Friday 23 April 2004, by Booboo :

When will she be on or has she already been on? Can any1 tell me?

Friday 23 April 2004, by Joshtek :

Its been on, I watched it on TV.

She was basicly talking about how Tru Calling manages to be original every week, which I disagree with ;) and plugging the show. They made some mentions of Buffy by making (what in my oppinion is inaccurate) the statement that when Faith first arrived on the show she was the nemmesis (in my view everyone loved her but Buffy until a bit lateron, but ah well).

She talked a bit about getting a hard time at school as a kid for being away acting so much (basicly saying if she didn’t get something done a teacher would be like "Hey lady, don’t think you can just not do work now your doing movies" while they would let the kid who said their dog ate their homework go away without word).

Sunday 6 June 2004, by Anonymous :

Did anyone tape this? Any chance of a copy if so ;)

Cheers Angie (

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