Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Mr Levin this is directed intirely to can you say that you adored this show and then cancel keep on rubbish like smallvile that was ok when it 1st started but has now become tiresome and the same thing every week...and charmed?oh please....that show has been running forever...Joss Whedon has created something here and with Buffy that is a masterpiece and going on the amount of petition signatures that you have had and articles posted on this sight then you must know now somthing is wrong. I honestly do not understand how you can cancel the greatest show on television. Thankyou sky one for showing angel religously....u r the tru angel...sniff

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

jordan "corporate-whore" levin (who does not deserve capitals in his name) quite obviously does not know how to do his job if he thinks it wasnt growing its audience. season five drew in all the millitant anti-buffy viewers who had still ben holding out from watching the show on principle.

the morons.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Ron H :

"Wasn’t growing its audience"?! The ratings were up! The ratings were up, on average 11-30%! That’s quite significant growth!

Friday 21 May 2004, by chinga747 :

you guys made me laugh!! and its the first time I ever did that w/thought of ANGEL cancellation in mind.

yeah, and it really sux that quality is not what counts but numbers. Charmed, anyone?!?!?!? but, thats showbiz:/

Friday 21 May 2004, by Rusty :

So they take a look at the ’veteran shows’ in their schedule and they get rid of the best one! Not very good management there!

Friday 21 May 2004, by get a life! :

o my god you people dont have a life, do you the show is cancelled so deal with it!

Friday 21 May 2004, by An thony Pronk :

Stake him!!

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Hate to be rude, but let’s face it. This wasn’t his fault. He’s just the bringer of bad news. I am very mad at the WB too, but lets not be mad at people who don’t deserve it. (Im confused, this interview took place when?)

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Realistically, the cancellation probably had more to do with the fact David Boreanaz’s contract was up at the end of season 5. The’Charmed’ cast, etc. had already renewed their contracts and since ya can’t have ’Angel’ without the main character...Boreanaz had made noises about stretching his wings artistically (perhaps as a bargaining chip when it came to contract negotiations, perhaps he was really tired of the part). Who knows. It was probably simply easier to end ’Angel’ than the other veteran shows.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

What a gigantic crock of shit. ’Angel’ was finally getting the praise and recognition it deserved in the press.

Instead, hollow T&A-targeted Buffy-ripoff garbage (stealthily replacing ’slaying’ with ’vanquishing’ — awesome idea guys), and tired and worn out pseudo-moral religious dramas get renewed.

Silly me, of course they do. Far better to be ever-chasing that "next huge instant hit" than bite the bullet and let a good show cultivate and continue grow. You know...maybe be known for something other than tired coming-of-age family dramas where almost everyone is under 23. (Let’s not even bring up empty copy-cat reality shows.)

Seriously, what’s the point in cutting down one of your best shows like this? To...uh...bring in an unknown show that will most likely tank? Sounds like a big gamble compared to nurturing a show that was already doing good and gaining serious popularity.

Unless of course he’s not being completely honest. Heh.

Friday 21 May 2004, by June :

I’ve kept my tongue, taking the advice of those I’ve seen writing on this subject in hopes that if I’m a good girl, it’ll get better. Well, it hasn’t and the gloves are off! Levin’s got alot of nerve!!! He’s either lying or too stupid to know his own business. In the past year, I personally know of 7 people that have started watching Angel, and watching the reruns - which of course has *NO* "repeat value" in it! That is *SEVEN* people, that just I know, a simple homemaker! But what do I know - I only know good television when I see it and that amounts to beans with these socalled PTB that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground! He’s sorry alright - as I’m sorry. These seven people have told me they are so angry that they won’t be watching anything on WB again!! Oh wait, 8 counting me! Unless it’s a Buffy or Angel repeat, there is nothing on that station that is of interest to me, even if I did like it before!! And ya know what?! If a simple ole me knows 7 people that feel this way, I would think there are alot of "ole me’s" out there that feel the same. Get out of the business, you’ve been in it too long, are out of touch and don’t know what you’re talking about!

