Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Aaron :

I don’t remember seeing a single repeat for this show during the entire 4th season. And obviously there will be no repeats of Season 5 on the WB. Of course it didn’t repeat well, the WB didn’t let it!

And obviosly there is a demand for repeats - - isn’t TNT doing very well with ratings since Angel is in syndication now?

Another stupid excuse from the WB that just doesn’t add up.

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Anonymous :

I still wanna kick him a new one

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by OZ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

And yet Seventh Heaven continues on to its NINTH season...(which has turned into a mushy family soap opera) and Charmed for its seventh(which from the begining has been horrible and always will be horrible) i’d rather watch reality TV over those shows. and believe me I am not a fan of reality TV

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by katie :

That is a stupid reason. What I don’t get is why they kept the stupid show 7th Heaven. Now that show is past its prime. I don’t know how they find the actors for that show...rehearse for the worst possiable actors ever. It is just horriable.

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Anonymous :

My father always says, "follow the money trail"! He has always been right.

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Bruce :

"It wasn’t growing its audience"

Not True,Angel was up over last year by 15%,while shows like Charmed and Smallville,Everwood and others were quite down this year vs. last,what saved shows like Charmed were that they had a 2 year renewal,if they did not have that they would be gone also.

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Y does Din Laden never get rid of guys like him? Or better: Y doesnt Bush get rid of him. Blah........

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Jakeefe :

Could be wrong here, but what he actually said with the word "repeat" was syndication. With Buffy ending just one year ago they have flooded the market with syndication reruns. With Angel really finding its footing they will be regretting that decision when the big reality bubble bursts and they have nothing of quality on their network and NOTHING to sell to syndication.

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Jen :

It didn’t repeat well. I’m not even sure what that means! I don’t think they know what that means!

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Anonymous :

To be fair, syndication can be where the networks make the most of the money from the shows, partly to do with advertising and distributing to other networks for rebroadcasting, that kind of thing, easy money for a show without any further production cost... think of how much extra cash something like The Simpsons must’ve racked up over the years. Every year they can still rake in some money reshowing even the first season - 14 years on and still getting them cash. The WB is after all a business; in it for the money, no matter what ’fans’ might think. Sad but true, they have stockholders and bank managers to keep happy, and syndication is where a lot of that cash will come back. I don’t know what the state was in the US but as far as the UK is concerned, Angel was barely ever repeated, and I believe the show wasn’t even broadcast outside of Sky TV past season 2 or 3. It never really stands up to repeats simply due to the complexity of the show. Like Buffy, it’s very hard to introduce people to. Cancelling Angel as it was just truly beginning to shine was a bizarre decision, but syndication is a big deal for networks. Probably goes some way to explain why no other network picked it up, too.

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Rabaix :

Comme-on!! even here in Quebec, the show is popular...and just to had, most of fans are FRENCH it say’s all

so tell me it didnt repeated well???

I say let’s BOYCOT those lethargic bastards!

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Anonymous :

I loved the show and would have been so glad to see a 6th Season, but it’s over now... the story came to an (in my opinion) fulfilling and fitting conclusion, and any continuation would be betraying the ending. Time to move on. Now where did I put those Season 3 DVDs?

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Djungelurban :

I don’t care what Jordan Levin says, he cancelled Angel on us and there is no way that I’ll forgive him for that. There is no reason good enough to rectify his actions.

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Logan :

Hey dumb ass, we all know that the wb was going to get Dark Shadows but it fell through. They wanted a fresh show with having to pay for real talent like the cast of Angel or the writers who actually have talent...the WB can piss off!

Thursday 27 May 2004, by rowanheart24 :

Why didn’t they cancel Charmed then?!?!?! Oh! I get it! David doesn’t have boobs! I’m sorry! I don’t understand all the crap these stupid corperate types pull outta their butts. . . Maybe Jordan Levin is in cohoots with the Senior Partners at Wolfram & Hart?

