Saturday 14 February 2004, by Hope :

I am deeply hurt by this statement. I do hope that there is a way to make this not happen. Hopefully this won’t stop the show on another network.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Rob :

No way! I can’t believe they would do this. well come on UPN pick up the ball like you did with Buffy and bring back Angel for a 6th season.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Mandy :

AARGH!!!! I had a feeling this would happen but i was never prepared for it. This is seriously bad. the buffyverse is gone!!! I hope it goes out with a bang

Saturday 14 February 2004, by redbeans :

What a sad moment. TV has lost its appeal and excitement. All the best to the actors/crew/writers etc. Good luck to the fans too.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by kc :

ahhhh!!!! THEY ARE CANCELLING ANGEL! that is soo evil! i am just now watching it. i started this season, because i never got the channel. ahh that just pisses me off

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Anonymous :

NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs quitely in the corner*

Saturday 14 February 2004, by n7of9 :


Saturday 14 February 2004, by Ice :

this is unfair. everytime a show starts to reach a point of godness they cast it down!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by MegaSilver :

As sad as I am to see the Buffyverse snuffed out at last, I’m actually happy they’re doing it now. In light of the last few seasons, in my humble opinion, neither Angel nor Buffy deserved to go on for much longer.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Anonymous :

NOOO! Does this mean the end for the Buffyverse? I hope another network such as UPN can pick it up, or maybe Joss can create a new series or something. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Buddy-Christ :

The show is the best it’s ever been, it gets better with every episode, and now with James Marsters in the mix the show is full of rejuvinated life. Well once this shows over I doubt I’ll watch t.v. anymore, Angel is the only show I watch.

I’m thinking if this is about ratings the WB will be making a huge mistake and losing even more ratings in the long run. If we’re not tuning in for angel we’ll be missing ads for their other shows.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by neen :

What is with WB!!!!! What are they thinking????? Why? Why? Why?

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Kat :

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate hate hate hate the wb!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by susan :

well there goes my wednesday night viewing.....Angel is a top show..the only show i watched and to Buffy ,which is also gone....sad now

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Berry :

I love this show and I think this year was the best ever. I can not understand this at all and I feel just awful about the WB’s decision.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Scott :

Couldn’t they move the show to UPN like with Buffy..?

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Dave :

This is getting stupid. Why don’t the powers that be think about the fan’s, if Angel goes we have nothing. Joss seems to be a bit to quick to totally cancel his best shows. If he wanted he could approach other companies who would jump at a chance to have the rites to Angel. JOSS WHY NOT TRY SKY BROADCASTING OR A COMPANY IN THE UK WHERE YOUR SHOWS FAN BASE IS THE GREATEST (no detriment to any other fans), LET ANGEL LIVE ON WE NEED IT!!!!!!!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Chris :

This is so disappointing. The show has been doing so much better in the ratings & getting such awesome reviews. I just don’t understand. What? Does the WB think that vampire shows are just interchangable? That they can replace the wit & heart of Joss Whedon & his characters with a "has already been done (twice)" series such as "Dark Shadows"? I think the WB is drastically mistaken if they think the fans are just going to accept this decision. We don’t give up so easily. We deserve better & so do the cast & crew of Angel. I’ve posted the link to the petition on the MB at my website & will add it to the pages of of the site as soon as I can.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Ryan`___` :

No seriously, I won’t allow this.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Natalie :

I have faith that Joss will find a new home for Angel (like UPN or something). If not another season of Angel, a new Buffyverse spin off needs to be created for the 2004-2005 season. Our favorite fantasy world still needs a place on television.

I know the public relations industry. I learned in college that announcing bad or unpopular news on a Friday afternoon is a really chickenshit and lame maneuver. This is especially true for a holiday weekend (Valentine’s Day and President’s Day on Monday). The WB did not air more than 5 seasons of Buffy and it found a home at another network. Angel should be as lucky, if properly supported by the creators and the staff.