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Levin made a business decision, which if you look at it objectively, Angel was the series which has always performed the least. The show had been on the cusp of cancellation for the last 2 or 3 years. The network, if it had wanted, could have cancelled the show at the end of S4 or even partway through S5. I think as fans we’re lucky that the show was given enough notice that the series end was able to be plotted. Unlike say, the creators, cast and fans of Farscape, who were well and truly gipped by the network.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

The WB is a crappy network that had only one good show going for it, and I plan to stand by my pledge of boycotting them forever! Levin is a curse to television!!!

Long Live Angel!!

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

I can accept that, it’s businuss. It doesn’t make me any less upset though. The thing though, shows like Angel with these long running story arcs usually don’t get alot of new viewers or good ratings in repeats. It’s hard to get into for people new to the series.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Eddie :

I have to laugh at this guy. what a crappy reason. Im sure charmed doesnt repeat that well and he kept that. At the end of the day he just wanted to make room for some shitty reality tv show that will make them a fortune. I say this sucks.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

ok, all those other shows he named up there are CRAP.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Kay :

What’s that? Do I smell BULLSH*T?

Yeah, I’m sure it was a really hard decision, jackass. Angel or some new crappy reality copycat show of American Idol. Gee, how can I pick? Was that statement supposed to be comforting, trying to make us hate the WB a bit less? Well for the record IT DIDN’T FREAKING WORK ASSHOLE.

Practically every week Angel was the satellite choice in my TV guide. Finally getting the appreciation in deserves. But NO, it has to be kicked cause it has "no repeat value". Man, Levin, you’re stupider than I originally thought. And that’s bloody saying something.

Friday 21 May 2004, by Anonymous :

If he thinks Angel is aging, than this guy better take a look at 7th Heaven and Charmed. 7th Heaven is the oldest stupidest lame-ass show still on the WB. WHY NOT CANCEL IT! AND Charmed! OMG got boring-if you ask me-this past season is like season 3 Angel. Leo and Chris duke it out like Connor and Angel. What the hell! Charmed is just a lite fluffy show with 3 girls in see-through fabrics who fight guys in robes. AND 7th Heaven is just a show that recyles their old scripts-except changes the characters every freaking episode! I swear Jordan Levin must hate Joss. And he must sleep with the cast of 7th Heaven & Charmed in order to keep them running that long. Angel has more storylines and better ones to tell that those 2 shows ever do.

Saturday 22 May 2004, by Anonymous :

I hate to blame Levin for this. He seemed very committed to Angel, and appeared like an honest guy.

I instead point to Jamie Kellner, Levin’s boss. Kellner essentially started the WB, but he had a bad falling out with Joss over the Buffy move to UPN. I think it was clear he weighed in and made Angel the odd man out.

He is that type of person. 4 years ago, he came into control of TBS/TNT and rather than sell Ted Turner’s old WCW wrestling fed. to its former president Eric Bischoff and other parties, he sold it to rival WWF, thus ending the company. Rumor was he had a falling out with Ted Turner in the past and wanted to stick it to him.

Saturday 22 May 2004, by A big fan...of Angel :

Do the terms "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" mean anything to you?? You pissed off a lot of fans and lost a lot of viewers because of this. Hope it will be worth it. Wait a I don’t! Goodbye WB and goodbye Jordan Levin. You should retire before someone cancels you.

Saturday 22 May 2004, by Andrew :

I really can’t understand how somone can go out of thier way and CANCEL a show like this. I wach all the reruns, as do my friends, and i have Seasons 1-3 on DVD, and when the rest come out i will buy those too. Honestly, i dont get why you’d cancel a show that has this many people upset over it. From what i hear, yuor network isnt doing that well to begin with and by taking a show this good off the air will bring you even less sucsess. Angel has been with us since Buffy, and then started his own series. The first season in the last episode they said that if Angel fufils his destiny, he would be made human. Well i think you need o bring him back and let him fufil his destiny to become human again. He deserves it after 200+ years of no love and i think that Buffy and him could be really happy together. If this network wont bring it back another like TNT or FX should. THEY would make lots of money and it would be a great addition to thier network.

Saturday 22 May 2004, by lima peru :

He and his network just sucks...enough said....

Thursday 2 December 2004, by i dont know :

That was The biggest mistake i ever seen from a human. Joss youre the man, dont gife angel up!

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