Thursday 25 March 2004, by Anonymous :

This really sucks !!

Thursday 25 March 2004, by Anonymous :


Thursday 25 March 2004, by dromore :

Right on!! I do like buffy and the whole love triangle thing, but Angel has proved that it does not need the constant guest spots and it is a success in its own right away from the buffy limelight.

I amongst others will miss Angel when it ends but i think its good to go out while its on a high and totally respect David B’s comments that he feels some relief that its over as soo many people seem to be relying on him to keep Angel alive. (no pun intended)

"keep them wanting more"!!!!!

Thursday 25 March 2004, by Anonymous :

this is horrible! the whole point of me watching angel was so i could see smg again! and not just to see her, but to see her end up with ANGEL! her true love.. from the begining! I’m very hurt.. :(

Thursday 25 March 2004, by Vengence Anya :

I am depressed. Fist she isn’t . . .then she is. . . now she isn’t. Why oh why do people insist on messing with my emotions.

Thursday 25 March 2004, by Anonymous :

I don’t believe that all the talk about the return of Buffy, Dawn and Faith was a complete lie!!I’m devasted!!If Buffy doesn’t appear at Angel, the end of Angel will really sucks!! I’m already hate it!!!

Thursday 25 March 2004, by Anonymous :

This really sucks!! i don’t believe that Sarah will not be at Angel after all. Joss Whedon, please, we want Buffy and Angel together one more time!!!It’s gonna be perfect.

Thursday 25 March 2004, by Shannon :

Grr Arrgh. :(

I was lookin forward to Sarah returning.. It sucks but I’m sure it will still be good.

Thursday 25 March 2004, by coolassang :

SMG shouldn’t be on “Angel” because it’s obvious she had no real desire to do so. If she did, don’t you think she would have said something about it instead of dodging the subject and ignoring the entire thing? She has not had any enthusiasm for the Angel/Buffyverse for years now, and gets short and bitchy when even asked about it. I don’t need to see her come on just to watch some stupid love triangle. If this is the end of “Angel”, then I agree that she has no place in the finale.

Why should she appear? I know people will go crazy that I say this, but SMG lost her lovable “Buffy” quality after season 5… must be about the time her other co-stars were gaining such attention. I’d rather see an appearance by Alyson Hannigan over any of them. She was the best character and presence that came out of “Buffy”, in my opinion, and would make sense in the storyline; I want her to come back to save Fred! But “Willow” was supposed to be the sidekick, but she grew into so much more, and I tend to believe the reports of tension amongst the cast because of “an issue” between SMG and Alyson. The “American Pie” success has to just piss SMG off; she’s the star dammit! Alyson already outshines Sarah in so many ways; I think that the supportive husbands may have a lot to do with that. Seems to me that SMG may be getting too much “input” regarding her career from hers. (and what’s his claim to fame anyway? I wouldn’t be taking his advice…but I’m not in love with him.) Appearances, interviews, cast comments, etc. leads me to believe that SMG just isn’t able to laugh at herself and enjoy the life she has. She doesn’t even like to talk about the show that has given her all of the opportunities that she is currently blessed with. That’s just lame. I’m glad she’s not back in the mix on “Angel”; I don’t want to see the “oh, poor me, Buffy” back on screen any time soon.

P.S. If you haven’t seen (not read) an interview with SMG (not sure how that could be possible), but please don’t – you’ll be disappointed. I know I was.

Friday 26 March 2004, by Anonymous :

AHHH!!!! I’m a huge B/Aer , but I really wanted SMG to appear just like DB appeared in BTVS. I thought it would only be right for her to appear and not JUST because of B/A. So I agree it shouldn’t be all about B/A....but come on!! I do need SOMETHING!! Throw me a bone for god’s sake!!!

B/A is STILL Forever :P

Friday 26 March 2004, by Anonymous :

I just think it’s just an all around shame. Maybe if the WB had made up their minds earlier, things could have worked out for all invloved. I respect Joss’ artistic integrity for saying no, but I think this hurts him and probably even hurts Sarah. I think he/she/we wanted a 100% closure to it all, and this is the second time a schedule conflict with SMG prevents that. No matter how great & unique Angel became, the fact is that it was given that opportunity by the actors/producers of BTVS and by default-SMG. Not everyone will want to admit it, but I think we all secretly wanted to see SMG/Buffy in the "Joss’verse" one last time...bummer.

