Tuesday 2 March 2004, by Anonymous :

Clearly, "The Frog" is insane. I’m planning to BOYCOTT The WB, has anyone started a website for that yet? It’s not as if there will be anything on it to watch, anyway, after Angel’s gone. They are completely insane, that’s the only explanation.

Wednesday 3 March 2004, by Fortyseven[BTEG] :

Clearly, it’s not sufficient enough for the WB to slit the wrists of their viewership, but they must also pour salt on the wound.

Hope it’s worth it, jerks.

Wednesday 3 March 2004, by Anonymous :

On the upside, won’t this give the makers of _Angel_ more time to write (or put the finishing touches on) the final episodes?

Wednesday 3 March 2004, by Andrew Luke :

With what, four or five episodes left to show?

Is this some extra time for the WB to let Joss, David and crew wrap things up?

Is this some extra time for varied individual campaigns to make a difference? Legitimately, although not on the air, it’s an extra five weeks while it’s still technically ’alive’

Wednesday 3 March 2004, by Anonymous :

I’m planning a boycott once Angel is off the air. Personally I can’t stand their programming. Angel is the only thing worth while to watch there. After that I’m not going back to the WB.

Wednesday 3 March 2004, by n7of9 :

[!— start Spike-like accent —] WANKERS! [!— end —]

Thursday 4 March 2004, by Terah :

Okay. First they cancel Angel when it deserves at least one or two more seasons. And now they’re playing Smallville instead of Angel? Is anybody else pissed off? (pardon my bad french...) Totally agree with you ’n7of9’. They are wankers. And come on! A frog? Ha. Anyone remember this: Willow: "Don’t warn the tadpoles!" Giles(I think): "Don’t warn the tadpoles?" Willow: "I have frog fear." Ha. Smack in their face. Lol. Well my work here is done. *flys off to get some postcards and totally flood the frogs...*

Friday 5 March 2004, by Anonymous :

Would this let SMG return on time to appear in the finale?

Friday 5 March 2004, by Kat :

This isn’t extra time for the writers.. Regardless, we wouldn’t have new episodes now because sweeps are over, BUT they could air reruns which is what they’re doing for every other show including Smallville.. So no, it’s not a favor.. It’s just taking away more Angel from the viewers.. Why don’t they just put their Smallville countdown during regular Smallville hours?? Wait, that’s logic, and The WB doesn’t like logic..

Saturday 6 March 2004, by Anonymous :

They do this every year. It’s normal. There are rarely any new eps in March just like the yearly holiday break. This has NOTHING to do with the fact that it’s not being renewed.

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