Saturday 14 February 2004, by JohnnyB :

Everyone, this is a real problem. We seriously need to pull together and get The WB to relize what a great show it is. I know it is the only reason my FAMILY and many many many friends watch that station. If they cancel the show I know theyll lose atleast 1/4th there view audience.

Think people, what can we do other than just a simple petition

Saturday 14 February 2004, by ugiiu :

I already did it, it doesn’t takes a lot of time os PLEASE do it

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Caleb :

hey I am with you 100 percent on this.i think the wb is making a big mistake in not Giving Angel Another season this sucks . just email me if you have some ideas cause i love this show and i still wantto see it next season . thanks

Saturday 14 February 2004, by SARAH, CA :



Saturday 14 February 2004, by Anonymous :

write letters to WB?

Saturday 14 February 2004, by Lora Szostak burnaby bc :

Joss Whedon is the best creator ever in history! i think that all fans agree that the creators or writers should have more seasons cause come on buffy had 7 seasons so i think angel should deserve 6 or 7seasons at least.. ..cause theres alota fans out there including me who loved the show from the begining and want the show to still go on , ... cause come on buffy and angel are my FAVORITE SHOWS ON T.V i dont watch any thing else because other shows are just tooooo boring for me...i like things to be interesting and full of action like angel is and with only 5 seasons its like the shows still not very complete,,,, plus i’ve loved vampires stuff/myths since i was 6 years old and you should hav another season cause if you just end it at season 5 then all those fans out there who want a 6th season and still want to see more seasons in the future will probably be disapointed i’m not forcing you guys to make another season all i’m saying is that i would and thousands of fans out there would really love it to continue..!!!

Saturday 14 February 2004, by KT :

I love Angel..well mostly for James Marsters..but that’s besides the point. This is the only show I watch..and if they cancel it..I guess I won’t be watching the WB anymore..because they just don’t have good shows anymore..They keep cancelling them.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Glorificus :

Wouldn’t the UPN be a nice new home for Angel? I say we join forces this early on and target the network most likely to pick up the show again. It worked to get a third season of Roswell, because the fans banded together and decided early on to forget about the WB..! And UPN even admitted that it was the fans’ campaign that swayed them...

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Dee :

Well when Roswell was going off the air members sent mini bottles of tobasco sauce (a favourite of the show), postcards and bombarded the studio and directors to change their minds. (find out more about what we did Why not do something like that? We could start a campaign ourselves.

I would be willing to help, I could create some postcards or whatever is necessary.

Any other ideas??? Dee

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Jen :

Sorry for that question, but why signing for another season of that? I loved Angel before, I mean the 4 Seasons of Angel, which were Angel. But know? Buffys last lovepuppy on a show which was formerly known as Angel? 90% of the episodes I’ve seen this season were crap. Sorry but... There were nothing.And that was only for the (dumb) viewers who only watched Buffy before. The only episodes this season in which I could feel the heart of Angel like before was "You’re welcome". Charisma was the heart of Angel, like Willow in Buffy. Ripping it out, destroys the show. So why another season of a heartless show without emotion, with easy storylines, so that everyone can follow and no one has to think while watching it.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Justin :

who ever canceled this show is the dumbest person dont you see great writing and’ll be sorry when its gone..its not like the wb has any other good shows on it..

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Aliya :

The IDIOT who made this decision at the WB, should be fired (literally)! This has seriously ticked me off. I’m boycotting the WB and all it’s shows (except for Angel, until it ends)... I’ve talked my entire family (included the extended members), all my friends, my professors, co-workers, even one of my 300+ student uni classes and anyone else I’ve ranted at, guilted into, cryed to, etc. into doing the same. I suggest that everyone who loves Angel, do the same... The WB makes STUPID decisions (they did the same thing with BtVS), and maybe some negative reinforcement (a drop in their viewership) will break them of the habit!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Anonymous :

How do I contact UPN?

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Why dont we start a petition for UPN, to show how much we want them to pick up Angel?

