Monday 7 June 2004, by Anonymous :

Whoa. Thanks for the misleading title.

Andrew? Blech. And I wish that they would STOP calling it Angel’s future. This has NOTHING to do with anything to do with Angel as those characters (with the exception of MAYBE Illyriana, have) anything to do with the ATS universe. Sorry, I refuse to watch anything that has JUST these three in it. You need Cordy, Wes, Lilah and/or Lindsey (and yes, I know they died, but so what? People come back from the dead all the time in ME), Gunn, Lorne and Angel. And it’s all well and good that they are interested, but what if they are filiming something else? Do the ’fans’ really expect the actors to turn down projects waiting until these TV movies materialize (seriously, especially JM what with him having to work on his new project-Macbeth)? And who will do it? Everybody (and I mean everybody) had moved onto other projects. And what network is going to do it? The WB? And I would like to know WHO confirmed it? I mean, they don’t list a source. Frankly, I find it really irresponsbile of the media and these ME magazines to confirm that something is going to take place, when in fact that has not happened. Heck, they can’t even get the BTVS cartoon off the ground. I seriously wish that they would stop leading everybody on until they are 100% SURE something is going to happen.

Monday 7 June 2004, by Soule :

YAYYY!!!!! Im not going to get my hopes up incase nothing happens but that definately sounds very very promising

Monday 7 June 2004, by AlysonRocks! :

Andrew??Yuck!!He’s one of the two most hated people in "BUFFY" & "ANGEL"!!The other one is Kennedy.(Mpliah!)Great news about James & Amy though.They signed about something without knowing what it is or when it will be?what is it?A lifetime commitment??You can’t be "held" by contracts until they decide to use you!!I find it rather stupid.Yo say that ok,I probably be there that’s another story,but no contracts..Anyway...Although without David Boreanaz everything sucks.....

Monday 7 June 2004, by Anonymous :

Let’s hope this is true.

I love Andrew. He was the best new charcter for a long time.

Monday 7 June 2004, by *dystopia :

How cool of the three of them to promise that... They’re the the type of people most likely to not back out of a project... I love all three of their characters and really hope that sometime within the next few years they make an ANGEL movie or a Buffy/ANGEL crossover movie... That would be awesome...

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Who knows? :

YAY!!! :P I hope there is a movie!

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Anonymous :

Whatever. As long as if there is some kind of spinoff soon. But, never believe anything, unless an actor or Joss Whedon himself confirmed it. Personally, if there was a spinoff, I’d like to see Spike, Illyria, Andrew, and add Gunn in the mix. Then some other female character.

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Anonymous :

well I’m giddy. I love all three charecters and am glad that they would agree to bring them back. ^_^

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Anonymous : is Andrew hated? I thought he was everyone’s favorite. Blast it, I like Andrew! And Spike, *and* Fred/Illyria. They’re my favorites. Well, and Lorne. *demands Lorne*

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Anonymous :

cordy=DEAD. wes=DEAD. lorne=GONE. DUH!

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Maria :

I think Andrew’s character is excellent, he’s funny and lightens things up a bit. Would love to see Tom Lenk play more Andrew.

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Restless :

Well, Angel died and came back... Darla died and came back... Buffy died and came back... Spike died and came back... Starting to get the pattern?

If the acters is in on it, their characters will return. I hope.

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Anne :

If it is not a fact yet it should be!James is the most popular character and it’s about time he got the spotlight!

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Anonymous :

yeah, but the whole dying-then-being-brought-back-thing is already getting rather redundant.. i hope joss wouldn’t go that route.

Wednesday 9 June 2004, by Immortal :

you realize gunn is dead too. illyria says he has only 10 mins left to live.

Wednesday 9 June 2004, by Sam :

Spike was at his best in season 2 with the maiming and the biting and the actually being bad. His character sucked once he got the chip and the sooooul. I pray and pray that they dont do a Spike spin off cus hum... vampire with a soul possibly on a road to redemption... hum.... not to much of an origional idea. Strip his sooooul and make him a bad ass... now that would be a show.

(p.s... Kennedy rocks in an amusing "oooh do shut up" way... think that Riley holds the crown for the most hated character) Well i’ll give him the crown if he wants it... cus he earned it

Wednesday 9 June 2004, by Jupiterzguy :

Okay Angel didn’t really die. Buffy stabbed him through the heart with a SWORD as in "metal" as in can’t kill a vamp with a sword. Darla was already dead, being a vampire,she was staked. It is loads easier to bring a vamp back from the dead then it would be to bring a human back. Buffy was brought back because she was killed by magical forces. Spike didn’t really die either, his essence was trapped in that amulet thing. And it is very unlike Gunn survived the advanving demon hoards. IT IS VERY UNLIKELY ANY OF THE CHARACTERS SURVIVED THE DEMON HOARDS.

And even if something were to happen more in the Buffyverse it wouldn’t be for two years because all the actors are currently working on other stuffs.

Wednesday 9 June 2004, by Anonymous :

if you relly felt like fogging a dead horse you could always have the slayers come to the rescue.....yawn

Wednesday 9 June 2004, by Diorette :

I think both Angel and BtVS ended perfectly, and there is no need to continue the Buffyverse. Too much of a good thing is just an ick-factor. However, Joss is a brilliant producer who shouldn’t be wasting his talent on doing nothing and a new Jossverse series would be great.

Thursday 10 June 2004, by gottarhyme :

I loved The ANGEL show, but frankly, I wouldn’t be sorry to see Angel laid to rest. Spike, Illyria and Andrew, that is a show I would definitely watch! And James still has so much to say as Spike.

Friday 11 June 2004, by bubblvicous :

I am getting really tired of the Spike bashing already. Now I am an Angel fan and as much as I would prefer it to be an Angel show atleast it’s something. Who care’s if it’s got only Spike, Illyria and Andrew. And I’m sorry to say this because I really do love David but it’s HIS choice not to co anything else involving Angel unless it’s a big screen movie. So even if a new series was made or if by some miracle a 6th season was going to happen he doesn’t want apart of it. At least James,Amy, and Tom want to keep the Buffyverse alive.

Sunday 13 June 2004, by jesus :

couldn’t someone just reverse that ray gun thing then shot illyria with it. give her power back for a while so she could kick some arse. or mabey blow up and kill everyone and then that would be the end of the show, haha.

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