Saturday 24 April 2004, by sydt. :

so, am i supposed to be happy, or sad? yeah, angel will be back, but not everyone (since supposedly quite a few die in the finale), and not every week. so, is something better than nothing? yeah, it is. but i wanted something better than that. i wanted angel every wednesday night forever. mmm angel.

Saturday 24 April 2004, by BuffyBot :

If this goes ahead I will leap for joy for the next year.

Keep ANGEL on the air pleeeeeeeeease :o) We luuurve him xxx

Saturday 24 April 2004, by Nospecialfx :

I’m to understand there’ll be no solid word on Tru Calling until at least part way through sweeps.

Saturday 24 April 2004, by Wolverine68 :

This is great. I don’t don’t know how well the stand alone plots will be, bit I will watch. Well, at least the 1st movie will be a continuation, and other will make it like a mini season.

Tru Calling cancelled? I thought the executieves liked that show, and when they like something it usually stays.

I do not think September is to soon. Most of the cast like doing Angel, and would want to keep doing it, so the movie is pretty much the same thing. I would alos think most of them would want to do this before getting involved in other things.

Whedon not involved? No big deal. They have other great writter, producers & directors around. As long as he gets involved somehow, it will go over well.

Sunday 25 April 2004, by Anonymous :

I don’t think "Tru Calling" is cancelled. It seems much more likely that Eliza is using the break between now and next season (August?) to give us a little Faith ;) I hope this info. is true and not just a rumor to keep our hopes up.

Sunday 25 April 2004, by Anonymous :

I hope this isn’t someone’s crappy attempt to cheer all of us up. I hope this does go on. I think its gonna be damn hard to write movies without most of the cast. It’ll be only Spike and Angel and Illyria I know Amy Acker would wanna keep doing it. IT’s gonna end up costing them almost as much to do the tv movies as the season ...they could produce a half season and see how the ratings go. But we will get a bigger budget and they will be cooler then just sitting in one office for 22 episodes.

Sunday 25 April 2004, by Courtney :

That’s terrible - how can they deliberately not end the entire Angel series properly, and with an air of grand finality, just in order to prepare for some made-for-tv show? AAAAAAARGGGGGG! So irritating...

Tuesday 27 April 2004, by Anonymous :

Is there any information as to when these TV movies would or if they ever will hit the uk? (sky one)


Tuesday 27 April 2004, by RavenU :

I saw Mercedes McNab this past weekend at a convention and she said none of the cast has heard about doing a movie, and they think it is a hoax that the WB is pulling on the fans to placate them and to get them to keep watching the WB next season.

So if the movie was really going to happen in Sept you think they would be in contract negositations with the actors about it at this time and they would have heard something. If they were going to be airing in Sept they would have to be filming it in June or July, which means contracts would have to be done now at the latest, since that’s not happening I don’t see this happening.

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