Sunday 15 February 2004, by buffy_27 :

the person who will cancel Angel must realy be a complett idiot!! vi want Angel Back!!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Daniel Staal :

Angel stops after the 5th season. I wished it takes as long as the buffy serie ,7 its a lucky number.

maybe they should change networks again.

or else somebody should bite there necks of those network guys ’I would

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Victor Cunha :

Come on!!!! The Wb is making another huge mistake... as they did with buffy!!! Angel needs at least another season on the upn,the wb, dosen’t matter!!! i think the writers of angel needs to be aware the whole season that it’s the end!!! so they can make a reunion with some of the characters from buffy, and makes a storyline that will end the series and joss’s univers with a blast!!!! We need to give Angel at last another season, to wrap things up properly, they need to fill in all the wholes, and end all he stories! for example, the buffy, angel and spike story, and so on!!! We fans need to do something!!!!

Ps.. Sarah this would be a good time to take you’re self together and make an apperance!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Tanru :

This CAN’T be happening!


If fans of Roswell sent the network bottles of Tabasco sauce - maybe we should send in vials of blood?

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Anonymous :

UPN is dead man. The only thing that even kept it going was Buffy. I dont know how Angel would do there, hmmmmmmm .. but it may do good there. Or maybe someone like FOX or NBC or someone would wanna buy it? Its The WB’s 2nd highest rated show.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Anonymous :

The fans have got to save "Angel"! The UPN saved "Buffy" we need to contact them as much as it takes until they realize how many people love this show! The only address I could find was Start there and keep e-mailing! We can make a difference if everyone tries.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Terry :

To be honest I can’t say I’m suprised about the show being cancelled, not after the WB did that little song and dance about renewing it for this season. I don’t think they would have any shows at all if they could fill all their time slots with paid advertising. I hope some other station has the sense to pick up Angel, but at least I never have to tune into the WB again.

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Ryan M. :

You can’t do this!!!!!! There is so much going on! Spike’s back! What about the Shanshu prophesy?! THIS THE ONLY TELEVISION THAT I WATCH!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW AND I KNOW MILLIONS FEEL THE SAME!!!! I miss Cordy, but there is always a chance she’ll come back if the show survives! The WB is the only thing I watch, but if you get rid of Angel, I’ll have to return to Anne Rice(don’t do it!) DID I TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SHOW! PLEEESE, MERCY!!!!!

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Anonymous :

excuse me umm jen? what are you saying? all the people who watched buffy were dumb? why are you even on this site if u don’t care about angel!!!! go away!!

Monday 16 February 2004, by Tamara VGG :

I was deeply angered by the decision made by the WB to cancel Angel, it’s a great TV show and was one of the highest rated ones. I have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel from the very begining and to me it was the only thing even worth watching on TV. So I can’t even fathomm why in the world would the WB cancel the show, it’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard. There was so much left in that show to give. I have signed the petition and sent it to everyone I know, because I fully support the entire cast, and all the writers and Jos Whedon the creator who after seeing all of his work I believe the man to be genious. I must agree, I am also going to Boycott the WB with the exception of the show Angel. I have also asked my friends and family to boycott the WB, because without Angel it just isn’t worth watching...

Monday 16 February 2004, by May :

Ah ! non trop de colère... Signez la pétition c’est tout ce qu’il y a à dire pour l’instant, signez et faites signer...

Monday 16 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Does anyone know how I can contact Fox?

Monday 16 February 2004, by Anonymous :

If we were to send things to the WB, where would we send it? I cant find a mailing address. Help please :)

Monday 16 February 2004, by May :

Va savoir pourquoi je suis tant en colère, on a perdu Buffy et on nous le fait pour Angel... c l’horreur !!!!!

