Monday 15 March 2004, by Davie :

Thank you so much for this and the smaller files.

You are all wonderfull

Monday 15 March 2004, by McPhee :

Really interesting I’m very happy I have finally seen this episode. Now I’m officially have seen all of 144 eps of Buffy including this one Thanks :D

Thursday 13 May 2004, by RB :

Ja he Kimmie! vind ik ook hor! beter andere willow of niet soms!

Sunday 23 May 2004, by Mozza :

Lets just say, thankgod the never aired it! It was horrible. Acting wasnt at is best, or even at its good, oh and the people who WERE gonna be the ppl we end up loving. YUK make me barf. Thanku for letting me see this, it makes me appreciate the show EVEN more. I felt that it was a bit to rushed along though.

Sunday 23 May 2004, by Olzkiazi :

Wow... that was truely awful! Almost as bad as the original movie... I presume it was never intended to be aired; I mean the production quality alone... wow... *shakes head in disbelief*

But re: Willow... I love Alyson Hannigan and I think she did an amazing job... but it would have been interesting if they’d stuck with a larger actress... the whole "I was unpopular in High School" thing that Willow had in later seasons would have been a lot more compelling... and it would also explain why she was SO suscetible to any form of attention in High School (vampire in episode one, robot demon thing later on)... just a thought...

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Anonymous :

First off, can I just say praise the lord that JW found Alyson Hannigan? If this had been the actress they’d gone with she would have been killed off before the first season was over!

Overall, not anywhere near as good as the real show but still had some great moments. I especially loved the scenes where Xander and Buffy are walking through the quad analyzing the cliques and where the vampire running away from Buffy says to the other vamp "I’ll call you!" Very cute and definitely showed the show’s potential early on.

Monday 31 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Wow, the show’s improved since then. The vampire dusting was pretty lame. And thank god that Aly got cast as Willow... the other actress just wasn’t the same. Thanks for having this for downloading. :)

Friday 6 August 2004, by Karen :

UGH, Willow was horrible, well this Willow version, and Giles freaked me out. :( :P

Sunday 7 November 2004, by Shannon :

Oh wow, that was so lame. I’m so glad they didn’t air it. And the girl who played Willow, man i’m so happy they picked Alyson Hannigan and not her. I’m glad Buffy.Nu put this up though, I always heard about it but never saw it, until now. But it was so cheesy, and Gile’s hair, eegh. And the acting sucked. I’m glad that’s not the actual pilot, I love the normal pilot. It’s alot better. If I saw this one for the first time before I saw Buffy, I wouldn’t of watched it.

Sunday 5 December 2004, by Pez :

I agree with most points on this unaired pilot. There’s no flow to the episode. Sarah Gellar seemed almost afraid to be Buffy, Xander is still way cute but who’s the girl that first played Willow? She looks kind of familiar but I don’t know her. If you do, e-mail me.

Sunday 26 December 2004, by R.J.P :

Riff Regan (glad she was axed)

Friday 11 February 2005, by pXc :

Well, I can see why this episode was scrapped, it reeked of 80’s horror flick. It had its moments though. Holding on to Darla, and putting Dingoes Ate My Babie on the shelf, both for later on were necessary and wise moves as they were used very nicely when their times came.

Thursday 23 June 2005, by Rachel :

Did you know that it was the WB network that wanted Willow re-cast? Joss really wanted this actress but instaed the WB wanted a smaller one. Smaller meaning weighing less. Alyson Hannigan still gives him a rough time about it.

Wednesday 28 September 2005, by Stacy :

I am estatic that I found this website and was able to view the unaired "pilot". It was extrodinary! I really liked Giles’ and Buffy’s hair. As for the other actress portraying Willow, I feel it would have been nice to see a different looking young woman and am sympathetic to her in the first scene where her line delivery was poor- she was obviously nervous. Allyson Hannigan is extremely beautiful and talented, but I think that the previous actress could have pulled it off if given enough time. The library was gorgeous. I’m guessing the word "lush" was comman pop-slang in ’96 California? The principal made me laugh- definately better than the later Principal Flutie. However, letting Buffy see the body didn’t make sense.

I agree that the camera and blocking was poor but I suspect that they weren’t confident about filming in the corridors yet with light fixtures. However the Darla-vampire reveal in this version was better, it actually scared me and I knew it was coming! In all, there were aspects of this unaired pilot that were better than the aired pilot... and vice versa. I prefered Sarah’s original performance and the way her identity and responsibility dilemma was portrayed in the unaired version.

Monday 24 October 2005, by dushkufan :

Why can’t I download the 3rd part of this episode? The first two parts went well, but the 3rd just stops downloading all of a sudden!

Saturday 17 December 2005, by Man Outside :

I just got the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"30 minute pilot[1996]downloaded and ready to burn to DVD.With all 7 seasons on 39 disks this makes 40!

Sunday 18 December 2005, by Clickers :

That pilot seems kinda strange for me. It’s okay, but still... I’m glad that some things have been improved or/and changed. It’s so good that finally Alyson got the role, cause Riff didn’t fit there. She just didn’t look like she could have been a part of Scoobie Gang. Alyson Hannigan was cute, even in first series. She was perfect for Willow, she was the only one that could show us the same person in few diffrent perspectives: Shy, studious Willow, Vamp Willow, Willow as adult, lesbian witch & Evil veiny Willow. Can you imagine Riff as a vampire? Because this thought really creeps me out. I’m not saying it to offend her, I really don’t want, but i think she wasn’t made for that.

Monday 9 April 2007, by Anonymous :

Its very B-Movie, its incredible how much the quality is improved for the pilot proper. Old Willow was awful the show would have gone very differently if she hadn’t been fired! Can you see her as a main charicter who got important storyline like coming out and becoming a magic addict?! Old Willow looks like "young" Monica from Friends :) This was an entertaining episode but I’m glad they bothered to change it, this was very comic seeing as how dark Buffy got in later seasons.

Saturday 19 January 2008 :

OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Amazing! im gonna upload it on youtube!

Thursday 18 September 2008, by hermy :

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with the download links? When I click on them, they say they can’t open the page because they can’t find server. If the file is expired, can someone please reupload it? I would REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE it.

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