Friday 16 April 2004, by LMW :

Has the WB seen the shows that have been renewed? For the most part they aren’t that creative. Grrrrrr...quality tv has gone down the tubes

Friday 16 April 2004, by sspoiled :

I broke my cup while reading this. All of their drama’s were renewed for- Oy. The one that deserves it the most gets the pointy side of the stake, thats just wrong.

Friday 16 April 2004, by Lia :

Wow, now that really is just my luck. Not only is Angel the only show I watch on the WB, its the only show I watch on TV (except Buffy and Angel reruns of course). What are the chances that the ONLY show I ever watch is the ONLY show getting cancelled? Does the WB just want me to be clinically depressed?

Saturday 17 April 2004, by Laur :

I don’t think i’ve been this mad in a long time...who do they think they are cancelling everyone’s favorite show, but bringing back the ’worst’ shows of television history...JOSS I LOVE U!!! make another series!!!

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