Tuesday 18 May 2004, by Anonymous :

NOOOOoooo...!!!!! =(

Tuesday 18 May 2004, by Ringu6 :

WB can go to hell. Im not watching any of their bull ever again. They take off the best show on TV and then Angel fans collect alot of money, To save their favorite show and they could care less. Then they say they will make Angel movies for all the fans and take that back. Joss Whedon isnt even thinking about making them he just wants to make stupid X Men crap. Well but they still might make a spin off. But trust me they wont. Angels over and never to be back. Say good bye to the Buffy universe. Go to Hell WB!

Tuesday 18 May 2004, by Eternal :

Well duh..didn’t this already get reported? The question IS will Spike get a movie?

Tuesday 18 May 2004, by Verbal :

I don’t think anyone thinks there will be any Angel next year as all of the talent are tied up on work.

Oh, and by the way, as regards WB making TV Movies...THEY DON’T OWN THE RIGHTS. FOX and Mutant Enemy do. WB only purchase the right to show it, as do Sky in England. If and when further Buffy or Angel projects are done, neither WB (Angel) or UPN (Buffy) will have any say in IF they are to be made...they will only finance/purchase the broadcast rights for a certain period. As with Firefly recently, the big screen adaptation is being financed by another studio.

Angel may be finishing on TV as a series on 19.05 in the US and a few weeks later in the UK, but the legacy will live on and Joss Whedon has said he intends to do more projects from the Buffyverse/Angelverse if he is given the money for.

Astonishing X-Men will be done and dusted and in the bag by early 2005 as JW is only on for 12 issues which means it’s last one is released April 2004 and will more than likely be written by JW by New Year at the latest to allow Cassidy to draw it.

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by faithforever :

I have been pretty darn nice about the WB up to this point, but this is the last straw. I will not watch any one of their shows ever again in life after tomorrow night. Ever. Screw them.

Yes, I am just a tad bit bitter. They may have the absolute right to cancel any show they want, no matter how profitable or well loved, but I have the same right not to punish myself by watching any of their lame programming either.

I hope they go bankrupt.

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Juju :

I’m REALLY mad at the WB. If they won’t do anything, if they won’t make any movies, why the heck do they say it? They could’ve just said "it’s over, DOA, that’s it".

They never listen to their viewers, they never listen to anyone, and that really pisses me off...

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Anonymous :

that sucks, but maybe the fellowing year there will be a spike spinoff or if tru callings isn’t back for a 3rd season there will be a faith spinoff with spike and andrew in it.

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Lalia :

She didn’t have to be so nasty about it. :’(

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Anonymous :


Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Stellabella :

I think we all had a feeling. Especially since David Boreanaz hasn’t been too keen on playing Angel again unless it were for a feature film. That’s too bad really because I was hoping the series woul wrap up a little more tightly. Goodbe Angel! You were the best show ever!!! I’ll miss you!!

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Eddie :

This is unreal. Surely someone out there sees the quality in Angel. If they can give tru calling a second chance, why not Angel?. The worlds gone mad.

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Anonymous :

YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Spikearette31 :

Those WB Bastards!!!!

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by faithforever :

I am bitter. I will never watch the WB again. They take off Angel, so that there will be room in their lineup for such important and riveting shows such as Superstar USA. Way to thank your watchers. When I think of how nice our campaign to save this wonderful show has been.. Forget them. I will never watch any of their garbage again.

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by willthebloody :

Why ANGEL?Why now?Why donīt they kill CHARMED?

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by True Believer :

Like the last Star Trek:TNG episode said - "All Good Things....". The only thing that reeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy pisses me off is that the last few episodes since the season break see really rushed, making you think "did I miss something?". First Lindsey is chilling with the group in Angel’s apartment, then two episodes later, he’s in chains with no explanation where he’s been. Please remember that we’re the minority and big business types (like TV executives) DO NOT have our best interests in mind. They’re still on the soon to be dead reality TV show buzz and will stay there until that dead horse is beaten to a pulp with hockey sticks. Though maybe the horse’s head can make it into the bed of whomever made the decision to cut this great show. At least my Wednesday’s are free again. Stay true, kids!

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by LuetchyBoy :

Don’t be so critical of WB they gave us Angel for 5 seasons, no-one made them, be grateful for what we got.

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Maria :

Well, there is no more in point in TV then!

No more buffy/angelverse?!?!!! This is a sad day in TV history :o(

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by newchick :

I dont know about all of you but I’m SICK of being nice to the WB. Is it time to be mean to them yet??? Oh, I dont mean like death threats or harassing phone calls or anything... I would just love to tell Jordan Levin what I think of him. I think hes an idiot, I think that WB are complete backstabing ungrateful jerks, I will never watch anything the WB does again, and I hope they fail miserably.

I’m SURE they started the TV movie rumors themselves just to shut up the Save Angel crowd without ever having any intentions of following up with it.

