Monday 24 May 2004, by REDVELVET :

She looks slightly intoxicated...that or really happy :)—RedVelvet

Monday 24 May 2004, by dada :

she is so drunk, lol

Monday 24 May 2004, by vampireslayerteam :

LOL Beer bad!

Monday 24 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Mmmmm sexy Sarah woooo

She looked pretty drunk lol jsut proves she’s human having fun times out with ur Girly freinds.

Goooo Sarah!!!!!!!!!

You gotta love her!

Tuesday 25 May 2004, by Daniel :

She’e so cute. She looks kinda tipsy too.

Tuesday 25 May 2004, by Sxharon Draughn :

I love Sarah Michelle Gellar alot & my 2 daughters also, we are very big fans of hers. When iI seen these pictures of Sarah I could not beleieve what I was seeing. I want to know where is Freddie at? You never see Freddie with Sarah anymore. Freddie should be with Sarah spending time with her. Doe’s he just don’t care about her anymore? Freddie needs to open up his eyes and realize that he is a very lucky man to have a WIFE such as Sarah Michelle Gellar,before he lose’s her. He has a good woman and he better realize it before it is to late. From one of Sarah’s biggest fans.

Sharon D.

Tuesday 25 May 2004, by Anonymous :

The other girl looks like Tsianina Joelson from BRING IT ON. Or maybe not.

Tuesday 25 May 2004, by Mia the Vampire Slayer :

Re: Why Freddie isn’t with her - maybe she wanted a girl’s night out & he wanted to spend time with his buddies... husbands and wives don’t have to be with each other 24/7.

Tuesday 25 May 2004, by Chelbert :

Is she driving drunk? Cause she sure looks like it to me.

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by amish :

sarah does look a little drunk lol. isn’t that girl who is with her the one who played Kennedy in Season 7 of Buffy? looks like her anyway

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Myesyats :

Neh, that’s not Iyara Limon... I love Sarah when she’s drunk... :P

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Sharon Draughn :

Where in Freddie at? Does he not love Sarah like he use to? You never see ant new pictures of them together anymore. Sarah is having to have bodyguards. When the Scooby-Doo preimer came out everyone else was out there with her except for Freedie and I am talking about when she was dressed up in that very pretty dress. So what is going on? I seen the pictures of Sarah coming out of the Spider Bar,Sarah looked like she had alot to drink. I feel like she is hurting so badly inside. And she may not be as happy as she once was.

A concern Fan, Sharon D.

Tuesday 1 June 2004, by Angel Fan :

Sharon Draughn—i think ur concern is a little greater then needed. im sure that her and freddie were just having a guy/girls night out. like mia the vampire slayer said just because their married doesnt mean they have to b with each other 24/7. their marriage is probably fine, they might just not like the papparazi on their butts with cameras all the time they seem like a quiet happy couple. i dont think she is hearting badly inside either. she jsut went out with a friend for a few drinks. her feelings are probably fine and to assume that shes hurting inside isnt really definite. no offense but i dont think shes as bad as ur worried about her being. dont worry about it shes fine.. :)

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