Monday 21 June 2004, by James :

Go Julie Benz! I love her!

Tuesday 22 June 2004, by WiZaRd :

She gets my vote :oD

Pity I’m from england v.v

Tuesday 22 June 2004, by Anonymous :

JULIE BENZ FOR PREZ! that sounded more cleaver in my head. ^-^ Well good thing they pointed out that fan efforts are still continueing.

Tuesday 22 June 2004, by Wolverine68 :

"If I ever run for office, I would want the Saving Angel guys to run my campaign".

And which saving Angel guys would that be? There’s like a million different groups . . . or does she want them all? LOL

(By the way, Julie Benze would whoop George Bushy’s buttox!)

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