I think quality shows like Buffy and Angel are not promoted like they should be. I also honestly believe the general public is too stupid to appreciate a great show like Angel. TV is getting so lame with cheaply made reality shows and other crap lacking in imagination.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Sampoet9 :

I can’t beleive this. Angel and Buffy were my favorite shows, and with them gone what will all of these fans do. If Angel is really gone I will miss it. I only hope that another great show will come along. : (

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Sandy :

Are they completely insane?!?!?!!? They can’t finish Angel! Argh! I hope they listen to us

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Anthony :

No way! It’s the same thing all over again. WB tried to cancel Buffy also after 5 seasons. So UPN, please pick up Angel season 6 and (!) 7!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Anonymous :

The WB goes and buys a vampire series and then cancels Angel. The WB you dissapoints me.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by AngelaG :

I’ve no idea why this decision was made by WB but I do know we the viewers love this show and don’t think this is a fitting end for such a beautifully crafted, emotional, funny, dynamic show. Angel has entertained us so well both he and David Boreanaz deserve another season at least to play out what has been a remarkable journey. Please give us our Angel back, Its cruel to end the show this way.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by September :


Saturday 14 February 2004, by SARAH, CA :




Saturday 14 February 2004, by Lauren :

I can’t believe theyre doing this. Why, WHY???

Just signed the petition, for all the good it will do. So Sad.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Dennis a.k.a. D-e-f- :

WTFH !?!?! They can’t be serious ...why do I have to read news like this on my f’in’ Birthday :(((((((

I want another Network to pick Angel up ...this show’s so damn great, it just HAS TO continue ...

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Avisute :

I just don’t know what to say... I’m gobsmacked! But they can’t just cancel it! There are just soooo many loose ends to tie up! Please give us one more season!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Anonymous :

This Has to be a joke.. they cant be serious.... how can the cancel a show just stating to explode with new excitement... If UPN dosnt help out we need to have Buffy Bak this Season no thats its the last and all... I DONT BELIEVE IT

Saturday 14 February 2004, by # 1 fan :

No wonder. What has happened to the Buffy/Angelverse in the past couple of years? At least it will go out somewhat on top.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Chanes :

Superstition! Maybe it’s a curse of Friday the 13th and it will be re-instated! PLEASE! I can’t believe they are cancelling when it is getting stronger all the time. No more Angel except little one offs? that’s not right. And it is not enough.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by ChosenOne :

The WB tried to cancel Buffy after 5 Seasons and are now doing it to Angel. And itn’t it weird that they just picked up a new Vampire series! UPN please help Angel! You did it before you can do it again!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Lora Szostak burnaby bc :

Joss Whedon is the best creator ever in history! i think that all fans agree that the creators or writers should have more seasons cause come on buffy had 7 seasons so i think angel should deserve 6 or 7seasons at least.. ..cause theres alota fans out there including me who loved the show from the begining and want the show to still go on , ... cause come on buffy and angel are my FAVORITE SHOWS ON T.V i dont watch any thing else because other shows are just tooooo boring for me...i like things to be interesting and full of action like angel is and with only 5 seasons its like the shows still not very complete,,,, plus i’ve loved vampires stuff/myths since i was 6 years old and you should hav another season cause if you just end it at season 5 then all those fans out there who want a 6th season and still want to see more seasons in the future will probably be disapointed i’m not forcing you guys to make another season all i’m saying is that i would and thousands of fans out there would really love it to continue..!!!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Josh :

For those who may not believe the news (hey, I’m still not convinced) the sources are,8341,156980,00.html and,1002,271|86346|1|,00.html - and no, it is not april fools day.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Des :

This really does suck, WB will lose many fans because of this goof, Angel deserves at the very least, 1 more season. I hope upn can bail the fans out one more time.