Monday 16 February 2004, by jo :

Angel is the only good show the WB have, to drop it would be plain stupid

Monday 16 February 2004, by Charles :

WHAT IS UP WITH THE WB????????? when i heard the news my mouth dropped open for like 5 minutes.i just dont get this.there alot of shows on the wb that suck SO DONT CANCEL THIS ONE!!IF U ARE LET SOME OTHER NETWORK BUY THE SHOW SO WE CAN STILL WATCH IT!THIS show is UBER hoyt

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by Anonymous :

James Turner---When you cancelled Buffy I couldnt sleep for a while...but if you are really planning on cancelling Angel you must be really stupid.

This show is gold...but WB doesnt know crap from good stuff. Angel=Great but Most of your other shows=Horrible to Ok. By cancelling Angel you would really just be hurting yourselves...think about it.

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by James Turner :

James Turner--- If you cancel Angel you will be hurting yourself. What are you going to put in its place a rerun of some crappy show that you people think is good? Welcome to reality.

Angel=Great but Your other shows=Horrible to Ok

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by Anonymous :

(Ryan)--- If you people really cancel Angel you are idiots. You already took Buffy from us but Angel...thats just too much. Your network sucks without Angel.

UPN-If they really cancel Angel please save it.

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by ladyholly :

ok simply put, angel is the most kickass spinoff of another show ive ever seen! so rarely are spinoffs worth watching! angel IS!!! damn these stupid networks cancelling great shows so they can put more reality tv BULLSHIT in their places! some other station needs to pick angel up, the fans love this show and want it to continue! there is NO reason for this cancellation whatsoever! i am outraged and will be boycotting the assholes that cancelled a show i know the fans consider THEIRS!

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by veronica :

I cant beleive the wb would cancel a show like angel.why dont they cancel their reality shows then it will be even.upn please pick up the show or tnt, please somebody pick it up!!!!! when angel gets cancelled and the wb starts losing veiwers maybe they will finally realize they are making a mistake

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Ok, this may sound like a stupid idea, but why not give WB what they really want? Instead of something like bottles of tabasco (someone suggested hairgel, i think?), why not just give them money? Collect a huge number of pledges from fans, which will be paid to WB (or whatever network picks the show up) if and when they broadcast the show’s sixth season. This will not only show intense support of the show from its fan base, but help fund the season as well (though only a small part). Dedicated fans, wouldn’t you all be willing to part with a couple dollars to save Angel? I know I would, and our little telethon might have an impact. And if it doesn’t happen, pledgers aren’t out anything (because no money is collected until the show is renewed). So, what does everybody think? Am I just stupid?

Wednesday 18 February 2004, by Anonymous :

James Turner----

I was thinking earlier today. What can we do to save Angel? Well, then it hit me. They are cancelling the show because of ratings. Everybody that doesnt want to just sit around and let this happen JOIN ME. Go around chatroom to chatroom, petition to petition, anything you can think of that might help do it. Tell the people to watch Angel...tell them about how great the show cool the fight scenes are. I believe that we might be able raise the shows ratings a good bit if we just keep trying. My AOL Instant Messenger Sn is Spike26847...and if you have this instant messenger we can talk and make even more plans to help this show out. Please join...dont be a loser that just sits around and waits for it to end.(the more that join the more the news can spread and the more people can join...think about it)

Wednesday 18 February 2004, by Buffy & Angel forever :

Oh, MY GOD!!! Tell me it is not so! First they take Buffy away, now, they want to cancell Angel. That would be a big mistake in my book. Angel needs at least one more season to wrap up all the unanswered quwstions that are hanging out there. One of the major questions is about the shanshu .Which vampire is it going to be? Second, what is going to happen with Buffy and Angel? Season 7 of Buffy ended with a spark of those two getting back together one day. As for Buffy and Spike, who cares!! Buffy and Spike together is like Angel and Cordelia, not happening!! The story has always been that one day, Angel would get to become human and he and Buffy would get back together. Joss, come on!! Get SMG to get with the program!! At least for 2 more episodes. I think it was a mistake to split the shows in the first place. That’s when the ratings of Buffy started to go down. Yes, I agree that Angel has been a good spin off show but, I think that it would have been better with the writers having one show to concentrate on instead of two. The 5th season of Angel is not as good as I hoped it would be without an appearence from SMG. I’m sorry for her to because Scooby Doo number two, sequels usually suck!! She needs to come back and wrap up her thing with Angel. Either put the two of them together or she needs to tell him that it will never happen!!! As for UPN taking over with Angel, that would be suicide for the producers. That’s when Buffy started to loose viewers because not everyone gets UPN on their networks. If this is the last season for the big guy, give him a sense of closure. Let him be happy and get his girl. Even if you all have to cast someone else as Buffy,give him his love. Let him turn human and have a normal life with the love of his life.