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Goron :

I keep saying it, WB are just a bunch of morons. They are seriously to blame for everything, because Angel and its crew and cast have done everything right this season without any flaws at all, ratings are way up this season, and yes syndication is doing great on networks that have it, such as Spike TV and Space in Canada. Think about this. There are only 30 million total people in Canada, less than half of that have TV’s with cable. and over 6 million of those just under 15 million people, watched the Angel Victoria Day Marathon on Space....does that not say anything? If only Space had the money to host Angel, they would if they could. The Network is looking to branch out and make more money so they can hold a big series such as Angel, but right now they just can’t afford 2 mil per episode for a series. But yah why the hell are Charmed and 7th heaven still on, like seriously who watches that shit? I think people see it come on and just leave with their tv’s on and when they hear the next show come on they come back. I’m serious to cause i do that i wish i wouldn’t. Anywho, Angel rocks, Charmed can go sticka fish up its ass, and 7th heaven.. 7th Heaven needs to simply just die...just die and burn in HELL! Stupid bunch of soap opera glamor...JUST LIKE THE O.C. GOD THAT SHOW SUCKS SO F*()ING MUCH!!

Thursday 27 May 2004, by legacygirl :

In all time i watched it and i was faithful i never saw a repeat on the WB This guy is grasping. He’s tryng to cover his but. I wonder what they will say to him when they give hime the axe.

btw and why did they move the day of the week it was on so many time. Sunday was the best day. I think they moved it to Wednesday because they wanted to axe.

Do you notice all the good supernatural shows are gone. Dark angel buffy and now angel. "It bites"

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Marsha :

So cancel Charmed, you idiot!

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Okay all of those shows and they chose Angel off the list? 7th Heaven is in it’s NINTH season, and it’s pure crap. End it’s misery all ready. Or if they were going to cancel it they should have done it when UPN offered to take it. I’m with whoever said boycott, I’m so done with WB.

Thursday 27 May 2004, by fozziecub :

Being from the UK(which has an almighty Buffy/Angel following) I have to say that the series 5 finale, ggrr arrgg as mutant enemy would say.

I never nor want it to end, however, I believe it has left potential for a follow on story that may be resurected(hope to god) by another station with maybe just a year break to give the animated series a chance.

I have no doubt Angel and the gang(which is left) will continue, c’mon cant leave a show like that , some station will see sense.

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Wiseblood :

The WB ’adored’ Angel? Oh. Is that what you call moving it four times in five years; never advertising it worth a crap; butchering its US promo trailers, and never promoting its stars, its incredible critical praise or its many genre awards anywhere?

Sorry, Jordan. The fans know from adoration. From out here, what you did comes across more as common treachery. After everything Joss did to change for you, after all the cutting you did to its budget, after the ratings still rose, you turned on a loyal audience that has steadfastly followed the series and supported your network into commercial viability.

And renewed Charmed? Excuse me while my head explodes.

No matter what Jordan Levin does from February 12th onward (the day Joss found out the show was cancelled), he’s always going to be "that stupid guy who killed Angel". I hope he’s happy with that, because it’s going to follow him around for the rest of his career.

Thursday 27 May 2004, by Celtic Cat :

People who lie like Mr. Levin don’t go to heaven. And why, oh why didn’t they ever publicize the show until the final six episodes when they had already given it the ax? If they had done that kind of promotion early and often, there wouldn’t be a question of how popular the show was. But god forbid that we have something original and intelligent. By all means, give us the hackneyed and formulaic. That is if you want nothing but the brain-dead for viewers.

Friday 28 May 2004, by A Fan :

I think it was a poor excuse to drop such a popular show. It would serve you right if Angel fans boycoted your network and the products of your sponsors.

Friday 28 May 2004, by Another sad Angel Fan :

Ok I thought angel was a pretty good show,I have seasons 1-3 right now.I’m sorry it was axed,but I gotta say the last episode left a lot to be desired,I really think the writers could have done a heck of a lot better and maybe made it a 2 hour episode instead of one.

