Tuesday 23 March 2004, by Jonathan Rutan :

This may sound off but if Angel can’t be saved why isn’t anyone thinking of spinning off Spike for his own show? A Spike show would be great, I would watch it and it could continue the Buffy universe with one of the best characters ever, Spike.

Wednesday 24 March 2004, by Kansa :

This is to Jonathan Rutan.... I think that a Spike spin-of would be so stuipd as he isnt really any thing important compared to Faith or Willow! If any one should do a spin-of i think that it should either be Willow or Faith!

Sunday 28 March 2004, by Dave H :

Yeah, well I’d like to see a spinnoff that didn’t involve ANY of the major charecters. Not that I don’t love them, but it would be nice to sort of start anew - take the buffyverse and build up in another area. Not sure this post is the right area for any ideas.

If someone can point me to a spinnoff ideas thread somewhere maybe we can kick a few ideas around.

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