Saturday 6 March 2004, by terri loves LORNE/Andy Hallett is the bomb :

David and James have both won before. Let Alexis D. win this time. Yes he’s married but still he’s a "hunk" too. Terri

Monday 22 March 2004, by Magui :

David has won four times already!...but,I’ll vote for him again....he’s TOO hunky!!. James and Alexis are hunks but David is hunkier...mmm,David *drools*

Tuesday 6 April 2004, by S n B (he he) :

Hey We think that Christian Kane shuld win. he is the hunkiest guy eva - angel culdnt survive without him. um... yeh - hes rele fit. ;) But, we think that the hunkiest guy eva is Mayor Richard Willkins the 3rd - hes a hunk n a half, who sez old means not sxc?

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