Wednesday 18 February 2004, by Justine H. :

You cant cancel Angel, when you canceled buffy it was terrible. If you canceled Angel you would be letting down thousands of fans. David Boreanaz and all the cast deserve some respect. Dont cancel Angel, we need the show!!!  Justine H.

Wednesday 18 February 2004, by allie uk :

keep angel alive, im a uk fan and love the show, it’s even better than buffy. please let another net work pick it up. dunno what ill do without this amazing show and cast

Thursday 19 February 2004, by NECROMANCER Oz :

I live in Melbourne Australia, and Buffy and Angel are very popular shows down under.

Due to Buffy’s finale last season, they are showing season 1 episodes once a week after this seasons Angel episodes.

I mean, peaople don’t even care that they’re playing seven year old episodes on network tv, they’ll take what they can get!!!

Not to mention that buffy and angel episodes are broadcasted twice a day on Australian cable (FOXTEL).

If they are serious about cancelling Angel, there are going to be ALOT of uhappy people in Australia.

Sunday 22 February 2004, by Anonymous :

keep it alive! its the only way we can see our darling james again!!!!!!


Sunday 22 February 2004, by *ANGELS’S BIGGEST FAN* :

Please do not cancell Angel because it’s the best show ever.the cast is amazing and you could never replace them and David Boreanaz is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE and its the only show i watch.the writer and procucers r extremely talented and i get p.oed if i have to miss any part of it and ill DIE if u take it away from me.i no the ratings might not be the greatest but i mean think of the thousands of people who watch it?didnt it even occur to u to think of them for a change?i mean cmon dont take away the best show on this beat earth even if it means goin to another network or something just please, im beggin u, do not cancell Angel for the thousands of fans who follow it and cant wait until the next week to watch the show.this is UNEXCEPTABLE! but when u took away buffy, well that was one thing, but who ever cancelled the show is the craziest person ever, i mean this show is out of this keep this wonderful show on...its the only thing i have left to look forward to in once again please let it have another chance.please have a heart...and do whats right.

Sunday 22 February 2004, by Jimmy :

This is appalling, one of the best television dramas cancelled for no apparent reason. It should be the head of the WB getting the axe!

Monday 23 February 2004, by God_Pepsi :

It’s true a sixth season would be cool, but if they can’t make a sixth season, I would be really hot if there’s a great final, a really great final !!!

Wednesday 25 February 2004, by Michelle :

What the hell are they thinking? DON’T CANCEL ANGEL! It’s an excellent show that’s still going strong, and I refuse to have it replaced by ’new’ programmes that were axed in 1966. DO NOT... CANCEL IT...

Saturday 28 February 2004, by Sabina da Argenta :

this is impossible....they can do this.....from the Italy...WE WANT ANGEL!!!!!! (but spike more) =P

Sunday 29 February 2004, by borefc :

I would seriously pay money to have this show remain on the air. I figure 5$ an episode is fair. So I got 110$ ready for WB if they decide to save the show. (I’d probably pay more too... that’s how good this show is.)

