Saturday 17 April 2004, by Anonymous :

I can’t think of anything to say other then if WB thinks that keeping angel will hurt them financaly wonder what their going to do next season when their station has no appeal for most angel fans anymore. This is just... there are no words to describe how unbelieveably crappy this is, that many viewers and loyal fans and apparently WB dosen’t care.

Sunday 18 April 2004, by Wolverine68 :

Now wait a moment. Haven’t you hears the expression "nothing is over til it’s over?" Well, I haven’t heard anything to state that angel is buried yet, and I will refuse to be pesimestic until then.

Yes, I felt from the very begining that it did not look hopeful that the WB would change their minds. They have been out for while now to kill the show. We stopped their attack last year, but it seems unlikely this time. There is the issue of the money for the show, and the simple fact that they just want oublicity from one of their biggest shows ending at the same time as Friends & Frasier. This way they can get some extra media attenion to promote their new shows.

The fact is, the WB knows Angel can still turn a profit. This is why they offered Joss the chance to do some movies next year to give the story closure.

Perhaps is they played a promo for the show, they would be albe to get others intrested. All I ever see is promoes before and after the show on Weds nights.

In all actuality, they are causing their new line up alot of damage by doing this. Had they decided to put Angel & Dark Shadows on the same night, they could use the older show to help establish the new one. But of course it would take a brain to figure that out, so they won’t do it.

Now they have pissed fans off, replaced the best vampire series with aother. And one that is just a remake, which was remade before, and didn’t work well the 2nd time. If they expect angel fans to watch Dark Shadows they are sadly mistaken. We will not watch anything they do, unless it is a realy great show, that we have been watching aleady. (And let’s face it, that was only Angel.)

See how much potenial the new show has, when you just pissed off your market audence.

And what about the other stations? I know UPN declined, but Fox has not said anything. Wouldn’t they want to keep a good show running, especially one they produce? Even if it is different. Let’s face it Angel is different then all other shows, no matter what network it’s on.

Perhaps it is over. At least the campaign showed the actors, writters, & producers how much we loved the show. If so I will be glad we made it to 5, and went out on top, with better stories then were being told in the last season.

Oh, and in reguards to Gellar. We know she isn’t evil. Don’t let the loud mouths of a few idiots speak for the masses, ok. And Joss did not say he already wrote a script, he said he doesn’t want the Angel finalle to be about her. Which I feel is the right decision. (Personally, I am sick of Buffy & glad.) However, to say she was to busy to take one day out of her life and do the show, is rediculous., It would take but a few hours to do some scenes.

Last words: While it seems futile, I refuse to lay down and die, till I see nothing left to do. It is quitters like you that make yourselves lay down in shame. (Do not pass the blame to me, for I won’t take it.)

Sunday 18 April 2004, by Marky :


"...the cancellation seemed like a whack-job, crack-induced whim to us fans..."

here here!

thanks for the article.

Monday 19 April 2004, by Slayer :

Wolverine - with regards to your comment about SMG "saying she’s too busy is just rubbish" - I don’t think you have a clue how hectic life in the acting world is. She’s in Tokyo, Japan filming "The Grudge". So she’d have had to fly to the states, battle jet lag, sit around for hours waiting till they were ready to film her, then fly back to Tokyo to recommence on "The Grudge". That would be so draining.

Plus, have you ever heard of a "contract"? She’s signed one for the filming schedule of "the Grudge" so she can’t take any time off without express permission, or else she’ll be sued.

I wish people would stop making Sarah Michelle Gellar out to be evil - she’s just a woman trying to do what’s best for her career.

Thursday 22 April 2004, by purplefixer :


Friday 23 April 2004, by Wolverine68 :

Slayer- Chill out. I am not the one saying she is evil. I m the one pointing out that most people do not think she is (me included).

I merely said, it is possible to a few scenes. And who cares about jey lag, it’ll make the scene looks more realistic as a demon throws her across the room, lol.

Serioully now, they don’t have to make ehr wait all day to do her scenes. If both parties were intrested, she could come in for a few hours, shoot the scenes, go relax, and leave to next day to go back to her other gig.

All is possible, . . . if there is enough want.

Monday 26 April 2004, by Slayer :

Fair enough to you not saying she’s evil - but there is no way she can take a couple of hours out. She’d get sued, plus her reputation across the industry would be tarnished. She’d find it harder to get work, as producers would see that she’s "taken time out" to film for someone else. A day or two - or even so much as a couple of hours - can have a drastic impact on the way a film is made. You have to get filming permission from the government/local council for on location filming - and it’s normally provided on a strict timescale, so there is only that time to film the given scenes. So taking a couple of hours off is out of the question.

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