Friday 5 March 2004, by Bliss :

That would be great !! Buffy/Angel belong together !!

Friday 5 March 2004, by Anonymous :

yes please, id love to see buffy and angel back 2gether

Saturday 6 March 2004, by Buffy and Angel Fan Amy :

I thought Sarah was’nt coming to angel that she changed her mind! cause she was going to do movies and all?! unless shes all ready done scooby doo 2? it be great for her to come back again:) i wish she would stick around more.

Sunday 7 March 2004, by Andi :

unless shes all ready done scooby doo 2

Scooby Doo 2 finished filming aaaages ago - its due out in the next couple of months!

Monday 8 March 2004, by Spuffylove4ever :

Buffy and Spike Belong togther!! i am sorri but i support spuffy love

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