Sunday 29 February 2004, by Anonymous :

What are they thinking?!!!? Are WB totally and completly mad? Honestly they can’t do it! I already think that theres not enough Angel broad casted on English television as it is thus meaning that i must enjoy Angel in my free time through my box set i got for Christmas! I don’t even consider myself to be an Angel obessive; but what would I do without a new season of Angel to feed me new sighting’s of the brilliant Vincent Kartheiser?! If WB do decide to take Angel off the air, i propose we, the Buffy and Angel fans of the world, should totally boycott WB. Or we could arrange a sit down protest against the execution of the show. Who’s with me?!

Sunday 7 March 2004, by Iuri Cruzal :

Buffy and Angel....are my life!! Angel need stay on the air, it´s a sucess on BRAZIL( my country) ..Good luck for Buffy and Angel fans.. THIS IS THE VOTE OF BRAZILIAN FANS...

Angel Season 6 Petition !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Sign for the show

Sunday 14 March 2004, by Angel Enthusiast :

The Buffyverse must live on... there is soo much more story to tell... we all know it.. Angel must be made human at some point.. we dont want a quick and easy explanation how.. we want another year to find out the rest of his story... plain and simple.. Angel is the only reason to turn on the TV on wednesday nights..

Monday 22 March 2004, by Angelus1125 :

no offense to any1i love angel just as much as the next person but maybe we need more episodes tha aren’t stand alone we all know something big is going to happen so big that they’ll have to bring in the buffy team to assist angel and angel might not have to become human cause they can always be a twist personally i think the show needs to come back on track and the angel crew needs to go back to hotel and "fight the good fight"

Monday 22 March 2004, by ravensea :

Signed. Wednesday nights? Are you kidding? Angel is the Only reason to turn on the box.

Wednesday 31 March 2004, by risingspirit :

Angel MUST go on!!!! It’s just getting warmed up!

Sunday 25 April 2004, by smokeymcpot :

Angel is the only reason i turn on the tv!

Sunday 16 May 2004, by Elina Beamer :

oh Lord!!!i won’t have it!!!!!!!!! don’t stop the show!!!!! u don’t have any right to act like that!!!

Thursday 27 May 2004, by F. Means :

At first, I found myself bothered that Angel was becoming a spin-off, being the huge Buffy fan that I am and my feeling that Angel & Buffy are meant for each other eternally. However I was wrong. The separation of the characters, and other love interests (Spike & Darla but not Cordy included) would make for a great reunion for the 2 star-crossed lovers at end of it all. Though I was severely bummed about the cancellations, I will admit that both Series finales were very well done. However I and I’m sure many other were left wanting more, if, for nothing else to find closure in the ill-fated but ever present love between Buffy and Angel. This is why implore all those alike to plead, grovel, and beg Joss & Warner Bros. for a movie, even made for TV, or maybe a mini-series, just close the absolute and final chapter. In my sadly romantic vision, the only remote possible way to end the saga and the whole "Buffyverse" for that matter is to have Angel re-gain his soul and walk into the rising sun of morning. Only to knock on a door in the middle of the day (to me, a blue door in a London Flat, I’m still no sure why), and have Buffy Summers answer it and smile hugely with tears forming in her eyes. Then fade to back and credits in the true Joss Whedon "show facial emotion then cut out" fashion. It’s the only way to do true and total justice to both shows and end on both a palatable note to us happy ending saps and remain true to form. Somebody please let me know if I’m wrong?!

Friday 28 May 2004, by nerak :

hey pls dnt cancel the show i am one of the millions fans of the angel and buffy show when buffy ended i cried a lot my friends cried too and i am from the philippines s o pls pls pls dnt cancel the show

Monday 31 May 2004, by John :

Please don’t stop at sesion 5, angel is the reason i have Tv.

Friday 4 June 2004, by Anonymous :

Please don’t take Angel away!!! its only show worth watching!!! what am i going to do with my T.V if Angel’s not on!!!! PLEASE I BEG OF U!!!!

