Monday 14 June 2004, by Anonymous :

That is so cool, and Adam sounds like an awfully nice guy, as well as being a wonderful actor. Thanks for the recap, and looking forward to seeing the photos!

Monday 14 June 2004, by Jessi :

Wow, what an awesome experience that would be I image. I always hear of Adam going out of his way to meet with fans and such, so great of him. And hey, I can host your pictures for you. Just give me a shout at either, or examplecube on Aol Instant Messenger.

Tuesday 15 June 2004, by bekki :

am i aloud to like switch bodies with you for a while or somthing! man, you are amazingly lucky! how about mailing me the spioler-ish pictures as well, i’m totally in withdrawal from lack or firefly!

Monday 21 June 2004, by Emily :

Oh wow! I am so envious that you got to experience all that. Just a few questions though. I may sound stupid asking, but what is the OB and the BDM? Also, where were they filming? And how did you get that extra role? Your story is amazing, like something out of a film-buff’s fairytale! I would love to see your pictures, even the spoilerish ones. You can email me at, or instant message me. My screen name is emangel01. Congrats on the awesome day!

Tuesday 29 June 2004, by charki :

Cool! It’s great when you can like both the characters and the actors.

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