Friday 5 March 2004, by Anonymous :

The woman should be a politician. She says alot, but nothing at all, while talking out of both sides of her mouth.

To me it sounds like she is saying-yeah, I will come back, if I get paid really well, and the conditions are only condusive to MY schedule and if the script is to MY liking.

Would a yes or no answer really be all that bad? It’s not like the writers have much time to work her in if she decides at the last minute.

Saturday 6 March 2004, by verinthalia :

SMG is no ARNOLD! She dumped Buffy, and Now she thinks we want her back hell no go back to your 2nd rate movies and your 3rd rate, famous junior, hack actor hubby. Boreanaz, Denisof, Acker, Richards, Hallet and Marsters don’t need her lime light sucking attitude.

Sunday 7 March 2004, by broilingh8 :

sounds like she doesnt really want to come back but her agents think it would be a great way to draw in alot of angel and buffy fans to her new horror film. you know as long as her divine master freddy prince control freak aproves the script. the way it all is portraited to me seems like they are both a couple of self important eye candy and it sickens me cause the character joss created was so self sacrifical and beutiful. i mean could you at least throw out a sorry to see angel go or even words of support to the show no the truth is shes glad its ending cause shes not apart of it anymore and further more shes more concerned in how the writers portrait her after she betrayed them and all of us.

Sunday 7 March 2004, by Carla :

i think she is right about Angel needing his own ending. If they bring her back then maybe for Spike, but Angel moved on a long time ago and if there is someone important for him to come back it would be Cordy not Buffy. If they bring her back and make Angel’s last ep about Buffy then it would ruin the show’s hard work to get out of Buffy’s shadow. Angel came to say goodbye to Buffy and honestly it wasn’t such a good idea. He came was a completely different person than in Angel and then left quickly after some strange kissing action. Buffy back would be the same since she doesn’t really fit into the story line.

Sunday 7 March 2004, by POE :

i really don’t care what her secret motives are. there is something you all forget- SMG is an actress- that’s her job-to act. i don’t care what she’s like in person , i don’t care if she wants to come back to promote her movie- it’s a legitimate move. all i know is that she’s a geat actress and she did an excellent job on buffy, and i would like to see her in the final episode of angel.

Sunday 7 March 2004, by Anonymous :

Ok, there’s a lot of hostility in this room. She’s not trying to promote her new movie, and she’s not doing this because her agents told her to.

You guys are taking what she said way out of perportion. This interview of this article only tells half of what she said.

She told all this stuff in the interview with them, about how she didn’t try to run away from Buffy and Angel, that that’s not true. In that interview she was trying to tell her fans she didn’t abandoned them like other articles made them think she did. She explains to that when they wanted her back, it was when her aunt had died, and her family was torn apart by the death and she couldn’t leave her family in the state they were in just to film the 100th episode,(David Fury says thats the episode), and she couldn’t make it. Now she says that she would do it, but that she doesn’t want to blind the Angel finale with it all being about Buffy. She’s always thought about the characters of Buffy and Angel. She knows them almost better than what Joss Whedon even knows, read or watch any video of her for a Buffy interview. Go read the interview Scifiwire did of her on the topic of Angel, its here at, and then say she’s only trying to promote her movie.

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