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Vera :

Well..that’s too bad, but five years is a pretty good run. I hope that the legacy continues in movie form, also...syndication. Good luck David, Joss, Andy, James, and everyone else, it’s been fun!!!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Billie V. :

Start a petition to UPN to pick up the show now rather than later then. May I be the first to suggest it, could well be the best idea.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Naomi :

If it’s such a cornerstone and you’re so proud of it, then why cancel it? Buffy and Angel are symbols of our generation. Please don’t take Angel away from us when there are so many stories left to tell!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by realmcmeal :

This is one of the saddest things ever. Angel was just "spreading its wings" into crazy interesting new territories... Please, everyone sign the petition and tell anyone you know that likes Angel to sign it too. And for the love of God, don’t let Angel go this way!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by LateeceG :

Why? Why!!!!! And on Valentine’s Day Weekend. If Angel is really cancelled then I’m boycotting the WB (It’s not like I would really be missing anything, Angel is the best show they have right now)! I think I’m gonna cry.... This sucks. First I’m dateless then they cancel my fourth-no third reason for living. 2004 blows.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Wiseblood :

How to put what I feel into this tiny box? It just doesn’t fit. And "Angel" is an odd fit on the WB, really, but that’s one reason so many of us love it. It dared to take risks. It hooked us like crack. All of you who made AtS have my eternal gratitude, respect and yes, love. I don’t exaggerate when I say that Angel is my hero; he’s a genre-defining masterpiece who will live on, in some form or another, forever. That, however, is small comfort to me as I sit here with this gaping wound in my heart. Please know, Joss, that what you, the cast, and crew of "Angel" have done to keep Angel’s journey alive has endeared you to us in ways you may not even yet grasp. It’s just a TV show, but by god, this news hurts like an actual death, and I’m grasping for any reassurance this isn’t the end of the story. Thank you, Team Angel, for everything you’ve given us these last five amazing years. You’ve changed lives. You’ve changed TV. You made some damn good art. Keep fighting, and please don’t give up. And as far as the WB is concerned? You’re dead to me. Releasing this news on Valentine’s Day is a sick, cruel joke, and if you think that "Angel"’s fiercely loyal fandom is going to forget and forgive this, prepare to be unpleasantly surprised.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by yungmunk :

Some day...Really soon...the tv executives are going to run out of that drug they put in america’s water, that for some reason makes people watch and enjoy reality without sufering from severe strokes, and they’re going to be begging creative writers like joss to come up with stories that are interesting; instead of just pointing a camera at socially frictional people. They’ve had enough time cashing million dollar checks for twiddling their thumbs for a living. They better hope my dream of becoming a powerful tv producer doesnt come true, because I WILL FIRE THE BUMSHAGGERS WHO DO THIS STUFF AND MAKE A REALITY SHOW OF THEM LIVING ON THE STREET, homeless, in poverty and begging for a second chance like they should be now. And i’ll just point the camera and laugh and say, "The ratings are through the roof!" A day of reckonning will come and i hope joss whedon is right next to them when it does so he can say "i told you i would tell you so," or some kind of quirky twist on a cliche like that.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Is the WB completley insane??? They so can’t do this! With all the shit there is no TV they have to take away one of the only things worth watching!!! I hope UPN picks them

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Denis Gallacher :

What the hell whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that’s F****** rediculous, they shouldn’t canncel Angel. What are they playing at? there is so many ppl that i know that is absoulty shocked ( shock horror!)It’s not fair there is so many ppl who don’t wana stop watching Angel. Buffy’s already gone i wana cry. I also feel really sorry for Josh i mean it so shady on him since FireFly and now Angel are going to be cancelled oh dear. As u can i tell i am well shocked and am writing very randomly soz but as long as this post shows i’m going insane

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Anonymous :

what the hell is wrong with the WB? everyone was sure Ats would have a season 6....i sure hope the contract gets renewed or else i hope UPN or some other network picks it up......

Sunday 15 February 2004, by particleboy :

I’m probably inviting a massive flaming here, but I think it’s the right time to go. Season 5 of Angel has been a very mixed back of interesting episodes and then rubbish episodes, but more than anything it’s been trying to tread new ground but in the same old situations.

What I’m saying is that the whole Buffyverse has just gotten tired at this stage. It was massively enjoyable for a long time, but Buffy plainly ran out of steam two years ago and Angel did so this year.

Still, with the fact that the WB have given them plenty of time to wrap it up (and how many sci-fantasy shows get that sort of treatment?) that should mean Joss and the rest should have plenty of time to drag out all the big guns at once and really finish the show off in style.

