Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Anonymous :

HAha, looove the picture of him looking at his new

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by txjmfan :

Awesome photos! Thank you!!!

Friday 28 May 2004, by laimelady :

OK Gotta Love these pics. ’Fess up! Whose the photographer? and how did they get such incredible shots? Stage close or telephoto?

Well whoever you are a big bravo(a) to the best Forum pics yet!

If you’re not a pro you should be.

Thanks tremendously :-)

Monday 19 July 2004, by JJJ2U :

Yes! Who is the photographer?

Wednesday 30 March 2005, by sarah :

i was at that gig and it was AMAZING! How did you get backstage Gillian!!!!!! I’m so jealous! It was seriously the best gig ive ever been to, although i am going to see him on April 29th so i can’t wait till then!

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