Friday 28 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Someone make a "Anti-Levin" site or campaign. Lets get him fired and so badly hell never get a job anywhere, ever.

Saturday 29 May 2004, by CK Melbourne :

Well I’m a 50 year old Aussie and I love Angel. Our TV stations have not treated Angel any better constantly changing times and days. Doesn’t repeat well - nonsense - give me my DVD’s, a quiet afternoon and a glass of wine and I’m a happy mum.

Saturday 29 May 2004, by BRITT, 13 YEARS OF AGE :


Saturday 29 May 2004, by Dave H :

Doesn’t repeat well? Well, maybe because they rarely repeated it, and would use the Angel time-slot for whatever bit of low budget reality crud someone like Mr. Levin would come out with. We all made our voices loud and clear, and HE ignored us, so now let’s punish the WB with our absence.

Sunday 30 May 2004, by MrTosser :

What a shame really, I thought this show was a seven season thing, like most other shows of the non-comic variety. The reason for cancelling sounds like business policy, not like a problem with lack of fans. Ah well, that leaves real life... hells bells!

Sunday 30 May 2004, by Tomas P :

It’s kinda funny to know that even that Angel has never aired here in Iceland it’s still very popular amongst those who know of either buffy or any other "cult" shows out there ,the only store in the country thats sells the series on DVD sell out their stock before the discs even get through customs. Although most of us have to use sites like to see the new episodes we buy the DVDs. Angel has been growing since episode 1 , and still had the power to keep us entertained , shocked and kept us wanting more.

Let’s hope that Joss finds a way to get Angel back on the screen , there might be alot of books and whatnot out here but there is nothing like seeing our heros on the screen.

Monday 31 May 2004, by the truth is out there... :

I am SO disappointed in the WB! Five or six years ago, I ONLY watched the WB (okay, except for Friends on NBC, but that was it!). It seems like slowly but surely the WB got rid of all of my favorite shows (i.e. Buffy) or the shows they still play got really crappy (i.e. 7th Heaven) and I stopped watching. Now that they got rid of Angel, the only show I have left to watch at the WB is Smallville, and to be honest, I haven’t been entirely impressed by that show lately, either. Wait a minute...JORDAN LEVIN IS SABOTAGING THE WB! I HAVE DISCOVERED HIS EVIL PLAN! He is getting rid of all the good shows or making them crappy, and he is doing it to suck the lives from us by leaving us only with brainless, over-simplified storylines and one-dimensional characters. Oh, he is so devious and EVIL! SAVE YOURSELVES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! BOYCOTT THE WB!!! SPREAD THE EVIL NEWS SO JORDAN LEVIN CANNOT MAKE ANYMORE SIMPLETONS OF HIS VIEWERS!! Okay, ranting done, I’m okay now.... ;o)

Monday 31 May 2004, by Hawk :

Didn’t repeat well? Thats very interesting, considering the fact that two of the times I went to get the seasons (DVD) they were all sold out. And not growing its audience? I personally know more than 20 people who saw the first ep of season 5 and were hooked. Now they’ll go back and watch the rest of the series. Jordan, Jordan, Jordan.....I know you’ll never read this, but you need to think and read up on ratings and info before you make statements like that. It kinda makes you look like more of an ass.

Monday 31 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Yeah, same here, in the Czech republic. Angel has never been aired here, but we’ve got tons of fans who buy the DVDs. Obviously its all down to commerce and money.. all i can say is one of Joss Whedon’s favourite quotes, but in this case its not meant sarcastically: "I want to market,i want to market" :) Seriously, what a lame excuse... and spreading fake rumours about TV movies just to calm the fans down... only one word: evil.

Monday 31 May 2004, by TV Vengence Demon :

WB you bastards! How could you cancel Angel - 95% shows are about idiotic characters and events! Come on snap out of it - put Angel back on! You will pay a price for taking the Angel/Buffyverse off the airways...