A few less monster-of-the-weeks and a few more crucial shanshu/destiny eps, and that will be just great.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by yrat_ :

Come on guys..We got to do something. Try to spred out the word, make banners to put on websides write letter/mailes and sign the petition. We can`t turn our backs at the Buffyverse now!!!!!!!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by bolu :

NO Freaking way! The WB is being completely hyprocitical. First they say it’s a great show, but they’re cancelling it for a reason, no? I would love to know what is really going on. there has to be something they aren’t telling us. I ussually don’t like to say anything about anything, but this is too much. I’m really amazed and, although I’ve seen signs this might happen, it hit me hard, harder than I ever expected.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Is there any chance that UPN, TNT, FX, or someone else will buy Angel for more seasons?

If not I hope and pray that Joss is able to get Sarah to guest star on the finale to wrap up the saga. There must be an awesome and fantastic reunion for Buffy and Angel (not Buffy and Spike) at the end!!!!!!

I really hope Joss plans to rewrite whatever he had planned for the season finale to make it more conclusive with nothing left unresolved!

P.S. The WB is scum!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Speaking my mind. :




ANGEL FANS UNITE!!!! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Lori Williams :

I am very disappointed to hear this news. I am an Angel fan and a Buffy fan. Our family has been watiching for years. We are all diverse ages and backgrounds too - my husband is a state employee in a finance department, one son is 15, the other 14 and I am a 41 year old college administrator and doctoral student. We will be sure to watch Angel if it’s sold to another network, or anything Joss Whedon does.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by NIKKI :

I’M THIS IS JUST RUMOR.It can’t be tru!I’m literally cryin now! I love david so much! I COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT him or his series! Sad i know but thats the way i feel.

Monday 16 February 2004, by Xeno G :

This is just sad, it’s a pitty the excutives over at the WB haven’t got a clue what good TV is. Is there any chance UPN will pick up a 6th season?

Monday 16 February 2004, by Aussie Slayer :

I cant say how upset i was to get to work open my email and see the subject in the title "Angel Season 6 Cancelled"... What the hell are they thinking, i was just getting over the fact that we will NEVER see Buffy and the Scoobys again and now this has happened. People who read this and have never watched Buffy or Angel just wont get it, the emotion, the passion, the homour, the sadness and now the loss of the best shows I have ever seen on TV. I am from Sydney Australia so I have only seen 1 episode of the new series of Angel, so i am waiting very patiently to see the rest, but this news is just unbelieveable, i am disgusted that a network would even consider cancelling a show as good as Angel.

I have read a few comments from people and one of them said because Cordy has left the show went down "if you take the heart out" or something like that... Think back people, when Angel left Buffy (mind you I am still devastated that happened) but thats not the point I dont think anyone thought that Buffy could continue so strongly or the then new series of Angel could have so much bite (pardon the pun).

I dont know what else to say but if another network doesn’t pick Angel up they have to be as stupid as Steve Irwin bringing his baby into a crocodile enclosure!!!

Monday 16 February 2004, by Anonymous :

The thing to remember about broadcast television is that it is a business. As such, it is driven by the profit motive. The suits at WB obviously smell more money elsewhere. If shows like BtVS and Angel are to endure, the nature of the medium must first change. Imagine for example a network governed by votes instead of ratings. Or a network where the emphasis is on story telling instead of selling eyeballs to soap makers. Television as a medium can speak to the mythological and the transcendent. Unfortunately, television as a method of capital accumulation speaks more toward the insecurity about the smell of our armpits and a happy meal carb-fix.

Monday 16 February 2004, by Nick :

It seems that season 5 of Angel was a comprimse season, that cast crew and creators held back or reformulated their ideas to please the WB. The season is still strong but not all theirs like it once felt it was. Then comes this!

My theory is the WB has cancelled Angel to make way for their new "vampire" project and do not want it to sit in the shadows of of such a stellar show as Angel and Buffy.

Monday 16 February 2004, by Jackie :

That is so gay. Can’t Angel go onto UPN or something like Buffy did. I hate the WB now. They’re retards. Angel just got in all these viewers and now they want to cancel it. I hope the WB gets all kinds of hate letters and things to make them feel bad for wht they did. They are making a huge mistake. I hope someday they’ll finish something to do w/ Angel that way we can at least know what happened to them.