Friday 4 June 2004, by Anonymous :


Friday 4 June 2004, by Anonymous :


Wednesday 9 June 2004, by marmate :

bring back angel you bastards, it’s the only thing worth watching on the television. I’m from the UK and I’m gutted it’s finished and it neeeds sorting out, give us a season 6!

Sunday 5 September 2004, by Derek John :

I lost all respect for the WB when I heard that they were taking angel off the air, I’m an 19 year old male and I admit that I am a HUGE fan of Angel.

Maybe Skip schoolnik should offer his 6th season to the USA network...They would definatley accept the offer and the WB should’nt be able to say anything. E-mail me if you have ideas and/or any thoughts about this petition


Thursday 9 September 2004, by jessica s :



4rm vegas

Friday 17 September 2004, by kyle thurmond :

im a student at the university of hawaii and all my friends, familly, and I in hawaii and back home in florida absolutly love Buffy and Angel. I heard that Buffy went off the air because some cast didn’t want to do it any more and thats understandible. However it is rediculous that Angel, as popular as it was and still growing was cut. I definatly think it should go to another station and show the wb what it missed out on.

Sunday 19 September 2004, by gina from Australia :

Give us back one of the only decent shows on tv come on joss and the networks listen to the fans after all arent the tv public who you work for?

Monday 20 September 2004, by stuart from england :

Im FrOm england and i love angel infact so do a lot of other people i know some other american channel should take up angel definatly bcoz the ending to the season5 was so bad it was a cliffhanger and you just want to see more and see wot happens next sucks......

Wednesday 22 September 2004, by liz :

whats up with that? no season 6 ? thats a big NONO from the wb they shouldn’t ended this way they really should recosider. there are alot of fans that want season 6 and im one of them.angel has to become human please reconsider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 27 September 2004, by Wanda Durr :

A sixth season for angel YES

Monday 8 November 2004, by NOELIA from Argentina :


Thursday 25 November 2004, by David Robinson :

I think there should be angel 6 simply because the fans will never know who dies and who lives in the last episode NOT FADE AWAY, and they have not yet killed the senior partners, so we will never know what will happen to them. surely joss whedon could think of a new story or a new beggining for angel and his freinds. how could you do this to angel fans Im a huge fan of angel.

Tuesday 21 December 2004, by Captain_Sparrow_86 :

Hey guys, you who live in USA are who can make it possible... And I think that all Buffy`s fans should help us in this challenge. I can not believe that the 5th season ended just when things becomed interesting, and has not common sense to do 1,2,3,4,5 seasons and cut it all before a decent final like Buffy has. As I said, you Americans can do it!! But I give you my support. This is a challenge we can win!! Good luck. From Argentina, Luke.

Thursday 23 December 2004, by DAVID/JAMESFAN :

Hi! I have a news for the WB:400,000 people have already stopped watching WB. I got it from 3000 chatters who loved watching ANGEL. Either now 1 million people have stopped watching WB. From american to native american and also other cans have stopped watching WB, cause of one thing that went wrong...they canceled ANGEL. From also in term ED, Boston public. Though I’m not sure about B-P. I think they have canceled everything. Now all left is cheesy shows such as For Love Or Money1234, that are not even "real"! The simple life that was a super-floap! And Philly. Also...absolute power, coubling, apprentice, the biggest floap I’ve ever seen. And award shows..ha ha! Another floap! If anything good is...’left’ is:Becker, Smallville, The Practice, Law & Order, Charmed, and....hey! Guess what? Thats it! And indeed if they don’t save ANGEL...I think..they’re not gonna survive.

Saturday 8 January 2005, by soewut :

Please dont cancel angel!!! I love it and watch it everytime it is on!! Please let them have another season!