Friday 26 March 2004, by V-Star :

For the record, I’m annoyed by an innaccuracy in this article: Angel WAS in the final episode of Buffy, dammit, he just wasn’t in the ENTIRE episode.

Friday 26 March 2004, by Anonymous :

why can’t they just retape that ep w/ her in it? put a re-run in the original slot and push everything back a week? i agree, her in the finale would be bad but the 2nd to last...thatd be tre bien.

Friday 26 March 2004, by Michelle :

Yay!!! no Buffy!!! Angel doesnt need her. It would destroy the ending of the show.

Friday 26 March 2004, by Anonymous :

Oh well, I guess they’ll just have to make a Season 6 afterall to explain all this.

Friday 26 March 2004, by Shut up, peoples :

All you people complaining need to get over it. Buffy would just take the spot light away from the more important stuff. You know, the things that they had five seasons building up to. Also, it would not be Buffy and Angel together. Spike deserves her more, but even he shouldn’t get with her. I think it’s perfectly fine without anyone getting into a relationship with her.

Friday 26 March 2004, by Iyari-fan :

Very glad that SMG didn’t clear time on her schedule for an obligatory walk-on; David B’s walk-on in Buffy was a complete waste of valuable minutes & a worthless plot twist. The characters have had nothing to do with each other for years, and it was a mistake to try to still play a non-triangle as a triangle for fake melodrama & artificial ratings last year; so I’m glad they won’t repeat it.

Friday 26 March 2004, by norman :

yeah this totally sucks........whedon brings on tons on guest stars on the end of buffy that have no good story lines to be there, yet in angel, he doesnt want it to be about that. they say there will be some kind of understanding. if you ask me, its going to be some stupid "well i think we have finally grown" crap which is ridiculous. very dissapointed and i have a feeling that this finale will not get me satisfied.....kind of sucks too since this is the real end....

Friday 26 March 2004, by realmcmeal :

This is far better for the show. Letting it finish itself off rather than bringing in someone else just as the show ends. Not only does it undermine the power and capability of the show but it would also be too much of a Deus ex Machina for my tastes. Things aren’t saved as the end approaches by a magical appearance by some old character. (The Only exception to that rule is when Giles came back at the end of season six of BTVS; that was just kickass-osity at it’s best.)

Friday 26 March 2004, by Stormy 13 :

I agree with John, Angelus and dromore that Buffy should NOT be on the finale. Angel has his own path and the storyline should reflect this. Angel hasn’t really been a part of Buffy’s story for 5 years. Spike realized it was not meant to be over a year ago. They’ve outgrown her. Let it go already!!! This finale should revolve around Angel, Spike, Wes, Gunn, Fred/Illyria, etc.,etc.

Friday 26 March 2004, by Anonymous :

Okay first of all, i guess i can understand where all the people who think that angel has proved itself a good show and doesn’t need to rely on buffy are coming from.. but obviously if it’s being cancelled thats wrong.. (i’m very sad it’s ending btw). This is how i think of it.. btvs was the mother show.. angel was the spinoff of that.. so i think there should be a little more thanks and smg should be back in the ending... because without buffy there would be no angel!! people aren’t you like dyiing to see who she would pick?! I think thats what the shows were bascially about and we need that to be resolved! and i’m thinking the ending of angel would be the prophecy coming true..(but who knows what joss is planning) well since angel wasn’t human it was the reason why he couldn’t be with buffy.. and the reason he left.. so if he does become human he should go back to the thing that made him left (sorry if i’m not making sense) but right now i’m just guessing the ending so i don’t really know what i’m talking about and im just babbling on because i’m so sum it up..the whole buffy thing would not ruin the show!! (and it would bring in a lot more viewers)

Friday 26 March 2004, by mlozano :

I think that if this is the end of Angel --- then fans need closure. Remember Angel and Buffy started off together, and I think it should end that way. If Angel is able to become human again, then he should be with Buffy—his true love! The finale can just be Buffy and Angel reuniting — in daylight. That’s how these two beloved shows should conclude.

