Thursday 19 February 2004, by Cordelia fan :

Angel has not been very good since Spike joined the cast and Cordelia got fired. I’m glad it’s being cancelled. Now Joss Whedon knows what it’s like to be fired! That feels very balanced to me.

Sunday 22 February 2004, by PatHugh :

It would seem in light of evidence I’ve seen that Fox has a bad case of ’HUB’. (head up butt)Buffy & Angel Season DVD’s are selling so fast that you have to pre-order them months ahead to be sure to get one. These shows will prove to be the ultimate entertainment of this genre. To think that Fox has such a low opinion of these four million people. Everyone is copying these shows even Fox allowed ’The League of Gentlemen’ which was tolerable because of Sean Connery and even he didn’t have a clue of what the flick was about but didn’t want to ’"miss out again" ’. I think Fox might be clueless as well. The economy has nearly everyone working two jobs so its not surprising if ratings are down. Fox wake up and smell the vampires! Never in my life of watching television have I’ve been as riveted and clamoring for more as these TV shows written by Joss Whedon and company. My Thanks!

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