Monday 16 February 2004, by Mia the Vampire Slayer :

As much as I want Angel to continue, I don’t know whether I would want UPN to pick it up... I’m still kinda anti-UPN because of S6 & S7 or Buffy... I hate to say that, but I don’t want Angel to become a shag-fest!

Monday 16 February 2004, by Matt Rincon :

Joss, or anyone who works on the show, if you see this please try to get network execs. to reconsider this decision, the show cannot be cancelled,switch it over to UPN, please i beg you, the show cannot end,i was too heartbroken when they ended buffy, please do not end this show, swithc networks, do anything you can, just keep it going PLEASE!!!!!!

Monday 16 February 2004, by nicoLe :

for so long, all the "normal" shows that have to do wiht life and stuff, have been reconized, i hope u know that ur making one of the biggest mistakes of ur lives. and Joss, ur the best, keep werking on stuff, im werking oN becoming an actress and one day hope to werk with you and co’. so dont stop trying =)

Monday 16 February 2004, by  Mari  :

I can’t believe that this has happened I only just heard this morning and am in total shock!! I hope that Angel will move to another network!

Monday 16 February 2004, by Yanna :

I felt it coming. Not b/c i don’t love the show. I do. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. I don’t know how i could sense it but i did. It was a hideous feeling, and i felt like a traitor for it.

I liked buffy. It was a great show. But Angel? That’s the show that cemented my awe of Joss. He took charcters from an established show and gave them their own world. He did it seamlessly and despite the hard work I know was poured into it - it looked effortless.

What the WB is thinking, i won’t guess. I will however say to them. Shame on you. In the fifth season, when most shows are barley keeping their heads above water, Angel delivers drama and comedy and mystery and romance and horror and fantasy and does it with a flair that will never be duplicated. It’s going to be a classic for years to come. Joss built a new genere and it is a shame to see it end.

To Joss and Company, I am deeply sorry for the shabby treatment you’ve recieved, not only from the WB but also from the So-called Awards shows. If you were trying to be thought provoking - you succeeded. If you were trying to be entertaining - you excelled. If you were just doing what came naturally - i envy your talent. I know the end will come far to soon but i KNOW it will be spectacular. Thank you all.

Monday 16 February 2004, by t-man :

Nice going jackasses. The thing that pisses me off most is that my fav. was revamped for nothing . All of it .. Cordelia being dumped , the move to W&H , the dumping of Spike into the show which completley unbalanced it , Harmony .. was for nothign . My fav. show was raped for nothing . JW better give us a killer finale which wraps up all the loose threads like Angel reconciling with Connor , linking up with the slayer and kicking spikes ass to get shanshu.

Monday 16 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Where did Whistler go? He was crucial in bringing Angel to the vampire he is today! Without him there would be no Angel!

So I think it would be great for Whistler to return and grant Angel mortality, considering he put him on the right path. The return of characters such as Connor, Buffy and others from the Buffyverse would bring a brilliant show to a great end. Angel and Buffy getting back together to have a normal life together would put us to peace that there wasn’t anything unresolved.

Monday 16 February 2004, by Hessu Hopo :

I have been trying to find a way to send the WB messages... so far I have found this:

About The WB Television Network To contact The WB with comments about our programming or our website, e-mail:

I’m not sure if that’s the right place to send your conplaints about angels cancellation but maybe one of us knows? You can always try... come on! We must contact the WB somehow or other network. WBs website: IT may be that i haven’t found anything that you don’t already know but atleast im trying... IF YOU WANT ANGEL’S SIXTH SEASON YOU SHOULD TRY TOO! We can change things together!

Monday 16 February 2004, by Maria :

What’s going on?? No more Angel? What’s wrong with WB? Have they gone and totally lost the plot...? Apparently. I feel blue :o(

Monday 16 February 2004, by Hessu Hopo :

Yet another possible address to contact WB:


If you have any questions or concerns about the Time Warner online policy for this site or its implementation you may contact us at:

Maybe if we just bomb this site as much as we can they notice us. It really shouldn’t matter so much where we post our mails. Just send your conplaints to WB. That’s the least anyone can do.

