Tuesday 24 February 2004, by brandy :

i think that you should bring either angel or buffy back i dont like the fact that the angel show has been axed a matter of fact i cant tell you how mad i am in a nice way will angel be continued?

Saturday 28 February 2004, by Valerie :

Let’s put this nicely, Angel is a show about vampires sure some may seem NOT to like it because of vampires, witches, so forth and so on, but Angel does have a loyal set of fans that would do ANYTHING to see the show go onward.

They can’t end it like this, 5 or so episodes left? How are they going to end it KILL everyone off?

Seems as though the WB rather have "Charmed" than "Angel" even if "Angel" is getting higher ratings.

Who knows... Maybe if we do what we’re doing with the postcard campaign and online petitions SOMETHING should get done. I hope.

We need a season 6 and 7 of "Angel" if they’re not giving up either are we!

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