Tuesday 18 January 2005, by vlad :

muuuuuuuuuust have moore angel....pls

Monday 31 January 2005, by Ben Jones :

please make a sixth season. signed Ben jones

Monday 14 February 2005, by Kayla Thomas :

You just cant stop the show. its like the only reason me and all of my friends watch the WB channel. and believe me I have a lot of friends. I know that you dont want to lose all of your viewers just because you stopped a show from airing. this is the only petition I have signed in years so that must mean something. Just to let you know I have a lot of power at my school and I know you dont want to lose abot 700 viewers and maybe some more.(this is not a threat just a simple reminder of how important your viewers are to you)

Monday 21 February 2005, by paul :

Please don’t stop the show! My whole family loves it and dosn’t want it to end like it did, we want to see an ending so we know what really happens, not a questionable ending!

Monday 7 March 2005, by Derek :

You got to make another season. You no it makes sense

Monday 21 March 2005, by Michelle :

I just discovered the greatness of the Buffy and Angel series. I want to see Angel season 6 mostly for Spike. I used to like Angel a lot, but I love Spike! Keep the show on the air, and have more Spike.

Friday 1 April 2005, by Cassie :

I will just Die if they cancel angel!!! It’s the only good WB show left!! Spike can’t leave!! He just can’t!! If Angel leaves I’ll never watch Wb again!! Please WB reconsider!!!

Wednesday 6 April 2005, by Kenneth Browning :

This is the best show on television. Its the only show on television I like to watch. BRING IT BACK NOW.

Kenneth Browning Vero Beach, Florida

Saturday 7 May 2005, by Zulu :

dude wat gives just cuz we actually spend time watchin ure shows and the fact that u make most of ure money of us doesnt mean u can just cancel the show i think u owe us a lil by providing a F??king ending to the thing, but i guess taht done matter to u so i hear by boycott all your shows until angel is back on, thats one less vote fer u fc?kers

Saturday 4 June 2005, by Brooke :

Please Keep Angel On the air because It is like the coolest show ever made.Maybe if you tried to Keep Angel on for at least another season we get to find out Questions about the end of season 5 of Angel.Does he win the fight or lose? Who knows I want to. Maybe if you don’t want to know there are alot of angel fans out there who wants to know what happens to Angel. Another Question does Angel get to see wesley as a ghost like spike was? or are you just gonna cut him of the show.Maybe if you keep on the air for on more season people will quit bugging you................Later

Thursday 16 June 2005, by Jennifer :

I could understand if the WB was cancelling Angel if it were terrible, but it’s practically the best idea for a show that ever hit tv. All other shows are uninteresting with bad humor and have nothing exciting going on, but the characters in Angel make you want to be there with them. The WB is making the mistake of a lifetime. I sincerly hope they change their minds.

Sunday 10 July 2005, by manuel reyes :

i want angel 6th season!

Monday 18 July 2005, by Anonymous :

WB Sux big ass balls now because how dumb can the WB be! really they get rid of Angel over Smallville and 7th Heaven that show should have been gone a long time ago... Now WB is a wasted station there is nothing on that station NOTHING!!! Please bring back Angel was into it ever since the very first episode they got rid of such a great show with an actual good story line!

Tuesday 19 July 2005, by just another fan.. :

i’m from malaysia..i’m a malay...doesnt really matter nway...just wanna let ppl know that ANGEL do rock the world !! it’z everywhere !!! there’s no reason for WB 2 shut it down coz they dont know that there’s fan everywhere in d world who loves ANGEL ! well i think they do know but didnt xpect sumthing big from it i guess..coz if they do..they shouldnt b shutting it down rite ?! owh well...i’m just one of a billion ANGEL fans in d world..hit me with anything concerning with ANGEL...i’ll do whut i can...GO TEAM ! ;p

Wednesday 24 May 2006, by James F. :

It can’t end so soon!!

Friday 28 July 2006, by charles reed :

angel was simply the reason i watched the wb

Monday 23 October 2006, by selene :

a thing that angel was one of the most popular TV shows and many fans are not happy whet the desition of taking angel out off air and making the new season and living the people half way bring angel backkkkkkkkkkkk...

Tuesday 2 January 2007, by andrew harmon :

I loved the show Angel I was though dissapointed in the last season with it ending in that cliff hanger I wish I knew if angel and the gang make it or if they die in the last battle. I don’t want them to have another season but I would like them to atleast make another episode to tie up the ending.

