Monday 19 April 2004, by Magui :

James didn’t win ’Best Male Actor’...he won ’Favourite TV Character Male’’s not the same. And btw,why is the tittle ’James Marsters won a Spacey Award’?.’’Angel’’ won too...shouldn’t it be ’Buffyverse Winners’ or something like that?

Tuesday 20 April 2004, by dollbaby1 :


It’s about time he won something---he is fantastic!

Wednesday 21 April 2004, by Mugs :

You, o unhappy person who commented above me, need to get a damn life. People like you who try so freaking hard not to step on other peoples toes often offend more people then those who don’t. It’s a shame you don’t ever catch on. Tell it like it is or shut up. And, if we’re going to get all Neo-Nazi-political-like, I’d like to point out that because the show is entitled ’Angel’ it would be in ’Angelverse, not ’Buffyverse’. In the words of Cordelia, "Excuse me, Ms. Needs-To-Get-Over-Herself?"

Yeah, I’m talking to you.

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