Wednesday 14 April 2004, by Wolverine68 :

A well said article. It is pretty ironic that a suit is killing Angel. Any chance Wolfram & Hart owns the WB? LOL

However, I must disagree with Spike being the show’s "true gem." He was a great additon to this season, his humour is no worse then Cordy’s at undercutting everything Angel does. (And before anyone accuses me of saying he replaces her, let just say no he doesn’t, but he fills some gaps her character left open.)

No, the true gem is the writters. Joss, and his crew, be it the old (Tim Minear, Mere Smith, David Fury, & of course David Greenwalt), or the new (Steven S. Deknight, Ben Edlund, & others). Each writter’s job is to add something to this world, and they do it well (can you say understatement?).

I am not taking anything away from the actor, but without the TV gods doing their work, no one would be watching their performances.

Wednesday 14 April 2004, by Judith-Canada,Québec :

I was really angry that thw wb cancelled my favorite show with it’s moving around and all and in Canada it plays at 11:00, I agree that the show this year is great.I wouldn’t give all the credit to James Masters(Spike)but he helped push Angel’s buttons like Cordy pushed did (not exactly but...).Well I was really hoping that this year we wouldn’t even here of it’s cancellation like last year specially because the ratings and story lines were great like in the begining. The wb is not worth watching now!!!!!All boring soaps and reality t.v stinks!!!!!They have most certainly lost alot of viewers(after the last 6 of Angel).

Thursday 15 April 2004, by Anonymous :

I dont know about y’all but every time i here 6 (5 now) more episodes left my heartbreaks. I just can’t believe its really going. I am about to cry. I have been a Loyal Angel/Buffy fan from the beginning. I am so mad and sad that its leaving ;(

Thursday 15 April 2004, by Anonymous :

please have a faith spin off or spike spin off!!!

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