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by Jen :

I am surprised and horrified! How could they cancel? It’s one of the very few good shows that are on t.v. these days, what with all the reality t.v. and boring family/comedy shows.The network themselves said that their dvds etc. of Angel were doing very well. Doesn’t that show how much fans love the show? So wouldn’t it be better to keep it on? At least? I don’t understand it.It’s probably going to be replaced by a teenage melodrama. That sucks. (Maybe UPN might agree to take it on? Nevermind. HOPE not. They will just sex it up without bothering over things like plot. At least on WB the show ends on a high note.)

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by Hambo :

I guess all good things come to a end, after all, David has been playing Angel for what? 8 years? Still its not right to just suddenly decide to end a TV show like that. Pisses me of.

I live in Melbourne, Australia (I hate Steve Irwin by the way) and we only just got the first episode of season five last wednesday, but thanks to the magic of the internet, Im up to date with episode 13, and been downloading the episodes the within hours of them being aired in america. Ive been doing this since Buffy switched to UPN, I just couldn’t wait for channel 7 to pick it up here.

Ive also been a fan of the whole buffy thing since the first episode of buffy, and Ive seen all the episodes ever, I got the DVD’s too (still hunting for season 3). When Angel first started up, I was abit sceptical about it, I wasn’t sure that I would like it, as I wasn’t really a fan of Angel when he was on Buffy, but I was hooked, the plot lines just drew me in even deeper.

So if this is the last season of Angel, then Im going to be very sad in 8 episodes time, thats right people 8 episodes to go!!! Thats what I get for keeping up with america! Australia is 12 episodes behind, so I might find myself reliving Angels final moments in 8 episodes time. (Mind you, the WB will have a few weeks off from angel soon.)

As for spin offs, what ever happened to the possible Giles spin off "Ripper" set in england, produced by the BBC???

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by Booboo :

I think that all things have to come to an end at some point!! Lets hope its a good finale! It is a good thing in some ways, as it means I wont have to save more money up for all the dvd’s!! But i will miss seeing all the characters but thats what conventions are for!! And you see characters (very old characters) appearing at conventions so do not fear, we will still have our regular Buffy and Angel fix!!

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by Noni :

NO way in hell am I going to let them cancel this show. I will fight!!!

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by fieryangll :

I can’t believe that Angel is being cancelled. It really kills me. I am a mother of 3, and my great escape from the real world was watching Buffy, Angel and Charmed. How is WB going to beat that gleesome threesome? One Tree Hill? Give me a break. Smallville? Hellloooooo, not a Superman fan. Angel is up there with all the cult classics. Let’s keep the ball rolling and try to convice these suits that they need to put on what "WE" want to watch. I am already suffering from Buffy withdrawal, please, don’t take Angel, too. Yes, I live in a small town in Ga where nothing happens other than getting Jimmy Carter elected (shhh).

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by AngelaG :

Its very sad that a show as good as Ats can be treated this way. Joss and all at ME deserved better. Its a testiment to the quality of the show how upset many fans were at the weekend when they found out about it cancellation. IMHO there were many more stories to tell about Angel. I loved this season and was one of those fans who did shed more than a tear at the prospect of it ending. Joss has entertained us for a long time and I for one love him for it. Thank you Joss, TV’s been better for you being around. I wish all the cast and crew the best and hope we get to see Angel again soon. So looking forward to Wednesday night. Theres not many to go now...sob.

Wednesday 18 February 2004, by Blackthorn :

I’d like to thank the WB for making up my mind about the Warner Brothers organization as a whole. Apparently, having executives that don’t understand their properties or viewers are not limited only to their movie projects - it extends to their television properties as well.

It’s bad enough that the Warner Brothers studio execs are creating a "Catwoman" movie based on Halle Berry as drool material, let alone only using the title of a well known DC Comic character in name only (the movie is not based on the original Catwoman story - the executives also have little faith or respect for the artists/writers at DC Comics that brought readers a quality product in the first place - much like the case of Joss and Angel). Now their television execs dump the only decent show that I bothered to set time aside for during my extremely busy week.

