Thursday 20 May 2004, by AnnaVissi4ever!! :

What does HBO means??

Thursday 20 May 2004, by sky :

HBO is a TV network (mostly movies and some original shows). Home Box Office... i think

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Matt :

HBO stands for Home Box Office. It’s a movie network like Showtime, Cinemax, Encore and Starz.

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Noni :

Joss Whedon, you are a genius!I don’t believe that the buffyverse is over and you are the only one who can keep it alive.The end hurts but it also opens doors to new possibilities. I know you won’t let the fans down.

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Anonymous :

HBO Means "Home Box Office"

Thursday 20 May 2004, by cgh :

I’ll take anything that Joss can dish out (um, maybe I should rephrase that), but can’t help thinking that saying that the Whedonverse will go on is not the same as saying the Buffyverse will.

God, I’m depressed.

Thursday 20 May 2004, by dingoes8 :

Home Box Office.

A premium (CATV/SATV) American subscription television service with fewer restrictions concerning program content than terrestrial broadcasts.

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Heather :

HBO is Home.Box.Office. It is a paid channel that I know we can get in the states, I don’t know about overseas. By paid I mean that an extra fee is added to your cable bill to be able to watch the channel.

It would be really cool to have the Wheadonverse in any form back on TV, and with paid TV they could probably have a bigger budget and do things that just aren’t allowed on regular cable, cussing lots of yummy nudity (guys only *cough* Spike)

Thursday 20 May 2004, by head2head :

Its a TV station I believe :)

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Anonymous :

it’s a cable tv network.

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Anonymous :

hbo is the best channel in the USA, sporting the likes of The Sopranos, SIx Feet Under, Angels in America, Deadwood and Sex and the CIty - all very well written shows

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Shannon :

To the person that asked HBO is a pay channel.. I’m not sure what it means though.

I don’t have HBO :-(

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Nat :

HBO is a movie channel...It would be great to have a Joss show on HBO..Hellll yeah!!!! Joss you are a GOD !!! Thank you so much for these Brilliant, amazing interesting stories...supernatural or whatever i was always able to relate. Thank u!!!! Never fade away WE WANT MORE!!!!!

Thursday 20 May 2004, by Anonymous :

home box office its a cable channel you got to pay for.

Thursday 20 May 2004, by PHIZZY :

Jesus Christ, one answer was enough...

Friday 21 May 2004, by me and me :

why does Angel have to be put on TV? why cant it go to DVD lots of the buffy and angel dvds have been sold, why cant Angel to go on to them.

who here would not buy angel if it was made to be put on DVD! not on TV.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

definitely a buffyverse show would be treated well on HBO, but it seems like joss just tossed that in mainly as a joke. i’d still like to see it happen, of course.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Wolverine68 :

Butt kissing does not become you Joss.

Who’s to say if the shows wouldn’t have lasted on Fox?

Friday 21 May 2004, by U Know Who :

Joss Whedon is the most talented writer in the world. Angel is still getting Amazng raitings, has a lot of loyal fans and it ROCKS! HBO please pick up Angel u dont know what you could be missing out on. HBO this will boost you’re raitings through the roof and you will get a lot more publisity in picking ANGEL up. Please do!!!!!!!


P.S. Everybody boycott The WB it SUCKS! Everyone whos in e-mail me at

Friday 21 May 2004, by Illryia :

HBO please pick ANGEL up it rocks! If no Angel at least make a spin off about Illyia shes one of the best things that has ever happend to Angel (even tho they didn’t need the boost)

Friday 4 June 2004, by Celtic Cat :

Long live Joss Whedon! A gracious response to a sorry affair. And while I hope that he has many shows to come in the future, I’d far rather that they were subject to the vagaries of the regular networks. Some of us just can’t squeeze cable bills into the budget. But his writing is refreshingly different, and has saved us from all the formulaic nonsense. His originality has been a joy and an inspiration to many, as is evidenced by all the Buffy/Angel fan sites, and the reams of fanfiction (which I will admit, I’ve contributed to). Bless you Joss, hope to hear good things from you soon.

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