Friday 26 March 2004, by Jer :

I personally have always thought in the back of my mind (and am coming to agree with myself more and more as I rewatch Buffy on FX and DVDs) that Buffy should end up with Xander. He’s the only man who’s ALWAYS been there for her, and of all the Scoobies, he’s the closest to Dawn (who is both sister and a bit of a daughter to Buffy). I think that for Xander, Cordy and Anya were compromises of the closest he could find to Buffy (because both women were very strong in their own ways, like Buffy), and I think his misgivings about marrying Anya were definitely based in his unrequited love for Buffy. Not to mention his tryst with Faith

I think the Buffy/Angel relationship is very like the scars he left on her neck: they will always be a part of her, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t move ahead (not to mention that they’re not even there most of the time after Angel leaves). And Spike has always sort of known that Buffy will never really love him (he’s even said so).

Not to mention that Angel has already had several important relationships since leaving Buffy, and while some might argue that his romance was not quite as powerful with Cordy, I am sure that his love for Connor is a much more important part of his life than his time with Buffy was.

As much as I would like to see the Buffy gang again, having Buffy show up for the finale would feel too much like a subordination of Angel (the show) to Buffy (the show). The responsibility of neatly resolving the entirety of the Buffy/Angelverse shouldn’t be shouldered by the few final episodes remaining for Angel (show) to take care of itself.

Angel (character) grew past Buffy long ago, and I think Spike for the most part has as well. I’m not saying they don’t both still deeply love her, just that neither one of them is still at a point where it would make sense for them to ride off into the sunset with her (and I don’t mean because they’d both have to wait until night to keep from combusting).

I loved Buffy, and I love Angel, but Angel coming back to the end of Buffy worked because their relationship was actually a large part of that show, whereas in this show it’s really only background for the main character; it’s NEVER been what the show is about.

Besides, if you tie EVERYTHING up, there’ll never be any reason to come back in the future.

Friday 26 March 2004, by angelic :

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I want Buffy and Angel having real closure, she must appear in the ep...let them be together....She’s cookies...come on!!!!

Friday 26 March 2004, by Quinara :

Right, first of all, I’m gonna be sad to see Angel go, but the fact is that’s just because the Buffy-verse is ending.

I mean yeah, Angel may have been able to stand on it’s own, but it still doesn’t have the same thing that Buffy had back in its Season 5. And as someone else has said, Angel was always a spin-off. It may of grown, and has, into its own show, but Angel, Cordelia and Wesley were originally Buffy characters - and the entire show is based around the "Buffy" vampire lore.

I just really don’t know how they intend to "sort out" the Buffy/Angel Buffy/Spike triangle without Buffy there. For all the character growth that has happened this season, there is nothing that is going to convince me that Spike and Angel will come to some sort of agreement.

And I’m sorry, but if it was OK to trivialise the end of Buffy with Angel turning up for a quick snog and a contrived plot-line for Spike to appear on Angel, then how come Angel has to have such a grand ending? (And on another note, Buffy-verse symbolism has never been that hot anyway, so what they’re attempting now is beyond me.)

Sorry, I don’t mean to rant, because I really do love the show (Buffy) and all things associated with it (extending to Angel), but I really think that ME is being disrepectful to the fans. Personally, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t give a damn why they’re at Wolfram and Hart, but certainly do give a damn about whether Spike is going to get mistreated as a character again. (This is where I would go into a rant about Buffy being much more suited to Spike and Angel being in love with Cordelia, but the whole things moot know, since it seems that neither of them get her - isn’t that diplomatic?)

I know no one is really going to read this, but I just want to say that the decision annoys me, and that it makes out Buffy, as a show, never existed and that it was always about Angel, which it wasn’t. I haven’t been that thrilled with the rest of the season much, either, and this news about the ending is just another blow.