I’d like to officially thank them for freeing up my time - I don’t need to watch their network anymore (not to mention actual television now). I’d also like to thank them for saving me lots of money - I won’t be bothing with any products associated with Warner Brothers or their subsideraries(Let’s face it - it’s slim pickens when it comes to the quality of most of their products in the first place and you see what happens to the projects that actually have substance...).

I did have one thought to actually saving Angel for a few more seasons on the WB - it seems like almost every program on the WB (with the exception of Angel) will product place music from the vast collection of vapid commercial trash from the Warner Brothers Record Label. Maybe if the fans of the series can sit through an episode of Angel with that crap playing in the background they’ll keep a quality program on the air for a little while longer. I’m sure Joss would be kind enough to allow for a separate audio track on the DVD’s, replacing the audio with a quality thematic score that real fans of the show have become accustom to. Just a thought.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Joss and his extremely talented group of writers, producers, and actors for giving an experience with some substance. There isn’t a lot of that in the world anymore - substance I mean. Granted, it is just a tv show, but it was nice to have a guilty pleasure like Angel (and Buffy) to look forward to every week. A guilty pleasure with some heart, intelligence, and a whole lot of fun thrown into it for good measure.

I wish you, your cast and crew nothing but the best and look forward to your future endeavors - you have proven yourselves worthy - loyal will be your followers.

Warner Brothers - you have proven time and time again that you are unworthy of our loyalty, attentions, and our money - you are Wolfram & Hart incarnet. In case you weren’t sure, this is one of the many reasons why you and most networks are loosing your 20-30 something male demographic. A very dark road is ahead of you - Godspeed in your journey.

Wednesday 18 February 2004, by Booboo again :

sorry i keep coming on this but u ova-dramatic people, saying that u want 2 kill urself+stuff, just think how the cast+crew r feeling! Sum of them will b devastated like us, but they dont ova dramatise it+say that they r goin 2 kill themselves! They wil move on, just like us! We still hav the dvds, the conventions+more importantly, the memories.

Saturday 21 February 2004, by elizas dude!!!!!! :

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg no!wot the hell are they thinking!! after buffy angel is the best show about! PLEASE upn pick up angel!if not joss make this one to remember if angel’s finishing make it go out with a bang! bring the WHOLE buffy crew back and cordy and xander get them back together!!!!!show the WB wot their gonna miss out on and wot u are made of!!!!!!

PLEASE UPN SAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 24 February 2004, by PMcG_6 :

It’s no surprise to me that the show is being canceled. I for one am not impressed by the current season and am glad to see that it’s going to go before it gets even worse. I think the turning point for me was hen they dragged out the whole Connor plot a few seasons ago. I couldn’t wait until he was out of the picture. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning and I haven’t been too happy with the last few seasons. IMHO I think WB is doing the right thing. Sorry...

Thursday 18 March 2004, by steve :

Well - WB and who ever else wants to cancel this program are loons, the best program on TV both there and here in the UK, As it goes just think how much money they will make at the movies..

this is a shity act of money production, I for one, will sit back and ponder the stupidity of producers that know that Angel the series could of carried on for another two seasons to match buffy.....

The only way to hurt them back is to stop buying thier products - which I will do starting tommorrow - no more DVDs no more CDs, and no more Cinema until they se the light and address this act of betrayal to the series

Tuesday 23 March 2004, by True fan :

I can’t believe this! I have been wondering what was going on. Buffy is now gone forever, now Angel is leaving us too? It feels like a bad dream, I can’t wake up from. I for one will never watch anything on the WB ever again. They have made it that Joss will have a hard time wrapping the show up. There is too much to wrap up!!! We need at least one more season..Refuse to watch WB, Sign the petition, write to the WB and UPN, Try to save our beloved Angel!!!!!! ALL BUFFY AND ANGEL FANS UNITE AND SAVE OUR SHOW!!!!!

