Monday 9 February 2004, by Anonymous : thank you. Atleast a site who checks who the sources are.

SMG never showed interest. There is even an article that i read that says that SMG will record an album.

Tuesday 10 February 2004, by krapnek :

Besides, SMG is 5’ 3" (1.60 m) and Lynda Carter is 5’ 9" (1.75 m). That’s just too much to fake with good camera work. Although I’d love to see Charisma, Jennifer Garner wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Tuesday 10 February 2004, by September :

SMG as Wonder Woman? No way, no day. Charisma would be better.

Wednesday 11 February 2004, by Solange :

Lauren Graham ( Lorelai’s Gilmore Girls )must be Wonder Woman or rachel weiz

Wednesday 11 February 2004, by QueenOfTheGods :

Lucy Lawless would be a very good choice for Wonder Women. She simply totally rocks.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Mia the Vampire Slayer :

In response to the one blurb about SMG & an album, I almost burst out laughing - she almost had someone else sing for her in OMWF! SMG + an album... *shakes head* oh, and about the whole Wonder Woman thing, I can totally see Lucy Lawless in that role. SMG did a Wonder Woman spoof with Jack Black awhile back - I think it was for the MTV Video awards, or something like that - maybe someone was a little bit confuzzled!

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