I would like to think that atleast angel makes it out alive and is made whole even if he signed the document saying that he wont become whole again and to petray this I they would show angel walking towards Nina (the were wolf girl) on the beach.

Wednesday 31 January 2007, by anonymous :

I am a big fan of the show and I would loke a season 6. My favorite character is Lorne. I dont know why but I just love the character. He is funny and makes me laugh just as much as any of the other characters. Any way I would love another season. The show rocks so hard. Well i hope this petition works. Bust of luck.

Thursday 15 February 2007, by Anonymous :


Friday 6 April 2007, by weird angel :

hello,i am a big fan of angel i love the show very much.i want to tell you to add season 6 but after wessely died i cant because the show wont be great without him.i love the show but another episode will be great to clear some stuff.i want to know if angel and the crew died or still alive.

Thursday 26 April 2007, by Anonymous :

I just want that Buffy and Angel to be together again in the end and that their love will be posible in the end. I want that becouse i know that they belong together, they are maid for eachother they shuld show that on TV as the last season and put them together again in the end. Don’t you guys agree?

Wednesday 23 May 2007, by Anonymous :

Angel is the best!! You have to put it back on. Taking it away is like taking part of my soul.

Saturday 23 June 2007, by Andrew :

IF YOU GUYS DONT SHOW ANGEL ANYMORE THEN YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOSE A LOT OF MONEY!!!!! plus its a really good show so please continue it :(

Sunday 22 July 2007, by Anonymous :

Best show I’ve ever seen.

Monday 5 November 2007, by Anonymous :

Yeah, i would love to see an angel season six. the comics just won’t do it for me. i love seeing how the actors bring the characters to life on the screen. personally, i loved the scenes with spike in it. he was my favorite character and if the show comes back they should definitely give spike some more screen time. i love this show and would love to see it continued on the air. it was cut way to short before its time. when is it going to be sent off? p.s. i know that david is doing bones right now, so maybe a more valid alternative would be to give spike a show. i mean giles gets one why shouldn’t spike. james marsters absolutely loves the role and would love to play spike again. he is the most enthusiastic of any of the whedonverse cast to reprise his character. i’m going to start a petition for it please sign.

Monday 5 November 2007, by Anonymous :

try pitching it to tnt. they show the reruns maybe they would bring it back. there’s one major obstacle. david is working on bones (great show by the way). i don’t know if he would be up for two shows at once, but i really want angel back.

Friday 30 November 2007, by COURTNEY CRAFT :

they really need to bring back angel i would die for that show to come back.....angel and spike is soooo fine.......PLEASE TNT BRING IT BACK......YALL R STUPID FOR CANCELING IT

Saturday 5 January 2008 :

hello im abd allah bino from egypt i have been watching this show for many years i really love it please cant we do any thing to make them conitue this show give angel 6 season please buffy was 7 season and i love angel show more its great joss whedon is a real talanted writer i m sure he can make another great season and by the way i watched bones its SILLY beside angel i heard that the producer stop the show to make another reality shows its sucks we must fight guys we will not stop fighting ANGEL SAVED OUR WORLD FOR MANY YEARS AND MANY TIMES CANT WE SAVE HIM ONCE !!!!

Saturday 2 August 2008, by Lindsey :

This sucks! I mean I have been looking for Angel season 6 for a long, long, long time! Joss Whendon and his pals are STUPID! And oh yea I am pretty much forcing him to make a 6 season of Angel on tv and to buy on dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 6 January 2010, by Anju Miah :

please bring back angel! how can you disappoint your fans by just leaving it like that? we love angel! you should ’resurrect’ the series! please please please bring it back. you’ve got fans practically begging! the acting, the humour, the storyline...the best we’ve seen. please bring it back! after angel, buffy was good but none of the other series ever lived up to angel! please bring it back!

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