Monday 29 March 2004, by Kelli Emmerson :



Wednesday 26 May 2004, by GetVictd :

Boo! Cut the witches show if ever a show has gone off track there’s your show. Why cut Angel? Sure its a little violent (;)) so I don’t let my children watch. But what about me? What have I got left to watch? Thanks a lot WB now I will have to go looking elsewhere to get my horror fix. :(

Tuesday 31 August 2004, by Michelle :

Dont leave us! I want to see how it ends! I think its bad the way you ended it in season 5 i want to know the fate of Angel and the gang.

Saturday 11 September 2004, by Jason :

Hi i live in Langwarrin Victoria and i am a huge fan of angel and let me say this to you joss Please bring back welsey some how i mean if you do the movies IIyria will still have grive for him and she will get out of controll and do more violunce and she will get so lonly without him so joss you did made a mistake in killing wesley and i like to see him back some how please

Monday 20 September 2004, by Angel & Buffy Utmost Fan :

I mean I just don’t understand it, First there was a heartfelt tragedy in season 5 of angel when wesley dies and fred becomes eliria. And since the ending left us all in agony, not knowning what happens ,next it’s only fair that u do continue with another season of angel. I mean at the end of season 5 angel say’s "Let’s goto War" What happens next? Where does lorne go? What happens with the shang-shu prophecy, come on I think I speak for us all, at least make another season that concludes all that, it’s only fair.!

Friday 1 October 2004, by True Angel :

The WB Totally sucks now!!!!!!!First Buffy and now Angel. Those we’re the best shows. It sucks even more that it ended the way it did. What happened to Angel possibly becoming human after he finished amended all his wrongs??????does anyone remember that?? I at least wanted a happy ending (if not that then some kind of ending) but obviously that isn’t going to happen!!!!

Saturday 6 November 2004, by Jennifer Olsen :

WB, why did u take Angel? who ever, is running this i have 1 word:why? i can’t belive whedon is not responssible for the end of the show! this should not be happening. come on mr.Whedon try to run the show, plz do it for all of the fans there, WB plz bring Angel Back! without Angel our lives would be like HELL! plz WB help the people who need Angel to live. plz bring it back, plz bring it!!!!! back! plz give it one more Season one more chance, sir. plz WB give Angel another chance. we need Angel to live, we need Angel to see every boring night of thursday, PLZ give us ANGEL back, plz without Angel, we would be lifeless bodies, at every thoursday night. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is over, don’t take Angel too! Plz help Angel to come Back plz, WB i am a girl that Begs. PLZ sir. we would do anything! plz we’re fans who for beg to have Angel back plz help the ones who can’t survive every Thursday night without Angel. Who have to watch lame shows like rocky and bollvinkle. mr. Underground show. The MATHS CHANNEL!!!!!! plz help us plz help Angel. if you help ANGEL you will help us. PLZ!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! Lastly , I would like to point out that Star World thursday night is no more nearly as interesting and exciting as it was , during the likes of ANGEL, Buffy , Roswell, Dark Angel , etc. It has gone from being the best night on television to the worst .

Thursday 6 January 2005, by Sharolee Naeole :

Why Cancel Angel that really hurt i want to see what is going to happen next plus Angel is so hot!! Plz get Angel back on for us plz!!! Thanks you for reading this . The things is that Angel is human or not? that what we want to know

Saturday 8 January 2005, by Tracy Gentry Jackson :

Why won’t The WB Network or UPN pickup the 6th Season of Angel? They can’t just take it off the air after 5 seasons. What will be for 2005 ?

Saturday 5 March 2011 :

just one small little problem here the ending like what the hell if they was told that this was the last and final year why is he not a real boy you could of at least finished it with the ending we all been waiting for the the glory in his eyes the happiness on his face the part where we all can’t take even a breath what happened to the real boy being human his only wish

Saturday 24 December 2011 :

I was so sad with the way the season ended...i think You should have at least ended it with angel winning the battle before ending the season...PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE bring angel back for a 6th season before ending it.

Saturday 9 February 2013 :

that is bull> i and many others demand there be a sixth season. or at least a movie. especially since each seasons got better then the previous one. if they brought it back. so many people will pay to see it. the wb is missing a great opportunity for money.

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