Sunday 6 June 2004, by Robert :

Wayhay she is showing of her lovely legs and is this guy her new boyfriend??

Sunday 6 June 2004, by Anonymous :

iceman has a drug problem?? pft. gossip gossip. *I* think they look good together, whether they’re dating or not.

Monday 7 June 2004, by Anonymous :

So I guess Chris Brown from trapt and her were never dating like he said.

Monday 7 June 2004, by Alison :

Shawn Ashmore is hot! She’s a lucky girl.

Monday 7 June 2004, by Anonymous :

John kerry is a liberal pr*ck.

Monday 7 June 2004, by Anonymous :

MT has natural beauty as a normal girl, so why do they mess it up with heavy "bruised druggie" eye makeup and yellow-tinted facial powder?

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Alison :

Where is it said that Shawn "Assmore" has a drug problem? Karen really needs to pull the stake out of her ass and calm the hell down. I am NOT misguided just because I think he’s hot. Not so much in these pictures, but he looks good in the X-men movies and on "Smallville". Just because you disagree does not mean that I have bad taste, just different.

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Anonymous :

who says iceman’s a drug addict? where’s your proof? do you know him? and how do you know they are dating? are you her best friend or something?? grow up. get a life.

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Robert :

Michelle is totally against drugs and has spoken out about them before and has done charity work for this kind of thing that help people with drug problems. So I doubt she going to go out with a drug user

Thursday 10 June 2004, by SlayerSuit :

She is a beautiful girl, howver she has alot to learn about makeup, that yellowy foundation she has on...not working for me, and that "i just was a victim of domestic violence" eye make-up not working for me, shes such a naturally pretty girl why does she need the junk tht makes her look like a hooker? Someone answer me.

Thursday 10 June 2004, by Sista :


Thursday 10 June 2004, by Katie :

It has been affirmed by a friend of Shawn’s that the two are dating. These rumors that Shawn is a drug addict and that he’s gay are completely out of line and have been disproved by his friend many times. I’m sure you all are thinking "how do you know this friend is real?" Well while I don’t want to go into that, I know that he’s a true friend because through the Yahoo!Group that he’s in, he’s provided it with cold hard facts about things that Shawn is working on and things he could not have known had he not known Shawn personally. I am ashamed of you for thinking like that. If these are how Michelle Trachtenberg’s fans behave I feel sorry for her. Speaking for Shawn Ashmore fans, I am perfectly alright with the two of them dating, and you won’t see us making rude comments about her just because "she took Shawn away" or something! Please! Grow up!

Thursday 10 June 2004, by Linds :

where’s the proof about all this bull?

Thursday 10 June 2004, by Anonymous :

*looks at Karen*

*cough* "issues" *cough*

Thursday 10 June 2004, by Linds :

Michelle is a pretty girl, not all of the pix of her makes her face look yellow.. it was probably the lighting or something.. as for her makeup she looks fine... I mean HELLO they were at the MTV Movie Awards, she has the right to put on her makeup anyway she wants.. its a special occasion and people are entitled to dress or wear what they want, atlease she’s not going out of line. As for your response Katie, I like what you said.. that was very well done, people should get a life these days instead of spreading gossip and worrying about other people love lives, i mean HOW OLD ARE WE? 15? I’m sure not.

Friday 11 June 2004, by Alison :

Hooray for Shawn! He won the MTV award for Breakthrough Male! Michelle was sitting right next to him when he won and they kissed before he went up to accept, so they are dating. She’s so lucky. He’s a cutie! Looks like his "non existent" career is doing just fine to me.

Monday 14 June 2004, by Lauren :

I’m a Shawn Ashmore fan, so what? Michelle Trachtenburg is awesome, and I for one am happy they’re going out. I feel bad for Karen — personally, I can understand how living in your mothers basement posting on whatever message board comes up from random google searches in between microwaving Stouffers. Have a nice life with your cats, Karen. P.S.— Shawn is not gay, nor is he on drugs.

Tuesday 15 June 2004, by JustMe :

My only request: For the love of God, put on a bra!!! There are bras that are just the cup part!

Thursday 17 June 2004, by Erufu :

Hmm... when I was in elementary and jr high, my best friend and I had the biggest cruch on Shawn. I think we’ve both gotten over it by now, but I am not a big fan of Michelle (as most Buffy fans I personally know aren’t either), so I really don’t like this match. This comes especially after I read an article where Michelle was being very snotty about her role on Buffy.

Friday 18 June 2004, by JustMe :

I’m not a big fan of Michelle either. I don’t think she has that much talent and she’s going to seem very sub-par on Six Feet Under (my favorite show). I’m not very fond of this match either. I also don’t like the fact that Michelle not only shares my exact birthdate, but my middle name too. That’s just too coincidental for comfort.

She also seems a little too fake to me. What article was she being snotty in?

Sunday 20 June 2004, by bring on the drama :

Ugh, he may have looked good in X2 but now he looks DISGUSTING! WHY?! He has half his life to look like a middle-aged bum. He should cherish being young and handsome instead of breeding that wild disgusting hair all over his beautiful head! Michelle is a beauty but really not liking the jaundiced/raw chicken look! There, I feel muchbetter now!

Monday 21 June 2004, by Anonymous :

I am a huge Shawn Ashmore fan and up until i saw the movie awards i had no idea who Michelle Trachtenberg was. I don’t hate her and unless i met her i could never actually hate her because i’m not going to judge someone before i know them. (but that’s just me)I also am annoyed that people made up the lie that Shawn Ashmore is on drugs! He is not. How could he be gay if he’s dating Michelle?

Wednesday 23 June 2004, by ellelyn :

Since when did stop getting your hair cut, shaving and looking like trash became the ’style’? I mean how do guys find this appealing? Were all getting more lazy these days. For girls who wear revealing clothing, what are you thinking when you are not wearing a bra? That’s just hooker style and it wont be a surprise if your dress somehow slides off to the side and your hipple shows.

Thursday 24 June 2004, by ellelyn :

oh my :O sorry about that grammer mistake I meant *nipple*

Sunday 11 July 2004, by Ghandi :

I think they’re both cute! they belong together..shawn’s freiken hott (without the forest gump look) and michelle’s pretty w/e she doesnt matter what any of you say..find a life

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