Wednesday 16 June 2004, by building :


Thursday 17 June 2004, by Wolverine68 :

I’d say good, very good, not excellent. I’m still bummed that they won’t put an extended theme song.

Thursday 17 June 2004, by Ayumi :

YAY! For a cd!

Thursday 17 June 2004, by James :

I wish Julie Benz ’Ill Wind’ was on there.

Friday 18 June 2004, by George/Liquid Datura :

Maybe there will be a "Live from Caritas?" soundtrack...

Probably no...


Sunday 20 June 2004, by Wolverine68 :

Or DB singing Mandy.

Wednesday 23 June 2004, by Andrew Luke :

’Live from Caritas’ Haha. Nice.

Istill stand in favour of the inclusion of some soundfiles on the disc. Angel the Series had a much more cinematic feel than BtVS. Ah well, when I get my copy, I guess it’ll give me the chance to do my first re-mix proper !

But still, 76 minutes. Thats content !

Saturday 10 July 2004, by Nessa :

YAY! I can’t wait till it comes out! I will SOOOO have to buy it. I mean....YAY! And Christian Kane can really really sing! And the DV theme is really good. Just.....yay! Does any one know when it might come out?!

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