Monday 2 February 2004, by Teresa :

Hey, cool! She’s got a Mutant Enemy cap on!

I want one!

Monday 2 February 2004, by Chris Hankey - New Zealand :

I’m sorry but I don’t believe that invading a persons private life is ok in any way shape or form. There are enough oppertunities for people to get photo’s - i.e. Alison and Dennis’ wedding photos - can’t we leave them some privacy?

Tuesday 3 February 2004, by Anonymous :

she’s all sporty !!

Tuesday 3 February 2004, by davey :

why is their always some jerk that says crap about privacy. We all know they are…but we chose to ignore it.

Tuesday 3 February 2004, by stace :

Alyson hannigan was my favourite in buffy!!!!i soooooooo!!!miss that show!!!she looks like shes ill in these pics though

Friday 6 February 2004, by Anonymous :

she be pregnant

Monday 23 February 2004, by Rebecca :

those pics r cool but u can hardly see her 4 all we no that cud be some person pretending 2 be alyson! i think if that is her she mite be ill

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