Tuesday 1 June 2004, by Etrigan :

I am one who didn’t discover Angel until the begining of the fifth season. After the season 5 opener, I religiously watched Angel every week, including reruns, along with purchasing seasons 1, 2, and 3 on DVD. Waiting on season 4 DVD and hoping for a season 5 DVD. I got my wife and my friends hooked too. So how does the WB react? Cancel Angel due to low ratings!! Another viewer lost for life, WB. And if Ill-will were raindrops it would be pouring over the WB exec Levine day and night for the rest of his wasted life. Hope your sponsers don’t find out how many fans (consumers?)you just chased off the property.

Tuesday 1 June 2004, by Anonymous :

You are crazy? I can’t live without Angel please. I’m a fan from tunisia, I didn’t like Buffy but I love Angel. Please let’s Angel continue his great show.

Tuesday 1 June 2004, by Steve :

Hmm...oh damn, tough choice...get rid of Charmed or Angel...Charmed or Angel...Charmed or Angel...

Tuesday 1 June 2004, by Anonymous :

I’m from the UK and Angel is the one program I really look forward to each week. I love the humour and pure escapism that this show provides, it’s what a good TV program should be. WB should seriously consider revising what there initials stand for...I’m thinking"We’re Berks"? because by axing Angel it’s what they’re being.

Wednesday 2 June 2004, by cell7 :

i agree with rowanheart24 who stated on may 27 2004 QUTOE: Why didn?t they cancel Charmed then?!?!?! Oh! I get it! David doesn?t have boobs! I?m sorry! I don?t understand all the crap these stupid corperate types pull outta their butts. . . Maybe Jordan Levin is in cohoots with the Senior Partners at Wolfram & Hart? UNQUTOE: MAN THAT SAYZ IT ALL FOR ME I AGREE WITH ROWANHEART24

Thursday 3 June 2004, by Nighthawk :

Charmed or Angel? Why are people deciding between these two? Let’s get rid of Smallville, we know he grows up to be Superman anyways. 7th Heaven has been around way too long, it’s like been around as long as friends...that’s not good—it’s stale...Bring Back Angel!!!!

Friday 4 June 2004, by Ryan :

OMG! Season 4 had loads of Repeats and the Show has been over like 2 weeks i think its time to Stop all the bitching and whining and get on with your sorry ass lives! Theres nothing you can do or force the WB to bring back Angel and anyway David said he didnt want too Unless it was a movie SO STOP YOUR BITCHING AND MOANING!

Saturday 5 June 2004, by Wolverine68 :

What a liar Levin is. Is it not totally obvious how full of it he is?

Listen to this, he says:

1-"The big problem with Angel is it didn’t repeat well,"

You had stopped airing Angel repeats long before you decided to cancel Angel. You could have made a deal to pay less, and simply no longer have rights to air reruns.

2-Levin told E!Online’s Kristin. "It wasn’t growing its audience,"

The biggest out right lie! Ratings went up by about 15% since season 4.

3-"but it was a show we loved. We adored that show. It was a really hard decision."

Funny how it wasn’t hard for the executives @ Fox to renew Tru Calling, a show that doesn’t do as well as Angel did in terms of ratings.

4-"When we looked at our schedule, with Charmed, 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, Angel and Smallville, we realised we had a lot of veteran series. And one of the challenges of any schedule is to let your veterans retire so you can make room for the rookies,..."

Then why not have cancelled longer running shows? Like 7th heaven & Charmed?

Saturday 5 June 2004, by Icepick :

I watched angel every wednesday for the past 5 years and u say that its ratings were bad. If u took the time to sit down and read all of these articles u would see that im not the only one who thinks it should not have been canceled. I agree that shows like charmed and seventh heaven should have gone before angel. They were only on the air for 5 years and in my opinion they were just starting to take off.

Sunday 20 June 2004, by Norman Maglasang :

Cancelling Angel to make room for Jack & Bobby? or The Mountain ? ( What the fuck are those shows eniweiz) I’m from the Philippines and I say NEVER again must we fall for Warner Bros Crap!!! Boycott all advertisers products shown on their crummy shows like 7th heaven, charmed etc..

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