Saturday 27 March 2004, by MOrdemus :

I’m sick of all these little girls crying over SMG not appearing in the last episode. Buffy, the show, died out. It wasn’t cancelled the way Angel was it burned slowly to the ground until watching SMG make another horrific speach about "I have to do this on my own," became grating. Buffy might have been the original idea but Angel is that idea expanded upon. The last three seasons of Buffy, except for the ocassional classic episode, had not been as strong or interesting as the series once had been. Angel, while starting as a Buffy spinoff, has plotwise outgrown its counterpart; taking on a more mature audience. They’re not pimply teens crying over boyfriends, they’re adults with pitfalls. Whilst Buffy’s character’s also have these pitfalls they are used to fill plot holes rather than develop storyline. Angel’s strength lies in these imperfect characters which distinguishes it to me as a show of real people with real problems. To put it simply Buffy has long been exhausted and shouldn’t be brought back to depreciate from a far superior television show. Even still if you looked at it plot wise dosn’t make any logical sense to bring her back. Buffy might have been the love of Angel’s life for a few years, but since then he’s had a drawn out relationship with Cordelia. Spike on the other hand has never really had Buffy’s love, and his feelings for her always seemed to lean towards infatuation. To end ANgel with any decency would be not to include the famous guest star, SMG. Just give me the characters which i have grown to love, and have watched the show religiously for week in week out for the last five seasons.

Saturday 27 March 2004, by Barry :

The only reason I watch Angel, is for a link to the Buffyverse. That once great place which has turned to crap thanks to the deformed brother that is Angel. Angel has none of the warmth, creativity, inteligence, characterisation or wit of Buffy, and when there’s no fighting, the show bores me to tears. And I’m not someone who watches things based on their action quantity. I would rather watch the worst episode of Buffy 10 times over, than half of the best episode of Angel. To say that Angel has a more mature audience is crap. The only people I know who like it are teenage boys, or girls who fancy one of the lead actors. Buffy has a kind of respect for how it treats it’s audience. I did want to see Buffy again, but in a way I’m glad she isn’t coming back on Angel and lowering herself. Buffy wasn’t cancelled, and you’re trying to say that’s worse than being cancelled? I would rather end my show because i’ve told the story, rather than have it cancelled because it’s a piece of crap. Thank God it is being cancelled, now I don’t have to watch anymore in the hope of witnessing half the ingenuity that was behind Buffy. (I’m sorry to Angel fans, that is just my opinion, but I’m tired of people dumping on Buffy. Have your opinion, but don’t make out that yours is right and the millions of Buffy fans are stupid immature little girls. Because then you are definitely wrong.) RANT OVER.

Saturday 27 March 2004, by kipron :

Seriously, this season of Angel has dragged. It has too much repetition, too much filler, a weak plot arc (so far), and - save for the identity of the Senior Partners - it has demystified Wolfram & Hart.

So, I do NOT agree with those who say Angel has completely outgrown Buffy. It is different to be sure, but the two shows will ALWAYS be linked together. And considering it may be *years* before we visit the Buffyverse again, it’s a big mistake not to include SMG in some way. But then Buffy/Angel have never really been about closure, have they?

Sunday 28 March 2004, by Lara :

I completely agree with mOrdems 27/3/04. I do no agree with one thing Barry 27/3/04 had to say. Fortunately we are all entitled to our own opininions but Barry you are so wrong.

Sunday 28 March 2004, by MountainBike :

I agree with Barry and Kipron. Angel is a great show, but its been lacking on so much lately. I can’t believe this was the show I fell in love with 5 years ago. Angel has gotten to be a boring character, whilst Buffy stayed interesting, even through her long speeches. Wesley has been onscreen for short appearences, I even wonder why he’s still a cast mate instead of regular. Fred’s death was pointless, especially is Illyria is going to act like Fred for now on, with her feelings,(see "Shells"). And Spike. He should’ve stayed dead with ’hero’ as his title. He is only used as a comic thing for Angel this season, and that’s not good. I’m sorry, to say Angel has outgrown Buffy...Buffy will always remain suppior than Angel. Every article of Angel’s ending, always refers it its hit sister show’s spinoff. *laughs* Well, I think I’m done. Oh, I do also wished SMG would’ve been invited to come for the finale. There are reports of Michelle Trachtenberg and Alyson Hannigan coming, so why not SMG? I’m still mad. And I’m not a pimply, teen girl, or pimply teen boy either.

