is official and is released i hope it is true and im really excited to know that this is coming out. ive always wanted angel to do more seasons becasue you just dont know whats going to happen next, or if angel will ever be human or even end up having a propa girlfriend, and be in love like with cordelia!!. many thanks

p.s i hope u keep me informed and send me emails to let me know ,i am one of many fans!!!!

Tuesday 9 January 2007, by christ :

how about just a ending movie that would be fine with me

Wednesday 17 January 2007, by angel fan :

I never thought I would be interested in a show like Angel, but I was completely mistaken. I have watched the entire series too many times, I"ve reached my limit. This is my favorite show,I need more or at least closure. Money is tight right now, but I bought every season. My friends and I our loyal fans and need to now what’s going to happen. Is it done?

Thursday 5 April 2007, by paul :

hiya im a big fan well huge fan of angel as i got all the set of angel now from 1 to 5 series but need to know when is angel series 6 coming out in uk to buy on dvd....plz email me if u can help from paul

Saturday 21 July 2007, by scott :

whens it cuming to dvd

Thursday 26 July 2007, by scott :

when is it cuming to dvd ?

Friday 17 August 2007, by **06 :

Please god let there be a season 6 of ANGEL it is the best

Saturday 5 January 2008, by angelus :

is it true?!?!but there isnt such a thing on imdb...the worlds biggest internet movie database....can u plz make sure??

Tuesday 8 January 2008, by supermaganubi :

i hope. i really do!!!!!!

Monday 21 January 2008, by Anr12 :

When is it coming back on?Please make a comercail to tell us when angel season 6 comes on.

Thursday 29 January 2009, by gunn :

i think the last episode on the 5th series was the best possible ending of angel.

plus the angel series 6 book is sweet!

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