Sunday 16 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Anyone who has followed the story of both shows is very well aware that Angel’s true love was never Darla. And Nina, she’s a blip in the show to make him more human and give him the appearance of moving on with his life. Spike, on the other hand, has a very interesting and multi-facetted relationship with Angel , and though I don’t think "true love" is the right term, they are definitely closer than they like to let on. The only competition, therefore, is between Buffy and Cordelia, but neither relationship was perfect. Cordelia always had the ghost of Buffy hanging over her head, and Buffy and Angel were so miserable when they were together thanks the the mixture of teenage hormones and life-and-death battles. I think that if it were real life, Buffy would spend some time growing up, and she would come to realize that she doesn’t need him after all. She has finally outgrown the Bad-Boy thing.

Sunday 16 May 2004, by Anonymous :

I don’t think Buffy will ever grow out of the Bad-Boy phase. Look at all her boyfriends, Angel, Riley, Spike, (that guy from season 4 who did the 1 night thingy), Spike, and now The Immortal. You are right about the true love thing. On a few occasions Angelus (or maybe it was Angel, not sure) has said Darla was just for play.

Its alot worse to see Angel: Series Finale than it was to see Buffy: Series Finale. I knew Buffy would go out poorly. The only thing I watch over-and-over again is when Spike dies. Hey, I’m into computer graphics :P

Monday 17 May 2004, by Fabio :

I get the impression frm the article in Starweek that David Boreanaz is not interested in doing the show anymore.

His answers to questions about the show and the possibility of doing anything more with the Angel character are shrt and have a sense of finality. Meaning on May 19th Angel is done for good.

I have a funny feeling DB et al will be in TV star purgatory when Angel goes off the air. And their careers will eventually "Fade Away" unless DB stars in all of Dido’s music videos.

Anyone remember the smashing success’ of the Seinfeld cast after that show went off the air?

So long Angel......and as for the WB, I’m serving notice that as of 10 p.m.(E.S.T) May 19th, my television will never again tune into your programming.

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Angelus :

Ya know what! This SUCKS! It really SUCKS! First Buffy, now Angel. What next?! Smallville? Tru Calling? Carmed? Or maybe it isn’t WB’s fault. What if it’s David? It seems to me like he’s bored. Could be Joss or the whole crew. Either way we need AT LEAST ONE MORE SEASON! This is so f*ckin’ stupid! Without it, WB is sh*t!!

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