Maybe someone should start a "We’re sick of being nice" postcard campaign informing the WB what we REALLY think of them?? ;)

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Ilyria :

Some people can be so insensetive...The WB sux...but we already knew that when they sold out on Buffy...(thank u UPN) Superstar USA is so stupid..it’s sad that the WB has to be a follower with needing reality shows...oh well they already lost me as a viewer...screw them!!! Thank you Joss for these amazing shows. You Rock!!!

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by NewtonDKC :

How about a similar campagn to Save Angel, but in this case pledge fan dollars for a "paid by fans" movie? This could even be direct to DVD, but surely with enough pledges and maybe even pre-orders for a DVD of the movie, somebody would be interested in producing it? Joss or one of the op Buffy/Angel writers could write it or collaborate on the story - because the writing has always made the Buffyverse far more than an average series. Now, here’s the big difference: If David B and Sarah MG are too busy or not interested in the project, then lets see where everyone else is! Personally, I’d rather have a spin off series or movie about Willow than Buffy or Angel, I think a lot of other fans feel the same. We love the "sidekicks" as much as - if not more than - the title characters. If Amber Benson can make Chance, and Doctor WHo fans have their unofficial spin off series that feature past companions and other characters but no Doctors, then surely the fanaticism for the Buffyverse could get something similar made! What does everyone else think? A great story featuring our favorite characters w/o Buffy or Angel would be an excellent way to continue the universe we all love (unless DB or SMG are interested, which in that case could be something even bigger). I think this type of continuation would be very do-able, maybe even a series of stories for different characters! Anyone else?

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by AlexG :

Guys, just let it go, there will be no more Angel as from tonight, the Buffyverse has ended..

If you want to hurt the WB, dont watch anything on there channel, simple

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Anonymous :

I think the WB is stupid. stupid. stupid. their ratings will defentily go down. Look what the have! "USA superstar" Score! they have about 70 people watching that. and "high school renion" WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THAT SHIT. people are saying this is the end of the Buffy/angelverse but its not because they still have every single fan out there. and it will NEVER end unless it has no fans. so i dont think we should be scared that this buffy/angelverse is over because the fans are now in control.

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Bitterlysweet :

Are you kidding me? I just saw the last one and it does not deserve to be the end. For starters it pulled a matrix and set itself up for another series, then bam, THATS IT?! I get that Angel is darker than Buffy but the story needs some kind of resolution. The audience has shown time and time again that they like their hero’s to come up against overwhelming odds and beat them, no matter how amazing their feats seem. The Angel ending destroys this very point, which I don’t think people will be happy with.

On a seperate note, this show should not have been cancelled. It is one of the best things on television. What are the WB doing, they joining the bandwagon of cancellations? Buffy, Smallville, Frasier, Friends, Sex & the City....all that has made television worth it over the last 5 years has come crashing down and made the programming itself hollow. What is the point??????

Surely TV is there to entertain the public. All the protest to the cancellation of Angel surely shows that the public are still entertained! What is the point in ending Angel, and replacing it with the commonplace crap that is prevalent on T.V these days? Over time quality is meant to improve, and serious steps need to be taken for this to happen. Angel was an example of the future, ahead of its time. It was it’s own little universe like the classics of Star Wars and Lord of the rings. The "Buffyverse" has spread around the world and has now been shed by an idiotic company. I find it ironic that The "Slayer" and the "Vampire with a soul" have been killed in one deft swing of a pen, by morons in suits who do not understand the public they try to serve....

So i am asking, anyone from the company that cancels Angel or any other show, what was the point? my email is on here somewhere, you can let me and the other thousands of fans know....

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Newchick :

AlexG - The problem is that not watching the WB makes absolutely no difference to them. Unless you are a Nielson family, they have no idea what you watch, it makes no difference in their lives, and they simply do not care.

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Angry Fan of Angel (David B.) Sharon :

I and I know that other Angel Fans are feeling the same kind of anger about this. We the Fans did everything to Save Angel even James Marsters was helpful he gave some good addresses to send letters and postcards to save Angel. I never thought in my wildest dreams that Angel and Spike could be friends but that was so fun to watch Spike work with Angel side by side. But Spike knew deep down in his heart since he had a soul also that Buffy really would be with Angel because her heart truly was with him. Buffy also loved Spike but when you put Buffy and Angel in the same room you could see that see should be with Angel and Spike would have not fought that. All he wanted for Buffy was to be happy and he knew that Angel was the one that did that. Joss Whedon you don’t take money like the fans rasied and say there will be a Angel & Buffy movie and then it goes to just Angel and now to there isn’t going to be one at all and the cast never knew about it and I readed that on this site. Joss Whedon is a bunch of hot air.

Angry Angel Fan

Tuesday 25 May 2004, by AZ :

Why don’t we the fans setup a protest to ban the WB. For it seems that it was them who had the final say in the execution of the show. WB has nothing that is good on their network anyway so let us stand up and ban the WB across America until they do something about Angel. We have enough people to do this so are we going to let them take away what we enjoy or are we going to stand up to the sleeping giant of corporate networks.

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