You know, there are mature adult Buffy fans out there, than there are mature Angel fans. Never assume anything. Most of the Angel audience tallys up to young, teenage boys who "dig" the violence, not story, whilst mature fans of both shows, only see it for the story.

Sunday 28 March 2004, by Kay :

Firstly, the only reason I am annoyed about Angel ending is the fact that it is the end of the Buffyverse. The finale of the season is going to be the very last time I see the Buffy vampire-lore. I am so irritated that SMG isn’t going to be in it, and I’m not even a fan of hers. She is the main character in the show that started it all. Just because she is a guest star doesn’t mean the episode has going to revolve around her, jeez. Secondly, no matter what anyone says, Angel has never completely grown into its own show. It’s never quite got out of BtVS’s shadow. Most Angel fans were Buffy fans beforehand. Even Angel at it’s very best was mediocre compared to regular Buffy eps.

Sunday 28 March 2004, by Sick of Negative Crap :

Face it - without Buffy, Angel would have never lasted. Without the Buffy fanbase Angel would have been this off the wall show about a vampire with a soul. No one would have gotten it or watched it.

I am so sick of people saying, "Angel should be about Angel. . . what about the fans that never watched Buffy." Well my response is what about the fans who did watch Buffy. Bet there are more. Bet there are more people who want smg then don’t.

Joss likes to take things full circle - like the Buffy finale. Therefore smg needs to be there.

Whining about smg - oh please get over it. The people who want smg there are people who have watched the show from the begining and realize what is needed.

Why don’t the holier then thou "true fans" get over it. Its not like we have a choice anyway.

Sunday 28 March 2004, by norman :

angel has been pretty boring this year. everybody says the show can stand on its own, blah blah blah.......its been very weak as of lately, and since it is the end of the buffyverse, sorry for all you "angel not buffy fans", but SMG should be there. angel is a spinoff, not the other way around and it came from buffy.........they are trying to make the end of angel so great and they are sacrificing good story lines that kept the universe going to try to show that it can stand out. well, it got cancelled this year, so its not standing out that great......owell.

Monday 29 March 2004, by Anonymous :

This is to Lara: Why am I wrong? I said that this is my opinion, and you’re telling me my opinion is wrong? This is what my whole message was about, people like you saying that people who prefer Buffy are wrong. I don’t usually leave messages like that one, because I realise that a lot of Buffy fans like Angel, so I respect that and keep quiet. But Angel fans who are bitter about Buffy’s success, don’t show the same respect and almost always insult the actors and the fans.

Monday 29 March 2004, by Anonymous :

What the name of this site again. . that’s right is . .smg needs to be there because it all started with Buffy.

Tuesday 30 March 2004, by Kev :

Wow, did Joss screw things up big time this year!! First he kills Cordy (and took all life away from the show) and now he won’t let buffy on the finale! I totally understand that Angel is it’s own show now, and it has been for the past 5 years, but for the longest time it has been about Buffy and Abgel (and later Spike) and I think SMG NEEDS to be there to resolve this.

This season has gone downhill. Cordy and Fred should be there fighting along side Angel in the finale battle and SMG should be there to make her decison. I have to say that I’m not looking foreward to this finale because I have nothing to look foreward to. Come on Joss, we’ve been devoted fans for 8 years, give us SOMETHING!!

Thursday 8 April 2004, by little :

Itīs SUCKS that Buffy wonīt return back to Angel!!!!! Itīs really not a good end! From the start of Buffy, to the end of Angel, itīs had been a lof aboute Angels and Buffys love.. and now, she wonīt return back to Angel!! Itīs really not a good end!

Friday 1 August 2008 :

Okay, it’s 2008 now, but I’m still a bit confused about what really happened between Buffy and Angel in the end of BTVS? ’Cause i kind of got this feeling, that they would always be together, but the last time Angel showed up in BTVS didn’t answer my cuestion. And it bother’s me, that in Angel episode "Sanctuary", he kind of leaved her. Am I right? But still, after that episode Angel showed up in BTVS and they kissed? What’s the deal now?

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