Friday 5 March 2004, by Shaun Clark :

Its a shame that upn is not picking angel up for a sixth season this year it has been the best season ever!! spike Joined the cast as a ghost,harmony is working for angel,the gang are running wolfram & hart! i watched angel every tuesday 9pm on sky one! i do hope that another network will pick it up? if it ends i hope Sarah Michelle Gellar will be in the last ever episode and angel & buffy can live forever?

Wednesday 10 March 2004, by Anonymous :

am i the only one who thinks that these last few episodes are no way near enough to round up a storyline that started in Buffy The Vampire Slayer years ago, there is no way in hell that a satisfactory ending can be made on such short notice. for a truly brilliant ending i think they would have to have a whole season rounding off storylines and to have a massively spectacular apocolypse so angel can find redemption. n e one else agree?

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