Friday 16 April 2004, by Wolverine68 :

Cheers for the rating, given to one of my top episode of the season.

Writttes Fain & craft have came a long way since "shinny Happy People" & Harm’s Way." I tell you honesty, when I saw they wrote last night’s episode, I was not that excited, but it was god. I was never so glad to be wrong, lol.

As for why TV guide called Adam Baldwin’s character a Bouty Hunter, rather then the ne Liason. Well you know how TV (& movies) are you hype soemthing a certian way. What do think sells more, a new Liason comes to Wolfram & Hart, or a bounty hunter comes looking for Eve? Be honest, the later right?

I was glad & suprised to see the opening credits changed. At 1st I thought, it was doen because Acker’s character has changed, but then I saw Mecedes McNab added. Well congrads to her, after 7.5 years it’s about time.

Joss Whedon did the same thing last year for Andy Hallet. When the WB made the 1st attempt to cancel Angel, Joss told Hallet he would add his name on the credits, just in case the show does not get renewed. (My guess is Harmoney would have been a bigger part of the picture next year.)

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